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Good Night Image

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Good Night Image Thought Of The Day
Good Night Image Thought Of The Day

Good Night Image Last time we were discussing about how a child feels rejected. And about influence of parents’ behaviour when a child is in the womb. I want to read an article I found on internet. It has certain medical terms but I would like to read. It says impact of maternal stress Depression (Good Night Image )and anxiety On fetal neurobehavioral development It says that reports show Show that elevated levels of antenatal depression And anxiety are associated With poor emotional adjustment In young children.

Good Night Image Thought Of The Day
Good Night Image Thought Of The Day

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The impact of woman’s anxiety or depression During pregnancy Has been found to extend Into childhood and adolescence. As well as to affect the Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA) Predicting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Disorder symptoms in 8 to (Good Night Image )  9 year old children. Such a powerful message. Maternal stress, anxiety, depression Which means when soul is in the Mother’s Womb If mother and even to a certain extent, the father But mother directly If the father is rude or argumentative with the mother He also has a responsibility. He has a responsibility. The child is catching his vibrations also.

Good Night Image Thought Of The Day
Good Night Image Thought Of The Day

Both are responsible. If mother is disturbed or atmosphere is disturbed The child is absorbing everything in the womb. It said maternal stress, anxiety and depression Will have an effect on the neurobehavioral system of the new development. Which means if mother has stress, anxiety or depression It will have a direct impact on that child. It said beautifully that Where does it affect? The(Good Night Image )  hypothalamic- pituitary- adrenal axis (HPA) What lies between hypothalamus and pituitary? The soul resides there. So where does it say it affects? Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. It means the soul is affected. The maternal stress here is affecting that soul there. It said if the mother has stress, anxiety or depression.

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There are chances that while the child is of 8 to 10 years of age It can have ADHD or any other disorders. This is so important in the present time. Because in today’s times there are working mothers. They are managing work and home, being in nuclear families. They have higher roles and responsibilities. There are challenges and work pressures. Because of that we said stress is natural. But during those 9 months While doing everything if we create stress and anxiety If we experience depression at times It will directly impact emotional development of that child. Because the soul is catching those vibrations. Like (Good Night Image ) how a woman checks today whether she is physically fit To embrace motherhood Am I physically fit? Along with that she needs to check – Am I emotionally fit? She needs to be emotionally fit as well. Keeping her emotionally strong is everyone’s responsibility. Her husband, her in-laws But if we say like that, we will enter blame game.


The mother has to take up responsibility. If other people take care of he,r then it’s excellent. Checking of thoughts is important. Often there are certain situations going on in life For example, a friend of mine is a gynecologist. When she was pregnant During those 9 months, her own mother was in the last stage of Cancer. And most of those 9 months Her mother was admitted in the hospital for treatment. She was doing 2 things during the nine months One is that she was taking care of her mother full-time. (Good Night Image ) Caring, caring and caring was all that was doing for 9 months. Secondly, she was in constant fear that nothing should happen to her mother. Because your mother was very critical. Today her son is 18 years old. These two Sanskars are very dominant in him. That 18 year old boy is so very caring Normal 18 years old boys are not so caring.

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It’s more of a feminine quality. So much care for parents and grandparents, like how a girl would do. He cares for family and extended family. Caring is dominant Sanskar. But fear is also his very strong Sanskar. Even fears sitting in a flight and asks – what if it crashes, what if we die? And now his mother says that she has understood the reason After studying Gyan, she has understood why her son has that Sanskar.


It seems when he was a 4 or 5 year old child He was very turbulent – crying at night and getting upset easily As though something is troubling him constantly Today we see that he is an 18 year old boy Now he is having to work on himself To finish the Sanskar of fear Even if his(Good Night Image )  parents go somewhere, he fears something happening to them. Because his mother had created that thought for 9 months, that nothing should happen to her mother. Impact is very deep So if a parent does not take care during those 9 months The recording we created on that soul by radiating our vibrations It becomes a recording of that soul.

