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BK Shivani Thoughts – Knowing Other People’s Thoughts it is that way.God’s wisdom is what is shared during a discussions.I am surprised that the way it is all stored, as we keep reading them.We may not remember at that moment.But we are reminded of it, the moment we need it.This line is so beautiful – that as we keep storingThe wisdom comes exactly when we need it.When we started the seriesThe first thing we discussed wasAbout the information which we keep consumingIt will manifest into the being’s thinking.And the thinking will come into doing.You had read a beautiful quotation.

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Thought Of The Day

You do not have control on the doing.You have control on the thinking.And now we know that thinking is also controlled by the information.When we study God’s wisdom everyday.As you mentioned that we keep filling that Gyan within us.And we get reminded of it in a timely manner.We don’t have to think at that time.Whatever Gyan we fill becomes a part of the soul.It became a part of our thought process and hence comes out at the right time.This happens with other kinds of information also.When start consuming that information we want know when and where it will be of use.But as we keep filling that information, it becomes a part of our thinking.When it is a part of our thinking, it becomes a part of our doing.So the more we fill ourselves with Gyan.When we take in pure information.Our thinking and doing get purified by themselves.Even at home the kind of information we feed to childrenWe don’t even realise when they learnt it. And when they bring it into action we wonder who taught them.We question them why the quarrelled with somebodyThe person with whom he foughtHe must have had so many negative thoughts for that person.I have noticed so many times that when I say something about a family member to my wifeWhat happens is, even when my wife does not know that person very wellShe will start saying something or disliking that person.This person did such a thing with my husband.And finally I ask her why she had to do thatIt means we only fed that food.And ask them why they fell ill. We were the ones who fed them unhealthy food.We will never know when information is going to come out from us. So it is more important to store the right information.Pure and elevated information.Just as the Murli statesWaste is a total waste. I would say waste is also negative.When we start calling waste also as negative, we start being strict about it.Again we come back to the same thingWhen we get information through media.

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We cannot stop media.We can’t stop people who forward them.But we have a choice.In the treasure of our pure and elevated thoughtsLet us not fill waste information in the wealth of pure thoughts.As long as we keep consuming waste informationWe will find this path difficult.When such information keeps coming in there will be no place for other kind of information.We will keep finding only this.The quantity of wrong information is more.Even the churning of information happens, based on what we have consumed.If you eat sprouts in the morning, but throughout the day if you eat unhealthy food.If you think – I meditated in the morning.I heard Murli.But for the rest of the day I ate a lot of unhealthy food.Then the effect of sprouts will be very slow.But if you eat sprouts in the morning and take care even during the day.During the day you need to go around,  meet people and do everything.But you took care that whenever you wentAlthough a lot of food items were being served.You had other options but you chose a healthy option.So you started the morning with high energy sprouts and salads.And for the rest of the day you chose healthy option of food.It is not necessary that you will get sprouts in fruits throughout the day.You will get a wide variety of food.But you will choose the healthy options.See you listen to Murli and did meditation in the morning.Which means you filled the highest quality of information within.And throughout the day you have newspapers, people, phones, gadgetsYou have everything but choose healthy options.Information which is not useful – what will it do to the treasure of pure thoughts?It depletes it.The title of the Murli we were reading last timeKnowing the importance of the thought power when creating pure and elevated thoughtsIncrease it and bring it in practice.God taught usThe biggest treasure in present and in future is the wealth of pure and elevated thoughts.And a very beautiful line which God taught usThe best powerAre the thoughts of right intentions and best wishes.And the power to have the mind and intellect focused.There are two powers – pure wishes, and concentration of the mind and intellect.Thoughts are with everyone.But the power of pure thoughts and good wishes.We will keep enhancing and accumulating this thought power.The main reason for