4 Habits To Increase Self Love By BK Shivani Thoughts

4 Habits To Increase Self Love By BK Shivani Thoughts Whenever I go anywhere, one question Which most people have, to ask me isWhat happened in your life that you went there?I look at them and say nothing had happened.They ask – How is it possible? You may not want to reveal.So I say – Truly nothing had happened.If I had to make up a lie, I could have created a story. But truly nothing happened.And still they say it cannot be possible.Why did you go there after completing engineering? Something must have happened.They believe tragedy has to come into your life.

Otherwise why are you into spirituality?And then I told them – I was a gold medalist at college. My family was perfect.In those days, stress was not even a word because life was so simple.But still they ask – Then why did you go there?Because according to many of us, when should we go for meditation?Either when there is a tragedy in lifeOr when you have discharged all your responsibilities in lifeAnd you have nothing to do, then you go for meditation.Actually when we don’t have anything to do in life, we don’t need meditation.Because if I am not doing anything, then I am fine. I will not face any challenges.But when we need to do so much in life And when pressure is increasing in every scene And in every scene if I have to keep the stress factor lowThen I need to practice meditation.Meditation means 20 minutes with myself in the morning To prepare my mind how to think right in every situation.At what age should we start meditating?When you start doing it? Ask yourself.Why do we say we don’t have time for ourselves?Because without taking care of the self we are trying to take care of the world around us.If we were capable of taking care of the world well enough Then we would not have the need to gather today to discuss about mental health.If every parent was able to take good care of their children emotionally We wouldn’t need to be here today on this platform.


But we are here because, without taking care of ourselves we are trying to care for them.If an airplane experiences turbulence, who has to wear the oxygen mask first? We ourselves.But if we say – how can I put it on for myself first? Let me put it for them.Then we will be in trouble, and so will they.Because we thought I don’t have time for myself. All my time is for them.That one equation which went wrong.Self care before we start taking care of other people.First learn the technique of meditation and then take out 20 minutes If you feel up to it, Brahma Kumaris has centres all over the city and all over the country. In Delhi and Gurgaon, you will find a centre after every 4 to 5 km.Sisters are available throughout the day at every centre, to teach meditation.And there is no charge at all.All the day is for you to take out just 1 hour for 5 days on any day at any time.It can’t get easier than this.Let’s use this opportunity to learn the method of meditation.And then take out 20 minutes every day for ourselves to practice it.Keep charging this inner battery.Let’s finalize a few things today. We will not start our morning with newspapers or TV.Emotional health will need a change in emotional diet.Emotional diet is what we read, watch, and listen.When we were in school, there was no phone or internet.Television was also simple.There was news at 9 p.m. And then there was Chitrahaar.Life was beautiful.Today’s children have information 24/7.Information kept going inside and its quality was not very good.Emotional diet became toxic. Emotional health got affected.Today let’s promise ourselves – The first one hour every morning Not to consume what is happening in the world.Because what is happening in the world is probably not very beautiful right now.


We cannot afford to consume toxic information early in the morning.Whether it is through news, television, or social media.Don’t consume any toxic information for 1 hour in the morning.Instead, use 30 minutes to consume information of Happiness, compassion, unity, loveThat is spirituality.So the diet gets changed.When the diet changes, health will also become fine.Today we even check our phone, waking up in the middle of the night. Don’t we? I had posted it at night. How many people have liked it?If they have not liked it, the rest of our sleep gets affected.We also start thinking – Henceforth, I will also not like their posts.So I create negative energy even in the middle of the night.So even over such insignificant matters, we are depleting our energy.For one hour in the morning we will not consume anything from the outside world.In one hour in the night before going to sleep.So that we have good sleep.A very big reason for depression and for emotional health issues isNot good quality of sleep.It’s not about the number of hours of sleep. It’s about the quality.Even in sleep we are thinking a lot.We are getting scary dreams.Why is it happening? Because we had created that quality of thoughts during the day.We even watch a crime-based serial just before sleepingOr we watch a serial where someone is beating for cheating the other.We filled the mind with information in the name of entertainment and timepass.We consumed a toxic information diet.As will be the food, so will be our health.Experiment for 1 month.Take care of information in the morning and night.Even during the day do not consume information of what you don’t want to become.Someone creates a message on WhatsApp.


