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Best Right Thought

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words Our vibrations don’t affect only us. Other people also feel our vibrations. So let’s check a few low vibrations. Everyone can check for themselves Because they will be different for each individual. Each of us have very high vibrational energy. But few of them are low.

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What we need to do now We need to keep finishing low vibrations. And keep increasing high vibrations. And we need to keep taking it higher and higher. Higher the frequency vibrate at The more perfect our outer world starts becoming. What are the low vibration emotions? Stress Worry Irritation even over in significant matters. Why like this why not like that?

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

The same thing can be spoken in a calm way. But we have got into the habit of feeling irritated and speaking. And then anger, aggression Sometimes we speak in a very loud voice. Often we use abusive language also. So even low vibrations form a spectrum How low we can go to? When we start using abusive language When we start using wrong language Our vibration stoops to an absolute low level.


Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words
Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

Because every word carries a certain vibration. Another low vibration emotion is complaining. One is to look at something that is not right and correcting it. There are some things that are not in our control. But repeatedly complaining about them in our mind and in our conversations. This should not be like this, they should not be like that The Government should not be like this… They should not be like that We have an opinion about everybody. If we repeatedly think and speak about our opinion Especially when that opinion is not constructive And if our language is not right If the energy is of complaining Our vibrations will keep going down. That’s about complaining. Next is criticizing. Criticizing other people. We find it difficult to appreciate them. And we find it easy to criticise them. Someone completed 4 tasks very well. But they didn’t complete one task as per our expectation. And we thought there is nothing wrong in criticising them. If we don’t tell them, how will they even understand? And if they don’t understand, how will they correct it? Criticizing became so normal for us. The next low vibration emotion is comparison. Comparing the self with other people. And upon comparison Not liking the self much Or not liking the other person much. Which means, either feeling inferior to someone Or feeling superior to someone. This is comparison.


Next is competition. Always desiring to be ahead of others. We want what the other person has got. Competition. And because of competition, we create jealousy. That whoever has achieved more than us In any area of life If someone has got something more than me Then jealousy became a normal emotion. Feeling why they got more than I did And I feel I deserve that more than them. Why did they get what I deserved? Be started calling jealousy, a normal emotion. So many low vibration emotions By creating thoughts and feelings of which Our state of mind It keeps going down But as and when it started going down We did not stop and correct it immediately. Which means when we got angry, we didn’t change it. When we felt jealous, we thought it is natural. When we complained repeatedly about someone.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

We said it was normal to complain because they made a mistake. We will speak about it. One option was to give feedback. Another was to give an opinion. And the other was to complain. Every word we speak has certain vibration. We are sitting with someone And talking to them about someone else. Gossip. What word did we use for it? We said it is just a time-pass. We called it Harmless gossip. Gossip can never be harmless. Gossip is very toxic. Gossip means two or four people getting together. And talking about someone else Discussing that person’s weaknesses or problems. Negative conversations, negative thoughts. Energy which pollutes the environment. Brings down our inner power And the person who we are talking about It drags down their state of mind also. We do so many things during.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

The course of a day Labelling them as normal Although they were actually low vibrational energy. And its result is visible Here on our mind today That we are not able to be happy throughout the day. We are not able to be peaceful throughout the day. To feel happy we want things to be perfect in the outside world. Our state of mind is not happy just by itself. It doesn’t experience bliss It doesn’t experience purity It’s not clean. We don’t have control on ourselves. Simplest sign to check if we are at a high vibration or a lower vibration. When we are at a higher vibration We will have self-control. Because the soul is powerful. Because of repeatedly creating high energy, it is powerful. We will have self-control.


We experience self-mastery which is called Swa-Rajya. Our mind will create only those thoughts which we feel are right. It will think about something only for however long we want. Only those words will be uttered through our mouth, which we wish to speak. And our karmas will always be elevated. Our words will give people happiness. This is self-mastery. It happens only if we are at a high vibration. But if we are at a low vibration Then our mind, our words and sometimes even our hands Don’t remain in our control.  I raised my hand on someone unintentionally. How does it happen that our hand is raised unintentionally? How do words slip out of the mouth? It means the master (ruler) has no control over his kingdom (subjects). Which means low vibrations. Our state of mind is down.

