An investment of 100 rupees in bitcoin could have made you own 7.5 crores

If you had invested Rs 9 crore in bitcoin 900 years ago, you would have owned Rs 7.5 crore today. The investment in bitcoin in 2009 has grown nearly seven and a half million times. When the currency came into operation in 2009, the price of one bitcoin was about 36 paise. Today, the price of one bitcoin has crossed $ 4,000 i.e. around Rs 2.70 lakh. On Monday, this most expensive currency in the world reached a record high of $ 4200.

300 per cent price this year
So far, bitcoin prices have jumped by around 300 per cent this year. The price of one bitcoin at the beginning of this year was less than 1000 US dollars. Bitcoin price has jumped nearly 47% so far in just the month of August. According to Angel Broking’s deputy vice president (commodity and currency) Anuj Gupta, the software associated with bitcoin has been upgraded. This is believed to increase the deal speed in bitcoin currency. Also, tensions between North Korea and the US have increased safe investments in bitcoin. Global investors are also increasing investments in bitcoin in addition to gold. The US investment bank Goldman Sachs recently stated in its note that the crypto currency has huge potential for growth now it will be difficult to ignore.




What is Bitcoin ?
Bitcoins are virtual currency . It can also be used like other currencies like dollars, rupees or pounds. Apart from online payments, it can also be exchanged in dollars and other currencies. This currency came into operation as bitcoin in 2009. Today it is being used for global payments. There are also exchanges for the purchase and sale of bitcoins. Big businessmen and many big companies around the world in financial transactions

The most expensive currency in the world
Bitcoin has become the most expensive currency in the world. At the moment, the online or market price of a bitcoin is more than Rs 2.69 lakh. Transactions with this currency can be made without a bank through computer networks. At the same time, this currency is also kept in a digital wallet.

How does Bitcoin work?
You can install bitcoin as a bitcoin wallet on your computer or mobile phone. This will create your first bitcoin address and you can also create more than one address if needed. Now you can give your bitcoin address to your friends. You can then take payments from them or even pay them.

Illegal businesses getting used extensively
Bitcoin is used extensively in black money, hawala, drug buying and selling, tax evasion and terrorist activities. The increasing use of bitcoin has caused security agencies to sleep in countries around the world. In India, the Reserve Bank or any other regulator has not legally recognized this virtual currency.

Bitcoin transactions are also happening in the country
The central government is currently not in a position to prohibit online transactions of virtual currencies such as bitcoin. Consultations within the government in this case have been several times. Control over online purchases of such currency is not possible. However, the government has not yet taken a final decision on this. There are over 90 virtual currencies in the world.

What is the future of cryptocurrency
The US investment bank Goldman Sachs, in a note sent to its customers last week, said that the cryptocurrency cannot be ignored. There is a strong potential for growth. According to Amit Bhardwaj, the operator of the map cryptocurrency associated with initial trading in cryptocurrency in India, the cryptocurrency has a much better future. There are many more options for investing in cryptocurrency in the market if you missed the investment in bitcoin. For example, the current price of map is close to $ 2, and the current price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is $ 300. According to experts, the price of the make cryptocurrency is likely to exceed $ 50 this year.


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