The rest of us forward it and spread it to the whole world.Take a pledge – We will not listen or read such content ourselvesAnd we will not do the Karma of forwarding it to other people.It’s a very wrong Karma.That not just we fall emotionally ill, but even others who read it will fall ill after reading it.If we stop forwarding, people will stop creating such content.Content creation happens from just one person. But it is we who do the rest of the job, of forwarding it.Anything that I don’t want to be – I should not consume and I should not forward search content.Take care of your emotional diet.Meditation is exercise for the mind.When the mind get the right diet and the right exercise Immunity system becomes strong.No aches and pains. We will have good strength.Situations will come and go. We will remain strong.Because every day we consume the right diet and exercise for the mind If we don’t take care of the right diet and exercise for the mind In the coming times, pressure is bound to increase. That is certain.Which means numerator (in the formula for stress) will increase.If we keep continuing to consume toxic information The denominator which means inner strength will keep reducing.That is why statistics say that mental health issues will increase.But today if we change our diet Mental health issues will finish.On Facebook we check how happy the rest of the world is.So the mind will automatically start crying.I don’t have anybody. I am not going for holiday. I am not going out for dinner.Stop reading all that for a few days.I met a lady who said she was not happy. I asked her why. She said – Everybody has beautiful relationships. Only I don’t have. What shall I do?I asked her to quit Facebook for 2 months. She will be fine.Everyday we are looking at other people’s lives.We need to think – Will people post about the fights they have in relationships?I meet couples who come and talk about divorce.But if you look at their Facebook timeline, you feel they are the best couple in the world.I look at those posts and wonder what it means, because they had just come to the centre with problems.


They are all completely to different worlds.Their life and the life they are portraying to the world are completely different.We look at their lies and keep crying about our life.Social media is a very powerful tool. Use it the right way.But when used the wrong way, it is becoming a cause of a lot of mental health and emotional health issues.So we have to take care.We need to give up one addictionBut when people like my post, then I am a nice person.Which means we are standing like this, asking for likes. This will deplete our emotional health.Earlier we were seeking approval from people around us. Today we are seeking approval online.Earlier we felt bad sometimes. Today we feel bad many times a day.Her post got 10 likes and mine got only 5.Which means I am not good enough. People don’t like me.The mind starts crying.People don’t like me. I don’t like them.These are all small things.If we take care of them, within a few years we will not have the need to talk about mental health issues.It will be like something which came and which has gone.Because we had the power to heal ourselves.India is a country which is very rich in spirituality.Which is very rich in meditation techniques.And which is very rich as a society that cares for each other.This country is filled with an intention to serve.The country is filled with an intention to be with people.This is our culture.Therefore depression just doesn’t fit into our culture.It is only that we are not using what our culture has to offer.Because probably we are looking at some other culture and think that is a better way of living.All that we need is to go back to our own culture.And go back to living the way we used to live.Then emotionally we will rate ourselves 10 out of 10.And mental health will not even be talked about.Let’s take a moment of silence.Another aspect – if you are addicted to somethingOr if you are eating or drinking something which you know is not good for your health The whole world knows it’s not good.But because other people are consuming it, we are also doing the same.And if we refuse to take it, friends with ridicule usI feel good when I take it, although I know it is not right.Then I need to ask myself – What destiny am I writing for myself?As children, we would tell our father – please don’t smoke, please don’t drink …It was a time when every mother would fight with the father to have him quit consuming such things.But today we have reached the time when the mother actually sits with the father to have it together.



Then what will happen to children next?And I really want to say it because they are standing right now in a girls college.As girls this is our moral responsibility.We keep talking about equality and feminism, that we are equal to men.We are not equal to them. We are different from them.Because they will not become mothers tomorrow. We girls become mothers tomorrow.And we have a moral responsibility.This whole harping about we being equal to men, and that we can do everything We are not equal. We are different from them.Why are the always competing and comparing with each other?Just because they take something, why should we also do it?Tomorrow you are going to carry a child in your womb for 9 months.And if your mind, body and brain are addicted to any substanceIf a trace of that is already in your body You are responsible for your what you write in the destiny of your child, and for the destiny of the next generation.



So please gift yourself a healthy life.And say No to any substance, even a remote substanceWhich is not good for you and which is definitely not good for the next generation.Right now we feel we are just in college.But what about ten or fifteen years from now?So moral responsibility.Don’t compete or compare with anyone.Doesn’t matter the world makes fun of you saying – You are very boring, you are very orthodox.Today someone calls you old-fashioned, please take that as a compliment.It means you are leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.Tell them – Yes I am. I choose to live that way. it’s not about being old fashioned or new f fashioned. It’s about the right fashion.Take the best from the old, take the best from the new.Create the right fashion, a right, healthy lifestyle.

Let’s take one minute of silence.I am a powerful being.I am the creator of my every thought, my every feeling.I am the creator and I have a choice always of how to respond.People will behave their way.I choose my response.For the next 24 hours I take a personal commitmentNo matter how people behave or what situations come For the next 24 hours I will take care of myself.And I will respond with stability, with respect.I will respond with my original nature of peace and love.They will behave according to their choice. I will respond according to my choice.Taking care of myself is my biggest responsibility.

Only after self-care, I can take care of people around me.It begins with me.As we leave from here, whether we go back to college or workLet’s leave in silence and remain in silence for 15 minutes.So that everything we have heard and read since morning We have seen and absorbed a lot of informationDuring the 15 minutes of silence, choose for yourself – What is the change that I am going to create in my life?Let’s spend 15 minutes as we walk out, we drive, we get back to workBut in silence, being with ourselves.