How can immunity be better than good sleep? Learn about it

How can immunity be better than good sleep? Learn about it

Immunity help: Good sleep (Good sleep) not only relaxes the body but also strengthens our immunity. These days everyone is taking the vaccine and strengthening their immunity against covid. Many researches show that good sleep with the vaccine is extremely important to increase immunity. In addition , dietician Rujuta Divekar has been frequently giving a lot of advice on good sleep on social media . Here are suggestions that will help you know how sleep increases our immunity.

Vaccine & Sleep

These days everyone needs the vaccine and everyone is taking it too. But it is also very important to get good sleep along with taking the vaccine. According to a research, while taking h1n1 and hepatitis vaccine, people who did not get a good sleep found their immunity to be weak. Those who slept well had better immunity. It is important to relax your body whenever you take a vaccine. Don’t forget to get a good sleep after taking the vaccine.

Infections and Sleep

Infection occurs when our body is going to be seriously ill. In this case, our body tells us by processing the infection. According to research, if sleep is not complete, the risk of infection is also high. So it is important to get plenty of sleep and keep the body healthy.

Do this for a good sleep

Now we know why and how important sleep is for us. So it is important that you make your room comfortable and comfortable to sleep. The light of the first room of the gold should be medium, the room should be cold. Also, your mattress essays are well supported by your back.

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