99+ English Motivational Thought of the Day and Positivity Quotes

99+ English Motivational Quotes Inspiring You To Success

Motivational Thought of the Day and Positivity Quotes

Ever wondered about what is positivity, and why do we need to practice positivity?

Positivity is a practice of remaining positive, hopeful and keeping optimistic attitude towards every situation that comes your way. And we need positivity and optimism, a lot of it in fact to fight the day out and become successful in life.

No matter whether you are a student, employee or an employer, positivity and optimism can help you make most of your day. Whether you are going to school or an office, if you want to achieve and accomplish something worthy, then it is important for you to practice positive mental attitude.

99+ English Motivational Thought of the Day and Positivity Quotes

Your failure unmarks the people around you.”

“Fear of Failure is much worse than Failure Itself.”

“Before you do, observe first.”

“Be the sun of your solar system.”

“Never ever pursue someone else dream.”

“Unless you participate, you can not win.”

“Never allow the same flame burn you twice.”

“One who has fear of falling can never fly.”

“The sky has no limitations and so have you.”

“Do not let opinion of others run over your enthusiasm.”


Best English Motivational Quotes

99+ English Motivational Thought of the Day and Positivity Quotes

“Stop! I heard from the man who never quits. Then I realized it was for the laziness inside him!

“A knife cuts through only when it is sharp. So remember to stay sharp.”

“A nail penetrates the wall only when the force of the hammer hits it. Don’t depend on external force, don’t be a nail. Be yourself and develop your own internal force to penetrate through anything that comes your way.”

“To lift heavyweight, first, you need is to lift up your strength.”

“Don’t be idle when fear runs through your veins. Take action to see it result in achievement.”

“Life does not give you anything, in fact, it does not even give you a lemon. You either have to pluck it off a tree or buy it from a shop. So stop being dependable.”

“Give in hope before you give up your confidence so that you will have hope of getting your confidence back.”

“If you dream of success make sure you are awake.”

“Challenging risks will make you crave for more success.”

“An enthusiastic person will take failure as courage and will to succeed.”

One who is dead, can not take risk of dying.”

“Procrastination leads to postponement of your success.”


Short English Motivational Quotes


“Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your failure.”

“Failures are nothing but stepping stones to your success.”

“Always push yourself a little and watch your potential rise.”

“You can always make things better all it takes an innovation.”

“Be the person for yourself, one who you can always look up to.”

“You cannot do something creative if you do not enjoy uncertainty.”


One Line English Motivational Quotes


“You just need to start your quest and see how things fall into place.”

“In the world full of darkness, always be the ray of hope for yourself.”

“Do not stop doing it until good becomes better and better becomes best.”

“Stop living in the imprisonment of your fears, break free and fly high.”

“Ignorance is bliss, but not when you are unaware of your true potential.”

“You have no idea how easy it was for you to do, until you dare to do it.”

“Fear of Failure is what stops you from experiencing Failure or Success.”

“It is never about how behind your, it is always about how far you have come.”

“Death is inevitable, how do you want to live is always a matter of choice.”

“When you are ready to experience, you are also ready to experience success.”

“A person who failed has much better knowledge than a person who never tried.”

“Everyone believed Mount Everest was insurmountable, unless someone got there.”

“Control your mind in a way that it never becomes the colony of negative ideas.”

“Failing several times is just a way exploring ways in which it can not be done.”

“Nothing can distract you when determination of doing something makes you feel good.”

“Do not ever ask people what you can do, Because they will always tell what you cannot do.”

“Your would never know that next step would have been the final step, until you take it.”

“Never let the Vibration Of Negative Thoughts unbalance your equilibrium in this nature.”

“Becoming successful is not the destination of your journey but the start of a new journey.”

“Learn how to smile through the pain and wait for your pain to turn gradually into pleasure.”

“Life is not a serious business, it is just about how you respond to things which comes your way.”

“Your mind is an immense source of energy, you just need to channel it into a positive direction.”



English Motivational Quotes for Students


Always have clear idea about your necessities and luxuries, that is the only way you can invest in your future.

Greatness is always achieved by one who strongly believed in their perspective, rather than following common perception.

Never ever become a victim of your own negative thoughts. It is the worst way you can stop yourself from achieving your goal.

Always set a standard of you desire because we never want something very badly which is easily achievable or affordable to us.

