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 BK Shivani- One Way To Get You In Good Mood 



 BK Shivani- One Way To Get You In Good Mood  Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris.Sister Shivani is with us. We were discussing about energizing food and water.I also spoke about the energy in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.Also explained about the state of mind in which food needs to be prepared.I wish to share an example.My grandchild was born as a vegetarian.If he was fed non-vegetarian or egg, he would spit it out.So I can see how these are all connected, with respect to a child.Child is a soul who is not yet depleted.I keep observing reactions in small children.Their behaviour is very different at the centre.It is different in the meditation room of the centre.

It is different in a temple.It is different even when they are eating. My grandson was a vegetarian at birth.So it was like cheating him.Because non-vegetarian food was hidden within vegetarian food and fed to him.Earlier he would look at it and make out.But later they started to distract his mind with TV, iPhone or games.When he was focused on that, they would feed him the food.So that he could not make out what he ate.I felt that he was becoming a bit restless in behaviour.He became a little aggressive and started troubling others.His behaviour was a little on the violent side.Naturally. You are able to find changes in your own self over the years.You are able to see that, as you changed your diet.What happened to you your anger and aggression?The reduced. And the next step is when you changed the environment in which your food was being cooked.Your anger and aggression reduced further.It means the direct effect of food on the mind is visible.So as you switched from Tamasik to Satvik food.You could see a very visible change in you.Some people say that there are so many vegetarians who get very angry.Likewise they say there are so many non vegetarians who are very peaceful.That is also true. But food has a very big influence.So everyone needs to check in reference to their own earlier characteristics.We cannot evaluate it in reference to other people.How I feel now versus how I felt earlier before changing the diet.Today if someone says that he eats non-veg food but still he is able to remain peaceful.


That he does not get angry.He just needs to change his diet and check.Beautiful. From being peaceful, he will become a saint.He might be peaceful and not get angry at people.But somebody can have fear, insecurity or lack of willpower.We cannot check on just one emotion.Even the magnitude is not easily recognisable all the time.Somebody might create fear when faced by a situation.They might fear losing people in their relationships.That’s so many emotions.We cannot generalize them and evaluate.Experiment and experience.Even an introvert is labelled as a peaceful person.But maybe in reality he is insecure and hence an introvert. You may be in fear but smiling outwardly.But people find him to be peaceful.So who has to check all this? So checking is always by ourselves about ourselves.If we consider your example, earlier aggression was a little on the higher side.After years of Tamasik food.And the Sanskar of so many years.But why was that Sanskar so aggravated?It was getting aggravated.Because you were giving that Tamasik food to yourself every day.If you consume that particular diet 2 to 3 times every day.And your Sanskar is suppose at this level.That Sanskar will only increase.And then the Sanskar is here.But having Tamasik food for several years brought that Sanskar to this level.And then you changed your diet.Your Sanskar started getting diluted.Next you said you change the Kitchen to where only Satvik food was being cooked.Your Sanskar got further diluted.So you can see it in reference to your own self.So now you are Sanskar has diluted and come down to this level.Today if you once again start consuming tamasik diet.Then the Sanskar again goes up like this.Because the recording of that Sanskar exists on the soul.Even my health is improved after switching to Satvik.The digestion power has increased.Otherwise at this age, it is very difficult to digest certain types of food.Health is improving because of another reason also.Thoughts.We look at the effect of food on the physical body.Food is influencing the body.Food is influencing the mind.The mind is then influencing the body.So there are benefits from both the sides.After changing your diet.Your thoughts and your sanskarsChanged from aggression to peace.Today if you once again start on a heavy, negative energy diet.Even if you are having vegetarian food.But if it is prepared by somebody who is very aggressive by nature.If there is deep ego and aggression in that soul.Or even if that person is very tensed about something.And if you eat food prepared by that person for a few days.Actually we can make out a difference in just one meal.But if you eat the food prepared by that person over a few days.