depleting thought power.What was the main reason to deplete our thought power?Waste thoughts.Baba saysBaba has seen that wasteful thoughts in many peopleAre still going on throughout the day.Wasteful thoughts which means thinking about the pastAnxiety of the future.Or thinking about situations which are not in our control.All that is waste.Baba says that He can see wasteful thoughts going on in a majority of the people throughout the day.For example, money.You use money economically.For example, people who use physical money economicallyWill always remain wealthy.And people who waste money even get cheated somewhere or the other.This is very beautiful.Money, wealthWhoever uses them carefullyWill continue to remain wealthy.And those who waste itThey get cheated.If we use our money properlyWe will have enough always.We earn, we spend and we even save money.But we will pay attention to the savings that we have.Elders would say that earning money is easy but saving it is difficult.Baba says whoever manages money properly, will always have enough wealth.That is very important.They will always have enough wealth.Today even if there is a problem in life they will say there is no problem, we have money to manage.Because they have used money cautiously.But those who spend money carelesslyThey will get cheated somewhere or the other.For example they may take a higher loanIf they are living on creditsSuch a lifestyle.They run high-risk businesses.We keep taking loan, investing, taking more loan.They can get cheated at any moment.If there is a problem in life, they do not have sufficient wealth.Baba saysWhen it can happen with that wealthThat whoever uses it carefully is always wealthyAnd whoever spends it carelessly can get cheated at anytime.The same happens here also.Whoever takes care of the thoughts is always wealthy.Whoever wastes it, can get cheated at anytime.How many times then do we get cheated in a day?Several times.Because we are not full here.Getting cheated means – creating wrong thoughts, speaking wrong wordsThe soul is not full.So several times a day, our own and other people’sInner wealth gets depleted.Elevated and pure thoughts have such a huge powerTo increase your catching power, and the power to catch vibrations.Pure thoughts have such powerElevated and pure thoughtsHave so much strengthThat your catching power and the power to catch vibrationsCan be increased by them.What else do we need once our catching power increases and our senses sharpen?So even if there is a pitfall we see it beforehand.Catching power means to catch whatever God is telling us.We are in meditation and we are talking to Him.At that time we need to catch what He is telling us.You can catch them?One whose purity gradually increases.I thought catching power refers to discerning what to do and what not to do.That is also included. But how will that wisdom also increase?We will start catching God’s Gyan, His signals and His vibrations, first of all.Who’s there is something where you need to decide whether to do this or to do that.We just sit in meditation and talk to God.He is our father so we tell Him – Baba, the situation has come into my life.You tell me what is right for me.Now how will He tell us?We will get a very powerful thought at that moment.But we need to catch that thought.Who can catch that thought?One who does not have waste thoughts here.We also need to understand it after catching.Very important.Often, although we catch it our mind adulterates our message.To whatever we ourselves like.Supposing we have two options whether to do something or not to do.If the mind says we should do itBur if we catch a thought with says we should not do it.We say – the thought we caught also says we should do it.That is why it says right catching power.Your mind is saying one thing but God is giving you a different signal.Which one should we catch?We can catch it only when there is purity here.The more there is purity of the soulSoul power increasesOther souls’ vibrationsAnd God’s vibrationsWe can catch them both and understand them.It is very important to understand that when we go to the centreSeveral brothers and sisters say there are so many restrictions at the centreDon’t eat this, don’t drink that, do this or do that.They say other places don’t have such restrictions, and this is a very difficult place to be.This is what we think.But all these disciplines which we are being told.That our food and water are pure.Our meal should be Satvik.Don’t take in anything withinWhich depletes soul power.Right now there is not enough purity in the soul.That there able to connect to God in meditation.We need to take the first step towards purity now.We need to take the first step of purity.Celibacy is the first step of purity.It is not compulsory or mandatory.It is prevention.Which shifts us from body consciousness to Soul consciousness.So it is our first step.The food we eatShould be Satvik. This is our second step.Third step is the Murli will listen and take in Gyan