Failure is never a bigger risk than death. Do not be afraid of taking risk, every moment that you are living, you are already taking the risk of dying because you are constantly subjected to death until you are alive. So do not be afraid, go ahead, take risk and make it big.

To get started, you need to quit talking and begin experimenting.

Only the optimist can find opportunity in every difficulty.

To find success in the work you do, you need to stop overthinking.

Do not let the fear of failure harm the merit that you deserve.


English Motivation Lines


Rising up after getting knocked down itself is a kind of success.

You can make a change in the world only when you are crazy enough to have it.

If you let failure overtake you, you will never accomplish your goals.

People learn from their faults only when they experience defeat.

It is useless when you learn a skill but not implement it.

To achieve perfection, you need to have respect for the art.

You can overcome your fears with your actions.

The more daring you are, the better you can achieve.

Others will have confidence in you only when you have confidence in yourself.

Start forgetting your past to become better in the future.

The chances of success increase by having a plan B.

You can reduce your tensions by clearing the doubts before doing a task.

Smart work can sometimes pay you more than hard work.

Your face does not describe your character, but the behaviour does.

Do not let your age set a limit to your goals.

It is the lack of courage that prevents you from reaching the peak.

If you cannot motivate people at least do not demotivate them.

Facing reality is better than having a mind filled with fantasies.

By bringing positivity into your character, you will easily be able to fulfil your goals.

If you pay attention to the distractions, you may forget the path.

If you set limits to your thinking, you will never obtain what is beyond it.

Find the motivation you need within yourself because you’ll have no one but yourself in the end.

Positive motivation can change a person’s perspective forever.

Hustle and stay motivated, consistency is the key.

Motivational speakers are just a source of finding the motivation by yourself.

If you want it, don’t let it go, owning it will be finally worth it.

Never underestimate the power of motivation, it can change the lives of the broken.

When you almost give up, think of all the things that you could make better if you take the chance.

Out of all the things that puts you down there will be something that will lift you up stronger than ever.

Losing everything is not the end, it could be the beginning of a great era you never saw coming.

Motivation won’t work if you don’t have the will to accomplish.

Stay with the right crowd to experience the right motivation throughout your life.

You can see under a dim light, you just need some motivation to brighten your vision.

You don’t know what you’re capable of until the right motivation hits you.

What is life without money, enjoyment, family, friends and motivation?

You are spawned in the game of life to do the right things with the help of the right people with the right motivation.

Remember the time when you were strong? There’s still a chance for you to become that person.

Make use of the time you have now, postponing success will postpone the motivation simultaneously.

You will face obstructions and resistance but ultimately they make you the best and most unique.

If people say you can’t do it they haven’t tried enough, it’s your chance to prove what you can.

You can’t open a locked door without the key, you can’t unlock your way to success without the motivation.

Mistakes motivate you, carelessness takes it away.

Effortlessly achieving success through someone else will lead your life towards negative motivation.

You never thought of it but it happened, stand up and explore because life is not yet over.

They gave you empty promises and false hopes but you still stuck to them, that’s the motivation you require for better things.

Losing while having the motivation does not count for embarrassment, it is your mini step towards the brighter side.

If you have the courage, you can pursue all your dreams.

You cannot do positive things by having negative thoughts in your mind.

It takes a lot of effort to defeat a person who never gives up.

Learn to accept your mistakes and get forward with your life.

If you limit yourself, you will not be able to achieve as much as you wish to achieve.

Bravery is when you do the things that scare you the most.

Never do the mistake of ignoring the advice of an experienced person.

Always keep in mind that happiness and sadness are both the consequences of your actions.

Most people destroy their lives because they have no control over their mouths.

None other than you can bring a positive change in yourself.

Problems are something that continues the adventure of life

Execute your plan before someone else takes its credit.

If you start delaying things, even your success gets delayed.

Forget about succeeding if you cannot believe in the work you do.

There are no chances of winning if you do not join the race.

Motivation will drive you closer but if you don’t put in your efforts you won’t get anywhere.

I am motivated, it’s just not enough for me to make it happen.

Motivation feels like a trouble, it makes you do things even if you’re not ready for it.

You can do it, maybe not now but very soon you surely will.

It’s not your choice to win or to lose, but it’s your choice to try and take part.

I want to take my chances even if the odds are against me.

Working smart proves to be better than working hard, so do what you’re thinking of right now.

