Amitabh Bachchan’s film Chehre’s release decided due to The Tali, Corona


चेहरे (फोटो साभार : Amitabh Bachchan/ twitter)

Faces (Photo courtesy: Amitabh Bachchan/Flickr) twitter)

The makers of the film ‘Face’ (Chehre posponed) will no longer release it on April 9, 2021. This decision has been made in view of the increasing cases of Covid-19 (Covid 19). The film makers have released a statement on the same.

New Delhi: Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Hashmi’s film ‘Face’ (Chehre) will no longer release on a fixed date. This decision has been made in view of the increasing cases of corona infections. The movie has been postponed indefinitely. The manufacturers have made this decision and appealed to the people to stay safe. Rumi Jaffrey’s directorial film “Face” was scheduled to be released in cinemas on April 9, 2021, but now the release date has gone ahead and the producers will announce the new date later.

In a statement, producer Anand Pandit said, “The safety of our audience and fans is of the highest importance to us. In view of the situation, we have decided to postpone the film face. The team has put a lot of effort to adapt it to a great cinematic experience. We are waiting for our audience to return to theatres with security.”

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Imran shared the statement from his Instagram account. “The betterment of our audience is very important to us,” she writes in the caption, posting the statement. We are grateful to you for this love and support, which we have received from you so far. You’ll soon meet you in cinemas. Take care of yourself until then! -Team #Chehre.” According to media reports, in a conversation, Anand was asked if he would not place Rhea in the new poster of the face, whether it was a thought-out decision to keep the film in the spotlight. On this, he said, “It’s not really like that. As I mentioned earlier, there has been a lot of upheaval in his life and we wanted to give him some space. It’s not Rhea Chakraborty’s film, it’s Mr Bachchan and Imran Hashmi’s film. Naturally, our focus will be on that side. Since all the artists should be seen one after the other, we showed them in the trailer. It wasn’t part of the strategy. We could not take advantage of anyone’s suffering. We have enough big faces to promote the film,” he said.

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