everydayPure information goes in.That is our third step.So the three things – celibacy, Satvik diet, and consuming pure information daily.These three disciplines, when followed by a soulThe soul power starts increasingAll the impurities get cleansedSo the soul connects to God.The third step which you said about information, doing that will make first and second steps easier.But these three are what are important.First is most important that we start listening to Murli.As we start listening to Murli, purity and Satvik diet will start becoming natural.We should not look at all these as restrictions.It again comes back to abundance.When the soul is contented and fullWe will not go towards impurity.Even diet will be Satvik.We will not eat anything which is not beneficial for us.You will not feel like doing it.It is like eating the kilogram of sweetsAfter that we had enough sweets.If someone gives you authentic and high quality honey.It is high quality and authentic honey.And then if somebody offers you a spoonful of sugar.You know that sugar is not healthy.It is also sweet like Honey. Both honey and sugar are sweet.But sugar is not healthy for the body.So after eating pure honey, attention will not go towards sugar.But we should not treat them as restrictions.Even at the centre these are only suggested to us.Some people say they went to the centre but the sister asked them not to do this and that.They say after that they did not go back.That is not right. Whatever the sisters at the centre share with usAre shared based on the Gyan received by God.And it is shared so that it benefits us.Restrictions to not do this and that will exist in all places.For example we are told that we should not speak loudly in libraries.That we cannot smoke in an aircraft.We can’t keep our phones turned on.The currency used in a country, the driving rules to be followed there.But the mind sometimes plays games.It looks for negativities.We need to overcome it.And most importantWhen we go for detoxificationWe cannot eat non vegetarian food, breakfast has to be a certain way.There is no television and so many other restrictions but we don’t complain at that time.Most important we need to remember that when we go to the centreWhatever is shared is not a restriction.It is just shared with you.And when you start doing it for yourselfIt will start increasing your power.Even if you are not able to follow anythingIf you are unable to follow something from itYou just keep listening to Murli everyday.Yes, some people can do it sooner and some people will take a little longer.Murli is like a medicine.Celibacy and Satvik foodAre things we should abstain from.The Doctor had asked me to walk for 40 minutes daily.I could not walk for 40 minutes. I started from 5 minutes and gradually increased.It is a prescription that if we want good health it needs to be done.If we want to progress quickly on this pathIt is like we go by plane and not a train to save time and be able to work more.So it is beneficial to follow these rules to progress.Despite all this, for any reasonThis we need to remember.For any reason if you feel you are not ready to do any of these 3 things.It could be due to family constraintsOr it could be due to your mind because a lot of constraints come from the mind.For any reason if you are unable to follow any of these disciplines.Do not stop listening to Murli or doing meditation.If you are not able to abstain from somethingWe don’t stop taking the medicine.If we keep taking the medicine everydayEven if we are not able to abstain from something as of nowThe medicine will still do its job.But if we say that we are not able to abstain from something, so we will not even take medicineSo if we stop going to the doctor alsoWhat happens to our illness then?It keeps increasing.So keep taking in this medicine which is Murli.The disciplines which are shared with us at the centreThey are for our welfare.As and when we feel more powerfulWe can keep adopting another disciplineThe soul starts getting purified.Then the second step of connecting to God starts becoming easier.That is why Baba saysThat catching power and the power to catch vibrations keep increasing.You will experience that when you meet peopleThen it will not just be a meeting with people’s words and behaviourYou will be able to recognise their vibrations.You will understand their vibrationsThat the person is like this.Even when you go to some place you will not focus on its physical appearance.You will feel the vibrations of that place.Because where is our frequency headed now?Towards vibrations.Even when recruiting staff we can make out their vibrations.It is so important.Our interaction raises above words and behaviour.And happens based on vibrations.Vibrations of a place and of peopleSouls who can discern and catch vibrationsThey can never get cheated.Vibrations of food alsoWhich are the other day that somebody sends a message on the phoneYou can feel his vibrations also.Vibrations of people’s sorry