Then the Sanskar of aggression in you will start increasing.It fluctuates so easily.That makes protection very important.You mentioned that your grandson has a Sanskar of vegetarianism.Which means he has a habit of eating vegetarian food.So the moment he got Tamasik food.He spits it out – that is only the physical aspect.But once he started to consume it.What you shared is very important.He would spit out non vegetarian food.But when his mind was distracted towards TV and fed.He would eat it unaware.This again shows us what all we end up consuming unaware, when we are engrossed with any gadget while eating.He was forcibly fed at that time.For them it is important for the gadget to be On, so that the child eats.The gadget captivates the child’s mind.And because he would spit it out, they would mix it along with his favorite food items. Otherwise he would refuse to eat.He could make out negative or heavy energy of non vegetarian food.So they would make up some stories and tell him it is something else. But they will not reveal it is non vegetarian food.But once he started to get involved with gadgets while eating.They would feed him that, once again mixing it with vegetarian items.He would not make out.And then his behaviour itself changed.Never mind. It can all be changed again.Even the kid can become very aware.I gave it up at every later age.But if a kid is able to give it up by his own, then it is even better.So once again you can see a shift in them if that happens.Shift is sure to happen.Generally we are not aware of the connection.That the food is influencing the mind.And that the mind is influencing the body.Sanskars are shaping up accordingly.So because of not knowing it, we make a lot of effort with our kids.Changing this habit and that habit in them.We want them to be in a particular way, not argue with anyone.Parents get stressed about all these habits in children.If they just change the child’s diet and experiment with it for a few days to see the results?Let them do it and check.Every soul will get results.In India there are so many festivals which encourage sattvic food.For example Navratri.Following those customs about our diet increases our will power.When most important our vibration raises at such times.Yes we can experience that.Now we will have a choice – of what diet to continue after 11 days (of Navratri and Dashami celebrations)Beautiful. That after the festival, what was your experience.And from now on what diet will you continue.But only those people can get that experience.Who followed those rituals very willingly during the festival.Yes this is a very important point.There are people who do it by force.They cannot experience the benefits.Because how did they spend those 9 to 10 days?Agitation and irritation that they are not able to eat what they wish to eat.Soul has to agree to do this as a beautiful experiment.Today whoever aspires to have peace, happiness and contentment in life.Whoever wants to finish his fears.Increase willpower.Whoever wants to make the soul powerful.Just for 3 months.Let them experiment with this and see the results.


Every soul will experience the result.Stepwise – first is to shift towards satvik diet.Second – when that vegetable or fruit is brought home.Connect with God and energize them.Third – whoever is preparing the food.His state of mind should be Satvik.The environment of the kitchen should be like that of a temple.My mother would offer prayers and take water in a bowl.Should energize it and Sprinkle it on everything at home.So she added vibrations into that water and then she sprinkled it on everybody else.She would give us a few drops to drink too.She would energize a badam with it and put it into our mouth.This is it. Everything that you mentioned.Food and water is a very simple way.To raise frequency and it is a very simple way to lower the frequency.Because it has a very direct effect.The state of mind of the person preparing the food.To play bhajans going in the kitchen at that time.Let the person be engaged in prayers.What thoughts is the mind creating? Remember God.Fill His powers in that food.If there is any problem going on in that house.Or if somebody is worried, then take God’s vibrations of peace.And create a thought – he is a peaceful soul who will eat this Prasad.He is healthy.Illnesses get cured.Sanskars of the soul change.And then meditate on that food.And feed it to them.In this resort where shooting is going on.I met the owner yesterday.He said he has a new chef hired right now.It seems that Chef is always smiling.If you look at him he smiles, he smiles while speaking. It seems he can never be spotted ‘not smiling’.Whether it is 4 people or 40 people for whom he has to cook, he is always smiling when doing his work.It seems there are times when 120 people come at a time.If the Chef is asked if you can manage, he Smiles and says – why not?It does not matter to him at all.And he is very happy to cook the food.The important point which the owner of the resort mentioned, was that now he feels very healthy.The state of mind of the one preparing the food has a direct effect on the state of mind of the person partaking it.One aspect is sanskar of the person preparing the food.If a person preparing food at your house is a peaceful soul.Or a pure soul, then it will have an effect.


