Does your newborn cry a lot? Somewhere he doesn’t have a colic

Does your newborn cry a lot? Somewhere he doesn’t have a colic

Parenting Tips: Does the newborn baby suddenly start crying? and does it often happen late at night ? If you’ve become new parents and you’re struggling with this problem. So your child may have a colic (Colic ttack) problem which can be caused by a number of reasons. Newborn (Newborn) The baby often has a colic attack which parents often do not understand why the baby is crying. Parents also feel helpless in such a situation. They don’t understand what happened to the child suddenly. The attack of the colic is very high when the baby is 6 weeks old, and this baby is 4 months old, it can end. These methods can manage it.

Symptoms of calling attack
It is very important to know whether the child is crying normally or it is a colic attack. For this, keep in mind these things such as:

The child stiffs his body during a colic
Children don’t drink milk
Children begin to bend their legs
Colic has a fixed time that occurs at night

Do this to help your newborn

Parents often panic when the child is very young. But try these things to calm your child down instead of panic –

Try talking and take it to a comfortable state
Bathe the child with lukewarm water
Give the baby skin to skin
Light up the room
Recite White Noise Music
Massage anticolicdaily but don’t when the baby cries

What to do during this time
In the meantime , handling the child can be very stressful . But don’t panic The colic is a common problem in newborns. Which heals in three to four months. For this, you can seek the help of a doctor and also give anti-colic syrup to the child on the advice of the doctor.


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