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And that child will have to spend an entire lifetime or multiple lifetimes with that recording. Unless they change the recording. They have to work on themselves. It’s very important to remember that When a soul is in the womb Catching power is at the highest Parents need to think before they think. No conflicts, arguments or entanglements No pain. Don’t get into nitty-gritties of you and I over (Good Night Image ) small things. Someone is sitting inside and listening to you If the mother is very sensitive and goes into pain easily Child also becomes like that. Parent has huge responsibility and power To influence destiny of the child at that time. Today parents are taking care of things like Auspicious date and time, the child will be born They say – Our Pandit Ji has said it will be best for our child to be born at this time. Accordingly they try to alter a few things.


Destiny of the child lies in his thoughts, Sanskars and karmas. And parents have the power to influence the Sanskars. We need to use power, wherever it lies. But we look into external factors mostly. Now look at the CD which the child carries. One set of Sanskars is carried (Good Night Image ) by the soul from previous birth. It’s a very powerful set of Sanskars. Because it’s not just of one lifetime but has recordings from multiple past births. So one is past birth Sanskars. Second is from family, the Sanskars from parents. These recordings are present on the CD. If we pay attention to these two sets of Sanskars It becomes easy for us to work with children. We will get to see certain Sanskars in our children About which we feel –


Why is my child like this? Why is he doing this? Where did he learn it? How will he manage if he behaves like this? Sometimes we create fear when we look at their Sanskars. We create anxiety also. We also criticize them for that Sanskar. We even compare our child with someone else. Look at him. He doesn’t behave like this. Why are you like this? All this energy is very depleting for that soul. We need to look at the soul individually. And always have a clear consciousness when you look at a child The soul (Good Night Image ) has experienced something in the past, before coming here. Whatever are his Sanskars right now Many beautiful Sanskars And very few Sanskars which we feel are not comfortable These Sanskars are created because of some reason in this soul. Important is to remember A new groove can be created. My grandchild had just started to speak. Sometime back my daughter scolded him He came to me and said – Grandpa,


I am hurt. When I asked him where? He said – Not here, but inside. How does he know that he is hurt inside? It is also possible that the mother is sensitive. Still, how can a 2 year old talk about getting hurt inside? Every child will not be the same. Some children are very mischievous, playful and always want to enjoy. Some children speak very profound. This child speaks profound and also has(Good Night Image )  fun. So profound that it doesn’t feel they are just two or three years old. They always speak Profound words The other day I met a 4 or 5 year old girl. She asked me – Do you know that God talks to me? I asked her how He talks to her.


She said – He talks to me and I talk to Him. I asked her parents Have you taught your daughter to talk to God and have conversations? They said – no one else is interested in our house. She is constantly talking to God but no one else does such things in our family. So the kid has(Good Night Image )  carried that Sanskar. We used to be vegetarians but later started eating non vegetarian food. The maid used to feed my grandson, non vegetarian food without his knowledge. Even eggs. Several times he refused to eat saying – No. I don’t like it. But as he started growing, now he spits it, even if he’s forcibly fed. Right now he is a pure vegetarian. He is very clear that he doesn’t want it. It doesn’t even eat egg. It is his carried forward Sanskar from the past.


It’s not from the present. Because it’s very strong in him. If this Sanskar had been created in the last 1 or 2 years It would have been a very soft groove. That’s why they say however you want to mold a young child You can mold them. Because there in that stage. But he is not getting (Good Night Image ) molded into a non vegetarian Why is he not getting molded? Because it’s not a Sanskar formed in just 1 or 2 years in him. It’s a very strong Sanskar in him. That’s why we need to visualise. Imagine that soul in his earlier costume He was a strong vegetarian. For example, we come across people from Jain community.


They don’t touch, they don’t look at it and they don’t even go close to certain foods. If you look at a saintly soul He has not smelt any such food. And he holds a very strong belief system about such foods Strict No to such food. They feel it is a crime. If soul holds such a strong belief system If that soul has lived through that belief system for years That loop has gone into an automatic mode. That is the wiring in the brain. I don’t want such food. Just give me a glass of milk. This soul left the body and has taken a new(Good Night Image )  body. In case of this child When he was in the Mother’s Womb He has received vibrations of non vegetarian food. Since mother was having it. But still that influence Could not change his Sanskar of vegetarianism. Because the past Sanskar is extremely strong. That’s why a soul is a bundle of all these Sanskars.