Getting motivation from the right people is a different kind of feeling.

The problem with me is that I can’t stay motivated, it just comes and goes away for me.

You feel deeply motivated only when you’re committed to what you do.

I like to stay motivated, it gives me something to work and live for.

I was never in the right state of mind until I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and gained some motivation.

We don’t know someone’s limits unless they show how motivated they are to do something they deserve.

Optimism is itself a kind of motivation that helps us overcome our fears.

Anyone with the right intentions, motivation and confidence can conquer the world.

Even the small help of yours can make someone happy for the whole day.

Set your goals high so that you never aim low.

Complaining about things will only complicate your life.

Desires do not get fulfilled on their own, you need to work hard to achieve them.

Ego is something that prevents you from reaching the best parts of your life.

No one knows what their future is, but still they work to make it better.

Achieve your goals step by step so that your success lasts for longer.

I love to accept all challenges because I love the smell of victory.

Talk less so that your mind gets greater things to think about.

Lying to yourself is never a solution to stop yourself from worrying.

Always think big so that the harvest you reap will be bigger.

If you think a lot, you will never begin to do it.

Only the people who are capable of ruling can conquer the world.

If you think you do not deserve your dream, you would never have dreamt of it.

Excuses are only for people who do not have the will to fulfil their goals.

It gets really easy as you move on and try harder because everything comes with experience.

I wasn’t very sure if I was scared or embarrassed to show my talents. It feels good knowing that I have the motivation now.

If things came at a cheap price then we’d never need motivation to work.

Even if you’re confident it doesn’t mean that you’re motivated, they are separated feelings that develop with patience.

If you’re afraid of it, don’t stop, you need to find a way to overcome that fear forever.

This generation lacks the motivation and will power that the previous ones had.

Miracles happen but if you’re not motivated then you’re missing the opportunity.

You are capable of it, you’re not lesser than anyone else who has achieved what they want, you’ll be on top one day and inspire others.

You can’t fake motivation, it’s your loss even if you do because it won’t take you anywhere.

Relaxing all day won’t gain you any motivation, you need to grind yourself to feel it.

Money is a great motivator, it takes you to your goal and let’s you open up to the world.

We don’t know if someone is feeling low or they’re just lacking the motivation to get up.

Motivation is a healthy teacher, it is something you’ll need till the day you die.

The aim isn’t to be more successful than someone else, the aim is to stay motivated no matter what comes around.

Some people are such smooth talkers, they end up becoming motivational speakers which is not a bad thing.

You need the right motivation to get there so focus on what you need.

There is not going to be a second chance, you either do it now or forget it ever happened.

You need to be serious while making some choices, regret is not something you want later on.

They say it’s easier said than done, well saying is also a beginning.

Start by preparing your mind, that’s where it all begins.

Stay around people who are motivated, they might not talk to you but you’ll surely get motivated from them.

It’s always the curious ones who want to get there, their motivation comes from within themselves.

We’re lucky to have the ability to do something, do what gives you happiness and relief.

It’s never the ones who imitate others, being unique is the best kind of motivation there is.

I can’t sleep knowing that I haven’t done anything useful today, make every moment count even the slightest thing can make you feel happy about yourself.

You will know the importance of the moment after it’s gone, it’s time to buckle up and start working for what you need.

Difficult days make you stronger, it’s not the time to give up, instead it’s time to put on your best game.

Make opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for them, it might come to you once, but you can make it happen a hundred times.

There is always a way, to find one or to make one is up to you.

When you don’t have people to motivate you it’s time to get up and start doing it yourself. You don’t need anyone to get where you want.

If you are courageous enough, you will surely succeed in your task.

If you start depending on others, you will never move forward in life.

Leadership is not about controlling other people but controlling your thoughts.

Taking greater risks is better than standing back and doing nothing.

Continue to think about what you want to achieve and you will certainly fulfil what you desire.

Unless you work hard silently, people will always try to put you down.

Making plans can help you from falling into serious problems.

To have a better future, you need to start creating your future instead of predicting it.

Surrounding yourself with negative people will only bring you down.

You will always be hidden in the darkness if you don’t start facing the realities.

Success comes with time, so be patient and wait for it

Decide before taking every step as even a small step can make a great difference.

you only focus on the pain, you will never advance in life.

The first step for achieving success is by overcoming all your fears.

The greatest lesson in life is thought by failures.


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