Good Thinking

We need to check ourselves. And see where my vibration is, at this time. And most important is No matter how low it has been, it doesn’t matter. Because, we can now very easily take it higher.  That I need to raise my vibrations higher and higher. There are very small and simple changes we can do In our ways of thinking and speaking In our ways of behaving And in our ways of doing Karma. If we pay just a little attention Very soon we can raise our vibrations.


Good Habits 

The most important aspect for vibrations Since childhood we have heard that We get coloured by the company of people we keep. Which means the company of people we live with We get coloured by their influences. What colours are they? We get coloured by other people’s vibrations. But if we take care Then we can protect ourselves from other people’s vibrations. That’s why it is said Participate in Satsangs. . And what do we say about ourselves? Peace, purity, power, love These are natural vibrations. Not lower, but water our natural high vibrations? Purity, power, love Wisdom, bliss These are our normal, high vibrations. But what is God’s vibration? Ocean of purity. Ocean of love. Ocean of peace. Almighty authority. Ocean of all virtues. Very, very, very high vibrational frequency. So Satsang means, the more we are in company of Gods vibration We get coloured by His colours. The more we get coloured by God’s vibrations Our vibrations keep rising. When our vibrations go higher The influence of people around us It will not affect us. That is why spirituality Spiritual study and meditation A meditative Lifestyle Are very important to raise our vibrations. How we begin everyday When we start our day with spiritual study or God’s wisdom Which means soon after waking up First of all, remember God. Let’s adopt a little, simple practice.


That our first thought every morning Should be of God’s remembrance. It should be of gratitude to God. So what happened with our first thought in the morning? We got connected to the highest frequency. The moment we got connected to the highest frequency The vibration here became high. So in our first few thoughts every morning, we need to remember God. Even before we get out of bed Because once we get out of bed, we start thinking of the day’s activities. I need to do this and that. So the first thoughts Just spend two or three minutes sitting on the bed Remember God Tune your frequency to the highest vibration And then you can get into your activities. The first hour of the day We will spend it with ourselves. The first activity is to meditate. Because the mind is absolutely silent in the morning. Vibrations around us will also be silent at that time. Because a majority of them would be asleep. Their minds will be silent. So there is no noise in vibrations around us. At such time if we meditate. So the best time to meditate is Morning 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. It’s a very good time to energize the vibrations here By connecting with God And absorbing His powers. Rajyog meditation means Connecting with God, the Highest or the Supreme And rolling over the self. That is Rajyog meditation. If we allocate 30 minutes or 1 hour every morning To absorb God’s powers within the self. It’s the easiest and the most powerful way To raise our vibrations. Next is spiritual study which is very important.


Because today there is so much of other content that we consume throughout the day. We are flooded with information. There are hardly few moments in a day When we are not receiving information. From media, social media, from people around us, from workplace We are just flooded with information. So the first layer of information every morning Should be high vibrational content Which means the content needs to be Spiritual study means the content whose every word Is at an extremely high frequency. Words of divinity Purity, power Peace, forgiveness Acceptance, letting go Compassion, service (Seva) Blessings. When these vibrations are consumed every morning Creating thoughts of these qualities during the day becomes very easy. The content we consume Has a huge influence on our thoughts. That is why 30 minutes of meditation every morning And 30 minutes to 1 hour of spiritual study. Anyone who follows this every morning They take their vibrations to a high frequency right in the morning. Then throughout the day they just need to maintain it at that level. But early morning they have tuned their minds to a high frequency. Tune your frequency to a high vibration in the morning. Give your mind a spiritual diet. Fill the soul with God’s powers. So the mind Learns the way of right thinking And the way to take right decisions Because of morning meditation and spiritual study. And then take care during the day. You filled yourself with spiritual wisdom and meditated. During the day you need to pay attention It should not happen that morning you studied and meditated well And during the day you scolded someone, you got angry, you criticized someone You lied or you’re adopted unethical means to get work done. It can’t be like this. We cannot live two different lives.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

Morning we raise our frequency And during the day we need to Maintain it at that high level In fact we need to take it higher and higher throughout the day. But if we take it high in the morning and then If we do not take care of our behaviour Then the frequency will keep coming down throughout the day. Then it will only be a roller coaster ride. Going up and down, again up and down throughout the day. Our Aura cannot be powerful, when this happens. Our vibrations will not be powerful. Because of the continuous emotional roller coaster ride we engage in We feel tired internally.


