Expert reveals 5 secrets to get rid of Ex-Lover memories, get rid of breakup pain!

Expert reveals 5 secrets to get rid of Ex-Lover memories, get rid of breakup pain!

Breakups (Breakup) have become quite common in today’s world, but the pain of a breakup (Breakup Pain) has been the same in every round. Sometimes the mutual discord between the couple increases so much that they have to separate. It’s easy to separate, but then it’s hard to get rid of the memories of an ex-boyfriend (Ex-Boyfriend) or girlfriend (Ex-Girlfriend) that haunt people after a breakup (How to get over ex-partner). This difficulty has been solved by a relationship psychologist (Relationship psychologist).

Gabby Goodier (Gabby Goodier), a clinical psychologist (Clinical Psychologist) living in Perth (Perth), Australia (Australia), has outlined 5 ways to relieve the growing breakup and the mental instability that followed to relieve the pain of a breakup (5 screts to fight breakup). Gabby is the founder of a website called Sage Society that helps fight people’s mental problems. Here are 5 secrets mentioned by Gabi-

1. Spend more time with your family and friends after the breakup.
2. Leave the house to take daily sunshine.
3. Spend the least time on social media and remove your X from all your social media accounts.
4. Minimize alcohol intake.
5. Maintain your neurological balance. Get eight hours of sleep every day, exercise and focus on eating healthy food.

Relationship psychologist secret to get over exlover

Gabby Gudeer is a clinical psychologist. (Photo

Giving up drugs suddenly is like a post-breakup feeling
Gabby explained that when a drug addict suddenly quits his addiction, people feel the same way he feels after a breakup. Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said, “The breakup seems so painful because many neurons in your mind start working strangely. This is because when you are in love, hormones like oxytocin (Oxytocin) and dopamine (Dopamine) are released in large quantities that make you feel loved, but when a breakup occurs, the stress hormone (Stress Hormones) cortisol (Cortisol) starts releasing more. This makes it important to meet people close to you after a breakup because staying with them re-releases positive hormones in you.


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