How To Understand Peoples Behaviour Thought of the day

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How To Understand Peoples Behaviour Thought of the day What should I do if the behavior of other people is disturbing me a lot even though I promise myself should not think about it again?

how to understand peoples behaviour
how to understand peoples behaviour

how to understand peoples behaviour,I tried it. That he is a soul. He carries past Sanskars and present Sanskars. He can only speak and behave through his Sanskars. Let me be on my originality. Why should I waver from my path? So now I don’t feel I am having to tolerate someone. Thought of the day What is there in tolerating someone now? See, this is the line. There is nothing about tolerance now. Whatever is the truth, is the truth. Where is the question of tolerance in it? See the realization. I want to share that my meaning of tolerance has changed. Beautiful.


how to understand peoples behaviour

how to stop someone from bothering you

Now what is the meaning of tolerance? Earlier tolerance was like a baggage and done out of helplessness. Now I feel what is there to tolerate? If a crow caws, what is there to tolerate in it? Now this will make life so simple. Similarly the the feeling when we say – this is how this person is. Feeling Thought of the day  should not be negative. I am facing a problem in blessing them. Never mind. We will go step by step. I have a slight feeling of avoiding that person. We will go step by step. When we say this person is like this This can be with the negative flavour also. That he is like this. No. Otherwise what vibrations will we be sending? Negative.

Negative thought vibration gets created here and radiates to them. My every thought has to be pure. This person is like this means This soul, at some point of time And because of some reason, has created this Sanskar. Not negative. Right now maybe we are not able to make it very pure. You mentioned that you are not able to give blessings to them. We are not able to create empathy for them. We haven’t reached the next stage. But that doesn’t matter. But I am finding it easier to offer sympathy. We should not offer (Thoughtofthday ) sympathy. Sympathy means we are saying he is no good. Then that is on the negative side. We are not creating hurt because we have got the understanding. But along with understanding we have given them a negative undercurrent. That they are like this. That’s also okay because it’s first stage. First stage is that we are not having the feeling of tolerating.

how to understand peoples behaviour

how to deal with people

Because we have understood that they are like this. But in that understanding There shouldn’t be a negative undercurrent. We need to take our understanding towards purity. It has to be done since we are growing step by step. What is the understanding now? That he is like this. Second understanding is That we cannot even imagine and we cannot even think What and when something would have happened, because of which this Sanskar is created in them. We don’t know. It’s a journey of that soul. Like how we shared some time ago When the child was scared to get into the swimming pool, his mother was not able to be compassionate. She was angry instead. If you just get one point of understanding That the soul had previously left his body because of water So how scared will he be of water This understanding will create compassion.

But in every situation we cannot know the cause for people’s behaviour The reason for that Sanskar to be present in them But they certainly had a reason. Today if someone is not able to trust easily We have no idea when, where and how he had been betrayed in the past. You are so right. Because I keep wondering – Don’t you trust me? Are you kidding? Now there is so much difference with this understanding. You shared that there are people who don’t reveal complete information. We expect them to tell us they are going here, they are doing that … But they don’t reveal. It is not a Sanskar they created at that moment. We don’t know when and where He had shared everything about himself to someone. Because of revealing information, he got into very big trouble. He experienced lot of pain The soul at that time, may not be in this costume. Not necessarily now but we don’t know when Had decided to never reveal about his life to anyone in future. And that Sanskar is continuing. Similarly you mentioned that the day that your grandson Gets scared the moment someone claps.

how to not let people’s words get to you

Superficially we think everyone feels happy when we clap. Why does he feel scared? Because that soul’s recording is different. That soul has an experience of pain associated with the action of clapping. That pain is resurfacing now. In physical aspects we are easily able to see the issue. So we are Thought of the day able to create compassion. We are creating compassion That something must have happened sometime. That’s why he doesn’t like clapping. It’s okay. Now we need to extend this line to every soul. Sometime or the other, something happened with this soul. That is why this soul is not sharing complete information. Sometime or the other, something happened with this soul. That is why this soul is keeping things secretive. This acceptance Gradually we will work with them But along with it we become judgemental – that this is not right or this is right.

