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New Delhi. If you want to start your own business, today we will tell you about a great business idea. Yes..Today we are telling you about an agricultural business idea that you can easily start a Small level business with minimal money. Agri business is an area where there is tremendous potential to make a profit. This is an area that even the pandemic can not affect, agriculture is the biggest contributor to the country’s GDP.

Today we are telling you about beekeeping business, you can start it for the least amount of money and earn millions every month. The most important thing about this business is that you can get subsidy from the government in starting it. So let’s know about this business..How to initiate it?… How much will earn everything…

What is the business of beekeeping? (What is Beekeeping business?)

Beekeeping is one such business that is earning a large number of people. It is a less expensive domestic industry. It is an employment that every section of the society can benefit from. Beekeeping also has the potential to increase agricultural and horticultural production. Bees are wild animals of the insect class living in the Mon community, these are called beekeeping or Silent rearing to grow them and obtain honey and wax an artificial planet adapted to their habits. The region is considered to be completely dependent on nature, but since the use of Science and technology in farming, agriculture has become a huge and vast area. Nobody could start it.

How to make its turnover? (How to start Beekeeping business)

First get Area specific information from professional beekeeper associations to help you maintain your bee colony.
Regional bee diseases, other pests which can affect bees. Find out about general support information for new beekeepers.
Inquire about the location of existing bees and the types of honey normally produced in your area.
The first thing you have to do is evaluate your beekeeping work after your first harvest. So planning is a very important part of any business model. Check the health of your bees and hives.
Work with your beekeeper Association to refine your hive maintenance techniques. Compare your expenses with your honey and wax income.Determine if you should expand your bees supply so that the market can grow further.
To start this you can take a business license from your city or county clerk’s office and inquire about other permits.
Contact your state revenue department regarding the sales license for the sale of your bee-related products and consult with an agricultural attorney about state beekeeping laws.

Learn how is Beekeeping’s market?


There are many other products with honey that you can produce such as beeswax, royal jelly, propolis or bee glue, bee pollen. All these products are very beneficial for humans and are very expensive in the market. That is, the market is extremely demanding. We are telling you about the market value of these products, so that you know how you will make money from its various products.


Government to grant subsidy up to 85%
The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has launched a central scheme called ‘development of Beekeeping for Improving Crop Productivity’. The scheme aims to develop this sector, enhance productivity, train and spread awareness. The National Bee Board (NBB) has partnered with NABARD to finance the beekeeper business in India. They also provide assistance for employment of women in this field. You can visit the nearest National Bee Board office or get information from the website. Let the government subsidize beekeeping from 80 to 85%. This can benefit to starting business.

How will earnings in millions every month?
The current price of honey in the market = Rs 500 (depending on different brands). So suppose you get a yield of 1000 kg per box, you will earn = Rs 5,00000 (5 lakhs).
Suppose you make 50 Colonies, the total income will be = 2, 5000000 Rupees (2 crores).
This is the average data, it you can even start from some Colonies and can produce honey. Within a few years of running this business, your earning potential will be crores of rupees very soon.

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