In this case you said he is a happy soul.It will have an effect.But the other aspect is that while preparing food, they have to take little more care.One is that their Energy field or aura is affecting the food.The other aspect is that while cooking food, they have to pay a little more attention.At that time nothing else should be disturbing their mind.Suppose a very peaceful soul is preparing food. But on that day there is some problem going on at his house.If somebody in his house is ill.Or if there is a financial crisis. There could be some situations at times which will be on the mind.So while preparing the food, they may not even be aware that their state of mind is affecting the food.So we should make the environment of the kitchen in such a way thatThat even if somebody is worried, they feel better there.If you are anxious about something, or something is on our mind.Play good music at that time. Any song which connects you with God.When will listen to that start singing it.And when that happens, the state of mind gets influenced.We can do this in our kitchen.Of playing devotional songs like bhajans and kirtans.Even light an incense stick and create that right environment in the kitchen.Even if it has a slight influence.It will delete any worry or anxiety in the mind of a person preparing the food.Its direct influence will then be seen in the food.The last stage is very important.Once the food is ready and kept on the dining table.As you mentioned last time, we want everyone to have that food.So once the food is ready.Take small quantities of each item in cups and place them in a plate.Like how it is arranged when it is being offered to God as Bhog.Take that plate into the meditation room.Or take that plate to the pooja room.What is the vibration of that room? Pure energy.


Do focused meditation on the food there.After meditating for just 5 minutes.Every morsel of that food is filled with God’s purity.After that if anyone in that family or in that home.Has any specific problem.Even intention towards that problem can be added into the food.Suppose the relationship between two to three members in a particular family is not very healthy.That have been few arguments and conflicts happening between them.Add pure intentions into the food towards that issue.Create the intentions – All of us love each other in this house. We are all very respectful towards each other, all the time.All of us in this house accept each other exactly as we are.It is a very clear, specific mantra which we are putting into the food.We do it after taking God’s powers?Yes, that is already done while meditating.The all-powerful God’s powersWe will visualise that God’s white light is feeling every morsel of food in the plate.While preparing this food if there was any other quality of vibration.All that is getting cleansed.That food has gone through several stages.Right from the farmer sowing the seed.What state of mind was that farmer in?Today farmers in our country are going through challenges, so they are worried about many aspects.Like irrigation, climate and loans.So a farmer who is bringing it from a seed to a fruit.He spends a very long time with that plant.They offer need to compromise on the price of the produces, at which they sell.So they are unhappy, worried and restless.The direct influence of their emotions is getting into the vegetables or fruits.That farmer has created and nurtured them.It is as if he has done it upbringing like a parent. Which means the child will have the influence of the parent.He has brought it from the level of a seed to the level of vegetable or fruit.Even his family has contributed to it. But if none of them are happy at the end of the day.If they are not peaceful and happy.That will affect the crops that they have grown.Next the crop entered the market.And then it came into shops.So how many vibrations that crop has got in it?And then we bought it and stored it at home.After that somebody prepared food with it.See how many vibrations it is catching.That is why meditating before eating that food is a must.So that all these vibrations get cleansed.God’s vibrations are filling it.And then add specific intention.So after meditation, add a specific intention which our family needs as of today.For example we can add an intention – all our health is perfect – healthy and free from illness.This is the intention we have filled that food with.



