250+ Thought of The Day in Hindi 2021 । Good Thoughts in Hindi

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Thought of the Day in Hindi (today’s idea) : We all have our own thoughts and thinking in our lives. The only difference is that someone’s idea is good, someone’s bad.

If your idea is good, you will give more respect and respect to the people in the society. If your thoughts are not good, you will not get any respect and respect in the society. Therefore, every person who should always have good ideas.

That is why today we have brought some good ideas and some of the most recent quotes based on life. We sincerely hope that you will love it.

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Thought of the Day in Hindi. Today’s Idea
Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day in Hindi

If you keep your heart big,
The identity will automatically increase.

Dil Bada Rakhoge To,
Pehchaan Apne Aap Badh Jayegi.

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Latest Thought in Hindi

The eyes are the same as all,
But everyone’s style of view is different.

Aankhen To Sabki Ek Jaisi Hi Hoti Hai,
Par Sabka Dekhne Ka Andaaz Alag Alag Hota Hai.

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Good Morning Thoughts in Hindi

In the game of life it’s up to you,
You want to be a player or toy.

Zindagi Ke Khel Mein Yah Aap Par Nirbhar Hai,
Aap Khiladi Banna Chahte Hain Ya Khilona.

The reason for your life should be very big.
If he’s big, he’s on his own,
You will be doing great things.

Aapke Jeene Ki Wajah Bahut Badi Honi Chahiye.
Agar Wo Badi Hai To Wo Apne Aap Hi,
Aapse Bade Bade Kaam Karwate Chali Jayegi.

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Thought of the Day in Hindi

People talk to lure hearts.
And we understand the warmth of it.

Log Dil Behlane Ke Liye,
Baat Karte Hain.
Aur Hum Use Apnapan Samajh Baithte Hain.


Positive Thoughts in Hindi

Never tell anyone your plan.
Instead show them your results.

Kabhi Bhi Kisi Ko Apni Yojna Naa Batae.
Iske Bajay Unhen Apna Parinaam Dikhaen.

When no one is working,
So look at the clock.
And if someone is working,
So don’t look at the clock.

Jab Koi Kaam Nahi Kar Rahe Ho,
To Ghari Ki Taraf Dekho.
Aur Agar Koi Kaam Kar Rahe Ho,
To Ghari Ki Taraf Mat Dekho.

Life Thought in Hindi

It is also necessary to take a picture in life.
The mirror will not tell you the time it has passed.

Tasveer Lena Bhi Jaruri Hai Zindagi Mein Sahab.
Aaina Guzra Hua Waqt To Nahi Batayega.

Thought of the Day in Hindi

Who sees the falling tears?
They get crazy about false smiles all nowadays.

Girte Hue Aasuon Ko Kaun Dekhta Hai?
Jhoothi Muskaan Ke Deewane Milte Hain Sab Aaj Kal.

So much a moment of misunderstanding,
Is poisonous.
Even a hundred of loving lengths,
Forgets in a moment.

Galatfehmi Ka Ek Pal Itna,
Zehrella Hota Hai.
Jo Pyaar Bhare Sau Lamhon Ko Bhi,
Ek Pal Mein Bhula Deta Hai.

Thought of the Day in Hindi

Silence is better.
By things, people often,
They go to the stop.

Khamoshi Hi Behtar Hai.
Baaton Se To Log Aksar,
Rooth Jaya Karte Hain.

The true color of someone
Comes to the fore.
When we do not live by his meaning.

Kisi Ka Asli Rang Tab Hi,
Samne Aata Hai.
Jab Hum Uske Kisi Matlab Ke Nahi Rehte.

Even inside a good person,
There is a bad habit.
He was all mankind,
Takes good understanding.

Achhe Insaan Ke Andar Bhi,
Ek Budi Aadat Hoti Hai.
Wah Sabhi Insano Ko,
Achha Samajh Leta Hai.

Life Thought in Hindi

Many things in life,
“No” speaking quickly and
“Yes” speaking late.

Hum Zindagi Mein Bahut Si Cheejen,
Kho Dete Hain.
“Nahi” Jaldi Bolkar Aur
“Ha” Der Se Bolkar.

Sad Thought in Hindi

Do not understand,
If you want to do it, what to do?
These people made of clay,
Pieces of paper are sold.

Samajh Nahi Aata,
Wafa Kare To Kis Se Kare?
Mitti Se Bane Ye Log,
Kagaz Ke Tukdon Pe Bik Jate Hain

Thought of the Day in Hindi

Don’t laugh at someone’s helplessness.
It is time you can also come.

Kisi Ki Bebasi Par Mat Haso.
Ye Waqt Hai, Tum Pe Bhi Aa Sakta Hai.

The most beautiful relationship is the eyes.
Open and close together.
Cry together and sleep together.
That too without seeing each other throughout life.

Sabse Sundar Rishta Aankhon Ka Hota Hai.
Ek Saath Khulte Aur Band Hote Hain,
Ek Saath Rote Hain Aur Ek Saath Sote Hain.
Wo Bhi Jivan Bhar Ek Dusre Ko Dekhe Bina.

Best Thoughts in Hindi

You should not break the relationship.
But where there is no respect,
There should not be any linking.

Rishte Todne To Nahi Chahiye.
Lekin Jahan Samman Na Ho,
Wahan Jodne Bhi Nahi Chahiye.

With two hands, we cannot kill 50 people.
By adding two hands on us,
Can win the hearts of millions of people.

Do Haathon Se Hum 50 Logon Ko Nahi Maar Sakte.
Par Do Haath Jodkar Hum,
Croron Logon Ka Dil Jeet Sakte Hain.

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