Foundation is very strong. Past Sanskar is very strong. While in the womb the child got taste and even vibrations of non vegetarian food. But yet When he was younger, he would even eat it because he was forcibly fed. But as he started to grow, he would spit it out. He didn’t want to eat. Past birth Sanskar is of vegetarianism. While in the womb, he tasted non vegetarian. Thirdly, he is in an environment where his parents are trying to feed him non vegetarian. But past birth Sanskar is extremely dominant. It is so easy to understand Sanskars Example of a very strong groove. We need to look at the future journey of the child. Whether this soul will hold onto its past Sanskar Or with time Under influence of situation, parents or friends A new groove gets created. Both are possible. This is the journey of the soul. The soul brought a few Sanskars. The soul created new Sanskars due to parental influence. And that is the first set of bundle that we are. Important is that parents should realise or understand That this child is a soul who has carried certain Sanskars Do not question his Sanskars. Otherwise the child gets energy of rejection. Why is he like this? Why does he do that?


Children will even remember a few things from their past life at this age. It is just that, they are at any age where they cannot express it. There are so many studies and research (Good Night Image )  papers today Children have shared complete details of their previous birth. Parents, family, and house in their past birth. They have even gone and identified them. Children have identified those people They have even mentioned – I had left this thing here. For example, sometimes ladies hide money or jewellery at home. So that it can be helpful in difficult times. But they had to leave the body, all of a sudden.

Now this child has pointed to that place and said – Check here, you will find so and so things. The past life impression is so strong. After learning about such things, it should be easy to understand Only the body (dress) has changed. Nothing else has changed. When we look at the child as a soul We will not raise questions about their Sanskars. Few days ago a sister came to our centre. She said –(Good Night Image )  My 4 year old son is excellent at everything He is extremely scared of water. He dislikes swimming. I like swimming and even my husband enjoys swimming. So we want him also to learn swimming. We want so many things just because we do it We say our child should also do it. We feel it is natural.


If parent has that inclination Child should also be interested in it. She said – My child doesn’t even go near a swimming pool. Last Sunday from morning I convinced him that we will take him to a swimming pool. He also agreed to go. But evening when we reach there He ran away, scared. I got so angry that I slapped him and pushed him into the pool. When all other children can swim Why can’t he? Why is my child different from everybody else? I just said very naturally to her I asked – Do you remember the (Good Night Image ) floods in that particular city 5 years ago? She said – Yes. I said – This soul had left his body in that floods. She asked if I could see that. And I said yes. I just said it to her. She said – Then obviously he will be afraid of water. I said – Yes, obviously. 1 realisation which will change everything. Just 30 seconds prior to that, she said Why doesn’t he go near water? Why can’t he swim like other children? How can my child be so scared? If in 30 seconds we understand What the soul had experienced in last birth We will find all his present behaviours to be normal. Some children are afraid of water. Some children are scared of darkness. Some children cannot stay alone.


One of my grandchildren starts crying if we clap. He says – Don’t clap. If we do not look at it in a state of soul consciousness Parents start getting worried. People asked me to take him to a psychiatrist. Or someone they know who can talk nicely to the child and find out. We will introduce (Good Night Image )  him to a new word. It’s not necessary at all. They will plant this thought in a mother’s mind and it will reach the child that he is not well. Normally children forget these things. By five or six years of age, they start forgetting these past memories. From whatever they remember. Children remember a lot of scenes and words. They will forget these things if we don’t discuss more about them. We should not revive that memory.


That groove is slowly fading, so we should not revise it often. Things like fear of water or fear of darkness They are the effect of a trauma. For example, past life regression was done on the lady. Because she was very scared of two things – water and a bus. These days people get past life regression done. What happens in past life regression? Memory of the soul is revived. It is taken back and further (Good Night Image ) back. When they went back, she could see a scene That she is in Sri Lanka in paddy fields She is walking on the sides of those fields at the edge. There is a bus heading towards her. She loses her balance and falls into to the water And she leaves the body in that state. The state in which a soul leaves the body It will have a deep impact on that soul. That is why they say – “Anth Mati so Gati” That is why accidental death is not said to be a natural death. Because if the soul has witnessed trauma at the end It’s not necessary that the carry forward happens all the time.