After a while when we meditate or study wisdom in this fluctuating state Our vibration will not even go high enough. Because we drag it down so much during the day. So we need to take it high in the morning And just a little attention to sustain it at that high level throughout the day. It’s no pressure, it’s just attention. To our way of thinking about everyone. The most important point is. To think less in every scene. Don’t overthink. Why? Why like this? How could this happen? … Think less. Like how we tell people – Speak less. Why speak so much unnecessarily? Likewise we need to instruct our mind Enough. Think less. Stop overthinking. Because overthinking depletes our inner power. But we overthink only when we are not thinking right. So we need to pause for a moment And change our thought.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

How to change the thought? Using the spiritual wisdom we had consumed in the morning. About the right way of thinking. So someone’s behaviour may not be right, someone makes mistakes at work An unpleasant situation shows up The right way of thinking at that moment Which means even when the outside world is not perfect My inner response need to be perfect. For that we need preparation in the morning And implementation during the day. If we don’t like someone’s nature, behaviour, way of working or speaking We can’t go on thinking negative about them. If we create critical and judgemental thoughts Again our vibrations go down. Just need to remember based on spirituality That it is their Sanskar. That soul has also been on a very, very long journey. Been through several lifetimes, the soul has changed several costumes (costume means body) Faced innumerable situations in each birth So they have created this Sanskar sometime. They are different from me.


Their perspective differs from mine. They are different from me. That’s it. They are different. (not wrong) And bless them with pure intentions When we think nice about people, they radiate to them as blessings. But if we still feel there doing something really wrong Which is harming them Sit in meditation for just one minute Remember God And send them a thought – Gods powers are with you. You are safe. You will know what to correct. I am sure you will take the right decision. Just send touch vibrations through thoughts. Our thoughts reach the people about whom we are thinking. Whatever we think about them will influence them. If we create judgemental or critical thoughts.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

We get depleted and they also get depleted. But if we radiate blessings If we pray for them or meditate for them If we put a full stop to negative thoughts and change our thoughts Our vibration also rises Our blessings reach them There state of mind also keeps improving. When their vibration rises It’s only then that their behaviour or way of working can change. By being critical or judgemental in our thoughts about people We can never change their behaviours or ways of working. Because there in a low state of mind. Their vibration is down. That’s the reason they are making a mistake in the first place. We need to raise their state of mind Which means we need to raise their vibrations. And the only way is to think high for them. Think pure for them. Radiate blessings to them. Let’s do that with everyone. Things will not be our way always, in our ways of working. We want one thing but something else happens. We desire for one thing but something else comes up. Most important is the power to accept the situation. The scene in front of me We need to put a full stop to the mind. Only then we can start looking for a solution for that scene.

Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words
Best Right Thoughts Words|Thoughts & Words

Best scene which is in front of me One is, it is because of my Karmic account. So no resistance. No asking why is it happening only with me, why again something happened … All these questions deplete energy. We need to keep our energy high. Karmic account is in front of me. Too face it, I need high vibrations internally. So full stop to thoughts. It’s because of my Karmic account. Fine. I take responsibility. Now I need to create high energy Karma in this scene. There is something beneficial for me in this scene. I need to learn something when I come out of it successfully. Even if there is no other benefit, I need to come out of it, being powerful. Different ways of looking at every situation.


But in every scene and every situation Immediately put a full stop to your thoughts Don’t overthink. Think right. Keep your vibrations high by thinking right Using the power of your high vibrations Change your situation and your destiny positively. It’s the inside world which is going to influence the outside world. So in any situation, first take care of the inside world. What we do is In an effort to correct the outside world We disturb our inside world. We should not disturb your mind. To correct the outside world, my inside world should be perfect. So think less.

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