So everyone who eats that food, their mind will have the influence of those intentions.My body is free from illnesses and is healthy.These vibrations radiate to the body from the mind.If someone at home creates unnecessary belief or worry.That he may get a particular illness, or something wrong may happen with him.Give him powerful vibrations through the food.When he starts dating this food for a few days, his false beliefs and fears get finished.Because what is the vibration he is getting through the food? My body is perfect healthy.So add intention to harmonize relationships.Add intention to sustain or restore good Physical health.Add intention to change any Sanskar and to strengthen the mind.If there is any financial crisis also. I will give you a simple example.There is a family which has been going through financial crisis over the last two and a half years.They were very well to do but went through challenges in business.It lead to a lot of loans and even went into legal issues. Quite a lot happened with them.A sister from the centre went to their house.She had come from abroad and she stayed there for a few days.After 4 days she told them that they will all do a small experiment together.That from today, the dinner that’ll get cooked.Since all of you have dinner together.She said everyone will sit in the meditation room for 5 minutes before having dinner.We will keep the plate of food there in that room.Not even for 5 minutes but just for 3 minutes, a song will be played.But everyone should be present there.It does not matter whether they know how to meditate or not.Even the staff who lives in that house should join.Even children should join.So they all started doing it.That every night they would all sit together along with that food prepared.And one song would be played at that time in the meditation room. Those who knew meditation would meditate.That sister took a beautiful sheet of paper and wrote 5 lines very nicely on it.We are happy and healthy.We have abundance.We have absolutely everything that we want.She wrote 5 to 6 similar lines and placed it there.In the meditation room.And she said after the 3 minutes are completed.She told them all of you will together read this.It is a mantra for them.Everyone at home had to together read it.She did not explain to them its effect and how it is scientific.She just told them to do this.Whatever is the issue in your life at the moment, do not think of the problem.


Write in that sheet of paper – we have abundance.So everyone in the house together would read out those 5 to 6 lines daily.It has created miracles in that family.And after the miracle, after everything fell in place and everything was fine.They started to get a lot of money.Later that realised that the experiment created the results.Because they did not change anything else.They had not done any changes to anything in that period.They just brought one change – that for 3 minutes everyone in the meditation room at night.And just before having dinner.One song would be played and then everyone would together read out what was written on that page.And that plate of dinner would be placed right there.Is created a miracle for them.This is the significance of Prasad. How can Prasad create miracles otherwise?All of us need to prepare Prasad every day at home.It should not be that very rarely we get to eat Prasad, and on other days we eat a lot of other quality of food.Because that food will also have its influence.When I saw this I realised even more the importance.That when we are only eating in places where food is being prepared only with an intention of earning money.At such places what is the vibration of everybody there?They will only want to earn more money, increase profits, get more customers.Sometimes it gets into unethical practices also to earn more money.If somebody has a week or negative mind they get more exploited.We had a few family members who would always say.They would offer water and say this water is from a particular Gurdwara. So they would insist that we drink it.So I was wondering how water can come every day from a Gurdwara which is very far away.And they would always say – it is from this Gurdwara, from that place, from this place.Later on we could make out the intention.So you know what happens.We need to think about it.Eating food outside.We should have the awareness.Not to just have food in any place I drink water from anywhere, just like that.My mother would carry her own plate, glass and even a spoon wherever she traveled.Lot of people carry water also.Now if somebody says it is very difficult to carry water also along with us.Today water bottles are readily available. In those days it was at least difficult to carry.People would ask why we were carrying water.Today we get packaged drinking water in bottles.We should not miss out this part.That even if we buy a mineral water bottle.But even that water bottle was lying for a very long time in some place.So do not consume that water without doing the 30 seconds meditation on it.You mentioned about negative energies. What are the negative energies in it doing?If we are adding negative intentions in a focused manner on that food and water.A lot of people get affected from it.That is why they say be very careful about the food you eat – who has prepared it.Should not be that you eat in such places from where that can be a negative influence.And it is a practice to give a lot of focused negative energy into that food.When focused negative energy.Can bring results.Somebody might have experienced it.



Somebody might have had another person’s experience.So we know that through food, a lot of negative energy can be infused.When negative energies can work.We pay attention to that.Yes we recognise that very quickly. But to do it for positivity it is taking time.Powerful and positive energy can do so much for us.That if we just have the awareness.We will not eat or drink anything.Without energizing it.Have to take care of it. Even if we have started eating something.If we just create a thought with it.Thoughts such as – I am not sure what will happen if I eat it. I hope I don’t catch a cold after eating this. This should not happen and that should not happen.We have to be very careful because our vibration is getting into it.That because of eating this, something is going to happen to me.So if we eat it in that state of mind?Instead, if we give it a vibration such as.It is very healthy. And then eat it.We can create miracles at home with this.My friend’s mother is 90 years old. Even today she cooks her own food and does all the work herself.

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