Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are suddenly increasing on the face? Don’t be careless about these things

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are suddenly increasing on the face? Don’t be careless about these things

Dark Spots And Hyperpigmentation On Skin: Dark spot and pigmentation (Pigmentation) on the skin is a problem that does not heal easily. Once the problem is on the skin, it becomes a very difficult task to fix them. According to the helpline, hyperpigmentation (Hyperpigmentation) is caused by excessive production of melanin on the skin. Melanin is actually a pigment that gives colour to the skin. It is produced by a particular skin sels that produces it for different reasons. Sometimes it is also caused by a particular medication such as chemotherapies, while sometimes hormonal changes after pregnancy cause hyperpigmentation on the face. In addition, sun exposure also causes hyper pigmentation problems. In this case, if we keep certain things in mind, we can prevent the increasing pigmentation on our face from coming in.

Do this to avoid dark spots and hyperpigmentation

1.Avoid fluorescent light

Laptops, tablets, phones, TV screens, fluorescent bulbs installed inside the house add to the problem of hyperpigmentation. Avoid too much fluorescent light. You also use SPF at home.

2.Do not exfoliate too much

Special attention needs to be taken in the exfoliation of sensitive skin. According to experts, exfoliation is enough twice a week for dry skin and 1 time a week for oily skin.

3.Tampering with acne

Bursting your acne, removing pus, etc. can be the cause of hyperpigmentation. This causes dark spots on the face, cheeks, forehead.

4.Use of sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rage. Use sunscreen or sunblock lotion every day. Apply it well on the skin half an hour before going into the sun.

5.Night Time Skin Care

Do follow the night time skin care routine. Use natural things instead of chemical products as far as possible.

6.Protect skin from citric things

Many people use things like lemon in skin care which are rich in citric acid. It spoils the PH balance of the skin. This can lead to faster acidic reactions on your face when you go into the sun.

7.Avoid such products

Avoid things for skin care that contain products with retinoic or hydrocunone acid. It disturbs skin concentration and can increase hyperpigmentation on the skin.

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