and thank you.When you rise above body consciousnessWhen we were body-conscious we would only check what they have written.Did they write thank you or thank you so much.Or very very thank you.Earlier we would focus on the words they use.Now we look at the feeling behind their thank you.This is a sign that our frequency is getting higher.Baba has saidThere is so much power in elevated and pure thoughtsWhich can increase your catching power and the power to catch vibrations.The way gadgets of science like wireless phone and telephone workWireless and telephone.The way they workThis wealth of pure thoughts will work similarlyEven vibrations of a person in LondonYou will be able to clearly catch themJust like how you catch them through wireless, telephone, TV or any other gadget.There are so many gadgets today.Your catching power and concentration should the better than these gadgets.Beautiful.Telephone, wireless, mobileBaba says just as we communicate using themWe can communicate even when we are in a different country using themWhen soul power increasesEven from a different city or a countryYou will be able to catch each other’s vibrations.All of us experience this.Recently scientists in Paris did telepathy.One person was in Mumbai and the other was in Paris.Those two people did not know each other.They did not have a phone or any other gadget.One person said “Hello” from Mumbai and the other person in Paris could catch it.We could catch the message as Hello.What did the scientific experiment prove?That telepathy works.Telepathy is scientific.All of us have experienced telepathy.But how many times?The purer the soul isTheir experience of telepathy increases.Otherwise we catch it only at times.This person is thinking this way about me, that person remembered me.We experience these things sometimes.The more the soul depletes, catching power reduces.As the soul becomes pure, catching power increases.You will say – I don’t know how I am able to make out that he is thinking this way.He is doing this and I can make out from here itself.How can we make out? We have not even called or spoken to them. How did we come to know?Our catching power increased.This is so beautiful that the way telephone and wireless workWe can do it using our thought power.In Satyug when souls are completely pureThere we will not have gadgets to communicate.There will be no Technology.There souls will communicate through thought power.Because the telepathy which we are able to do nowIn Satyug we will be able to do it every time.The more we become pure, our catching power increases.That is why when we go to meet Saints or MahatmasWe say they got to know what was in my mind.We say – I just sat in front of him, had not even told him my situation.But still he gave me an answer.Because their catching power is higher.Why is it higher? There are no wasteful thoughts.Zero waste thoughts.Purity is high so catching power is high.Towards end of KalyugWhen we are living in a negative environmentIf our catching power is this good alreadyThen in Satyug where the environment is at the highest purityAnd souls are perfectCatching power will be constant.In Satyug there will be thought-to-thought communication.Today even if our mobile does not work for a few minutesWe get so disturbed.We need to experiment this also.To send thoughts to the other person.It is a very beautiful experiment.Many times even if my phone is off, I get a thought that somebody is trying to reach me from home on WhatsApp or messageThere is no automatic notification on my phone because I feel it disturbs me.But if I open my phone and check that would actually be a message.Because the person who is sending your message is also remembering you.He is sending you a thought also.When we catch that he is remembering meIt means our vibration catching power is increasing.If we keep experimenting, it will keep increasing.Just experiment, it’s a very interesting game.When the message comes, just wait and don’t read it for a minute.Try to catch what the person would have sent.What will he want from me.What do they want at this time?50% of the time you will get right results.And when 50% of the time you will get right resultsThen that percentage will start increasing.And by doing this we are increasing our catching power.When we start using somethingSuppose the door bell ringsFirst create a thought of who has come.And identify.Many times we can actually guess who it is, when the bell rings.This means the catching power is increasing.Sometimes when I am telling somebody’s number, I get a thought that they are not at home. And it turns true.This is good catching power.We need to use it more and experiment more.Catching power keeps increasing because of it.So Baba saysToday that we are dependent on gadgetsSadhan and SadhnaAre two words.One is our dependency on sadhan (gadgets).And the other is to use our Sadhna (dedicated practice or learning) to become independent of gadgetsAnd communicating through our catching power.