how to not get affected by others behavior

The file of the old Sanskar of judgement is full and active. Now we are working on our folders. If your child dislikes or get scared upon clapping What will you tell him? I don’t say anything. What should we say? This is about the understanding and going step by step. Understanding the Sanskar of that soul. We tell him that we clap whenever something good happens. It is a sign of happiness. If you don’t like this sound, we will not do it. We will do it sometime later. Of late he has started asking us to clap when he feels something is nice. Which means he started saying it very gradually. Which means very gradually the old groove is weak A new groove has started getting created If we had not made this little effort If we ridiculed him for getting scared Or if we slapped him The soul is already in pain. And w

how to understand peoples behaviour
how to understand peoples behaviour

e add more pain. Likewise by being judgemental and critical about someone The vibration we send them They are in pain and we add more pain.

how to understand peoples behaviour

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Sometimes parents and other people comment That he is so weak and emotional. They don’t know from whom he has got these traits. Why does he cry over small matters? Why should he cry when we clap? Sometimes we also clap even louder and tell him – Look, nothing happened. How can the soul take this immediately? As I shared the other day, that mother forcibly pushed her son into the swimming pool. How can the soul take that immediately? So what we do is. there is already a wound. We create another wound on top of it. During partition, people would even sit on top of trains and travel. There used to be a continuous noise. People crowding trains, running and making noise I was very young at that time and I used to see crowded platforms. Since childhood I used to be scared of the noise which train engine makes. I would cry listening to that noise. Then it is a present birth Sanskar. Its effect in the present birth I would cry when I saw the engine or heard it.

Associated with pain that day Will create pain after that also. There was so much chaos at the railway platform – people fighting, rushing and screaming. Energy of the place was also heavy at that time. The soul experienced it also. The soul associated noise of the train with pain and recorded here Gradually my mother would take me to a garden which was near railway platform. Gradually I was fine. Gradually a new groove was created. And what they did in this case is The connection of pain which the soul had with an engine The other day we saw that neurons that wire together, fire together. Which means earlier when two neurons were firing together What were the two neurons? Image of the train Second image was of pain. Image of the train and pain. What started happening next? As soon as the neuron was of image of the train and noise of train Wiring had already happened so you experienced pain. Because neurons that wire together, fire together.

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Now the wiring is created. Gradually what we did is Whenever that neutron was triggered in the brain Image of train and sound of train We created a new experience, a new feeling We started recording it. Someone cooperated with us to create that recording. That a train is to be associated with happiness. A new recording got created. And then they showed a train, and good experience around it. After doing it a few times The experience associated with the image of a train changed. After that I would travel a lot by train. If this little effort that was made If it was not done There are people can spend their entire life being uncomfortable with a train. I have seen people of my age, scared to travel by plane. Because there carrying some trauma Thought of the day  from the past. It’s easy for us to identify when it comes to plane, train, or water. Fire, darkness We will be able to associate. If we take it to a subtle level But if someone has this nature Someone is manipulative or shrewd or speaks in a certain unpleasant way It means neurons had got fired some time and hence have got wired together.

Suppose someone trusted the other person and got betrayed. Someone shared everything about his life to another person And got betrayal in return. So which are the two neurons which got fired together? Sharing information and getting betrayal. They got wired together. Now this soul does not want to experience betrayal once again. So the soul will not even fire that neuron of sharing information with people. One of my friends fears lifts. Even today he doesn’t enter a lift. He will take the stairs instead. There I don’t mind. But if he has this experience of being betrayed and so if he doubts me I will ask – Are you doubting me? There I easily understand that he has a problem with lifts and so he is taking the stairs. Whether he wants to take stairs up 10 floors or 15 floors is his wish. I am fine with it. But why am I not able to do it here? Because its physical isn’t it? And there it is not about you. There you are not saying to him – Don’t you want to come in the lift with me? But I don’t even ridicule him for being scared of the lift. Because you have the understanding now.