But soul has left the body in pain or trauma Has left suddenly and so many things are incomplete. So the impression remains in memory sometimes. But it’s perfectly fine. Majority of the souls remember something or the other from past. You mentioned about your grandchild. Clapping or(Good Night Image )  applauding, which means sudden noise He is not comfortable with it. He will ask you not to clap. Because some time in the past Along with clapping, a particular experience is recorded on the soul. As we saw the other day Along with smoking, an experience of feeling relaxed is recorded. It happened the first time.


So the second time when you feel tensed We picked the cigarette to once again feel relaxed. Because experience and the Karma are both recorded on the subconscious mind. It’s easier to see the whole thing in one lifetime. But if the soul leave the body then we are confused. We don’t understand (Good Night Image )  the next time. If this soul has experienced some pain in a scenario of clapping Some unpleasant or unhappy experience The moment that stimulus comes That soul will feel uncomfortable. And they will say – Don’t clap. That soul cannot express what the reason is. He doesn’t remember the incident but only remembers the pain. Parents need to cross this small period very carefully. Cross it without questioning why the child is like that.


Otherwise the child gets confused – Why am I like this? No questions. But gradually, in a matter of one or two years We will help the child in creating a new groove But we will not question the old groove. We will not discuss about the old Sanskar. But gradually, first just one person will clap in front of the child. Very mild clapping, not loud. Not many people doing it. Now the fear has reduced isn’t it? It’s(Good Night Image )  bound to reduce. As the child starts growing It’s only memory. How much of what happened yesterday, can you remember now? And how much of what happened 5 years ago can you remember? There will be a difference. And it’s a law of nature When soul takes a new body As the new body starts growing And by the time the child starts speaking, solved have forgotten most of its past life. This is a law of nature. Because remembering matters from past life is not a pleasant experience. It will keep clashing with our present. We go into the past and come back into present.


It’s very confusing. Important is for parents and family to understand And to accept all Sanskars of that child Besides gradually helping the child to create a new Sanskar. Look at the society today. There are accidents, natural calamities Someone has cancer, someone has depression Society has all this today. It is the souls who will leave the body and come to our houses as (Good Night Image ) babies. That’s right. So it is possible they have seen a trauma. Helping them to come out of that trauma It is a very huge responsibility of the present family. But they will be able to do it only when they remember – This is a soul. If they say – This is my child Why is my child like this? Like how that mother slapped her child and put him into the pool. She was very disturbed and thought it is very unnatural. How can my son be like this? How parents visualise is This is my career so my child will also pursue the same. But that child has brought his Sanskar and his destiny with him. But we insist that he will do so and so and become so and so. All these things can be confusing and conflicting for us. That’s why we need to remember the article It doesn’t matter even if that Sanskar has gone into a loop. We have the power to stop it. And start a new groove. To start a new groove, do not focus on the old one. Don’t focus on the old Sanskars.


Why is he like this… Why is she like this? Only love and attention on the new Sanskar. Shall we do this today? Shall we go a little closer to water today?(Good Night Image )  Today shall we just touch water and see what happens? Today shall we just sit with one leg inside the pool? Do it very gradually. Very slowly. Don’t do it on consecutive days. It cannot happen even in 5 days. Trauma needs to be finished.


The experience of pain needs to be finished. So very gradually we help that soul to create a new pattern. That is why we need to take so much care in the present(Good Night Image lifetime Because if we go through any trauma And if we hold onto that pain Unresolved issues Conflicts in relationships If we hold on to pain, hurt, or resentment We will leave the body and the child will carry them That child will not know why he feels so pained.


Parents will not know why their child feels so hurt. That same soul could have easily resolved all this energy in its previous costume. That’s why it’s very (Good Night Image ) important Attention on each and every recording. Remember that every thought, every word, and every action is getting recorded. So these are two sets of Sanskars Past life Sanskars which are very, very powerful. Second is the set of Sanskars received from parents and family. Extremely powerful influence.

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