Cryptocurrency market fall Bitcoin Ethereum Dogecoin Shiba Inu price 24 Jan 2022


New Delhi. Cryptocurrency News: today on Monday, January 24, 2022, the same news is coming from the cryptocurrency market that you have been reading and hearing from the previous days. The global crypto market has fallen by 24 percent during the last 3 hours. As of Indian time, at 1:45 p.m. the global crypto market cap has dropped to $ 1.60 trillion. About a week ago, it was more than $ 2 trillion. All the big currencies have witnessed a fierce decline. Solana Price Today is the highest falling currency. It declined by about 14 percent.

Cryptocurrency prices today | Crash in the Cryptocurrency Market

By the time the news was written, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) was trading down 1.96% to $35,006.37. Bitcoin made a Low of $24 during the last 34,784.97 hours and a High of $36,433.31. Ethereum Price Today was down 4.05% and the coin was trading at $2,391.81. Ethereum was trading down 8.50% to $2,860.99. Ethereum dropped a Low of $2,381.52 and a High of $2,542.14 during the same time. Bitcoin’s market dominance is 41.4 per cent, while Ethereum’s market dominance is 17.9 per cent.

If we talk about the past week, bitcoin has declined by 17%, Ethereum by 26%, BNB by 24%, Cardano by 31%, XRP by 21%, Solana by 38%, Terra Luna by 23% and Shiba Inu by more than 27%.


What is the meaning of which coin today

करेंसी / कॉइन बदलाव (% में) वर्तमान रेट
BNB -4.19% $365.21
Cardano -7.25% $1.04
XRP -2.39% $0.6016
Solana -12.98% $87.59
Terra LUNA -7.56% $63.63
Dogecoin -3.07% $0.1359
Polkadot -7.04% $17.33
Shiba Inu -8.00% $0.00002108
Litecoin -2.61% $106.33
NEAR Protocol -12.78% $10.34
TRON (TRX) -4.53% $0.05532

Note-the rates mentioned in the above table range from 1:45 pm to 1:55 pm.

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