But there are some people who say it They will make fun of him. You have the understanding. It’s okay. He is uncomfortable in a lift. Let’s not bother him. He will be very scared if we force him to join us in the lift. But you are not telling him – Just because I am in the lift, you are not willing to come in it. You are not personalising it. That’s why people say – Don’t take it so personally. It’s not about you. It’s about them. He is scared of lifts in general. It’s not his hesitation in coming with you in a lift. But at the time of allegation it becomes personal. Even when someone is making a personal allegation They are making and allegation because pain is associated with that experience. They have some insecurity. They are hiding information. They are trying to protect themselves from pain. Ego does this also. To protect the self for creating hurt, it makes us attacks someone else. It’s the other person so that even before they say something, I make my point.

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If we can accept their weakness about a lift Gradually we will be able to do this also. We just need to see it from the perspective And understand that there is a pain associated with it. So gradually will go to the third stage. It was not easy to accept about this lift. For example, years ago when I would take drinks, I would laugh at teetotalers. We would ridicule them. Today I have empathy when someone is scared of lift. This is our journey and we will take it further. It took so many years to get here. It takes many years without knowledge. But it is faster when we have knowledge. With knowledge it is faster. It’s very important because earlier we didn’t even know the answer. We took so long earlier because we responded based on experience. Later we realised that they have reason for what they are doing. It happened very gradually. But now we have instant knowledge. Maybe someone told us something about our weakness. And we reacted that we with other people.

As you mentioned that someone is scared to enter a lift Actually the Sanskar would be carried forward from the past If as a child, he was gradually taught that nothing untoward will happen in a lift. His Sanskar would have changed. But if someone did not make that little effort And even that child not make an effort He will fear lifts for a lifetime. Which makes life difficult. If there is a high rise building with several floors, it is difficult for him to climb stairs. It makes life difficult. If that soul does not change his Sanskar at least now He will again carry it forward. Into the next life time also, naturally. In his previous life time he had a bitter experience in a lift. A groove was created. Throughout this life time he feared lifts. So lift and fear were associated together. How can a child in the next lifetime enter a lift? That is why we need to make efforts in changing our Sanskars. People fearing lifts is easier to understand. Let’s examine subtle Sanskars. Someone is withholding information, someone is lying. Someone is scared to reveal, someone is hesitating. All such Sanskars. If they are people who are close to us And if we can share with them We can also help them to create another Sanskar.

how to understand peoples behaviour
how to understand peoples behaviour

What can we share with them? One is to not be critical about their Sanskar. Like how your mother gradually took you near a train. For her to gradually take you near a train You had the faith and bonding with her. Otherwise you would not have gone near the train. It was possible only because she would not have criticized your habit of crying, when you heard a train. She respected with understanding That it was associated with pain. So it can be gradually changed. First of all, you did not get criticism. You got acceptance. Unless you got accepted you would not move on to the next step. Because you would not have got the right vibration from her. It was her good quality to encourage us in every aspect. She would always say it will be fine. We need to do the same thing with people’s different Sanskars. Don’t worry, it will be fine. What will this line do to people? It give them acceptance. The other soul gets this acceptance. Relationship of that soul with us improves because energy of acceptance is flowing. Otherwise, even if we are not saying anything but if the energy of criticism is flowing How can a relationship be nice? How can a bonding develop? The energy is not right, how can trust develop?

Because they are receiving energy of criticism from us throughout the day. Only in thoughts, not even words. If we call them a soul and parallely start judging them? It’s the second step that we can’t be judgemental. Now we will accept people. That sometime in the past the soul has experienced something. That’s why they are like that. Not judgemental energy. No negative energy. We need to keep sending this energy of acceptance to them for a long time. This energy of acceptance. Relationship becomes strong. And then if we feel we can do it We can gradually work with them That what you are doing by not revealing complete information You are hiding something or withholding information You are speaking lies Let’s work on it. It will Thought of the day  happen gradually and it will take time. Can we say this mentally? We can do it mentally also. Gradually you can tell them in words also but it will take time. But until that time what should we send them mentally? But it can also be done that I start saying it I start sharing that I am going here, I am doing that … You can do that. But it’s not necessary that the other person will do it just because you did. Because what are the neurons connected to,

