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New Delhi. If you are also fond of sports bikes and are thinking of buying a low budget sports bike, then this news is your job. Here’s going to tell you about the sports bikes you get at a low price. Bike24, a website that sells used bikes online, is currently finding one of the best sports bikes. The price of these sports bikes starts at Rs 75 thousand.

according to the information on bike24, a KTM Duke 200 bike is available for Rs 75 thousand. This bike is the 2016 model. It has lasted so far 31 thousand kilometers. The KTM Duke 200 starts at Rs 1.80 lakh (ex-showroom). The condition of this bike is very good. You can buy it online from anywhere.

These are also options
Apart from this, the KTM RC 125, 2019 model is getting a Rs. This bike has lasted about 11 thousand kilometers. While another other sports bike is getting the KTM RC200, the 2017 model is priced at Rs 99 thousand. This bike has lasted about 23 thousand kilometers. many of this kind on bike24 are getting a sports bike at a lower price than one.

Home delivery of bikes
on bike24 you can buy this bike completely online. The company provides you with fitness inventory,refurbished and 100% finance. There is also an option to return the bike after purchase. The company delivers bikes to you at home.


Compare well rate
Compare the bike rates in three places before buying a bike on the online platform. After that, the most important thing is the bike parts, so first get the complete details of the parts. Be sure to check well before buying the bike. Be sure to check how old the bike tires are. Also check the bike paper and NOC correctly.

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