If you also have such a perception of cholesterol, remove it

If you also have such a perception of cholesterol, remove it

Myth about cholesterol: Cholesterol is often discussed in terms of health. It is commonly said that cholesterol levels have gone up, so control these things or not consume fatty things. It is true that too much cholesterol causes many kinds of problems, but cholesterol is extremely important for our body. There are two types of cholesterol. The first is bad cholesterol which is dangerous for the human body and the second is good cholesterol which is essential for the body just like protein, carbohydrates. Cholesterol is a layer made up of a particular element outside human cells. It is called cholesterol or lipid in the language of medical science. Cholesterol is essential for proper completion of physical functions in the human body. For the development of our body it produces many essential hormones. However there are many kinds of myths in people about cholesterol. Medical News Today has elaborated on these myths.

Myths about cholesterol

All cholesterol is bad: Cholesterol is the most important component of cell membrane. Cholesterol itself makes steroid hormones (steroid hormones). So to say that all cholesterol is bad, is absolutely wrong. Dr Greenfield (Dr. Greenfield) points out that cholesterol does not deteriorate. It is absolutely innocent which is being misrepresented in modern lifestyles. It is because of cholesterol that vitamin D is formed. High density lipoprotein i.e. high levels of good cholesterol are also not harmful. It clears other harmful forms of cholesterol from blood vessels. Yes, if bad cholesterol levels go up a lot, it can lead to disease.

If you are healthy, cholesterol will be right – people also have the impression that I am healthy. My cholesterol will not increase. That’s absolutely wrong. Dr Greenfield points out that it is not right to lower cholesterol or to be high, but it needs to be balanced.

There are no symptoms – some people say that if I had high cholesterol, I would have had symptoms. This assumption is also wrong. Increased cholesterol levels are usually not visible from the top.

What is bad cholesterol – Low density lipoprotein is called bad cholesterol. When lipoproteins are high in fat instead of protein, bad cholesterol accumulates here. In this case, the risk of developing heart disease increases considerably.

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