in case of the other person’s brain? That he will be trouble by revealing information. To break that wiring Faith needs to be established. For faith to be established, we need pure vibration. That’s why we can’t afford to be judgemental. If you just start revealing information yourself. But simultaneously if you are creating critical thoughts about him And then if you create a thought – Although I am sharing information, he is not. Pain is radiating to the other person isn’t it? So acceptance of the Sanskar with understanding. It will then create compassion. That as of now, this Sanskar is not pleasant for them. Never mind. But don’t we need to like a soul in order to do all this? Although you perceive everyone as a soul, you don’t like everyone. It’s the other way around. To do all these things we don’t need to like the soul. When we do all these things then we will like the soul. If I keep calling them a soul will I start liking them? If you call them a soul And then see the Sanskars of the soul and understand them And then if you accept them You will not create disturbance about that Sanskar. When you don’t dislike someone’s Sanskar, how can you dislike the person? Why do we dislike a person or feel they are wrong? Because we feel something about them or a Sanskar in them is wrong.

But when we start accepting Sanskars We will not dislike a person after that. We have seen their Sanskar but we have not yet accepted them. Acceptance because we have understanding now. Sometime or the other, something has happened with them. This understanding is very important. Will understanding create acceptance? Just get this one understanding, people get past life regression done. Just for this understanding. That my relationship with this person is not smooth. We get into conflicts and the pattern is repeating often. What is the reason? They will go and find out. I like this point about patterns repeating. The number of patterns we come across in one lifetime Even if we keep cutting it, as you said It will get carried forward into the next lifetime. We need to finish that pattern. Only then we will be able to reach the goal of considering everyone as a soul. But it is not that, when the pattern repeats, we start seeing people as souls. When we perceive people as souls It becomes easier to change patterns. I need to keep cutting my patterns also. We will do it. Now we need to take it to the next step. First step is to see the other person as a soul. Second step is to see their acquired Sanskar.

Next is the understanding that something had happened in the past, due to which they have this Sanskar. Next is compassion that right now for them, this experience is associated with this Sanskar. So let we not expect them to change immediately. All this understanding. Now the last step. But originally this soul is very beautiful. Can we think all this? Isn’t it the truth? The soul was originally pure. Not ‘was’ but ‘is’. Originally even I am pure. This is important. Originally even I am pure. Because the 4 folders of Sanskars that we have explored. Past birth, family, environment, will power All these 4 folders are acquired. During this life time and in all our past lifetimes, they were created. In every lifetime we had a different family, so we acquired Thought of the day  different set of Sanskars. In every lifetime we had a different environment, so we acquired different set of Sanskars. We carried them forward into the next life time So the past birth folder of Sanskars got created. All these Sanskars are acquired. But the folder with which the soul began its journey. Its original Sanskars folder. Original Sanskars of the soul. That is one folder Which is same for every soul. 5 computers 5 hard disks 5 folders on each. The first 4 folders of each is different. It’s different for each computer. The files in this 4 folders is completely different for each computer. But the 5th folder It is same on all the computers. It is a single folder which has 7 files.

And it is same for every soul. It’s like a brand new computer where everything is clean and new. Perfect. All the folders are empty. No. Every computer comes with basic folders having files. For example, they have Windows OS. Word processor Paint tool. These are basics present on every computer. Using them, what files did you create next? Those files will be different for everyone. Our next effort now should be To look at the original file of every soul. And to look at our own original file. Because where attention will go, energy will flow. Whichever folder you are paying attention to That folder will open up. Thought of the day  On whichever Sanskar of a soul we focus Wherever our attention goes Our energy will get focused on that Sanskar. Are we feeding it? Aren’t we feeding that Sanskar by focusing our energy there? Are we feeding that Sanskar in ourselves or in them? We are certainly feeding that Sanskar in ourselves. Aren’t we also sending it to them? If I repeatedly tell someone that he is weak You don’t even need to say it. Just think that way. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Suppose you have 2 Sanskars. One is the Sanskar of honesty. Beautiful Sanskar. Suppose you have another Sanskar of anger. Not a nice Sanskar. You also have an original Sanskar, of purity. It’s your original Sanskar. Now I am a family or a friend who lives or works with you throughout the day. So I see your anger many times a day.

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