If you have cream in curd, you become royal, reach krishna nagar’s ‘shahi dahi-bhalla’ to taste

If you have cream in curd, you become royal, reach krishna nagar’s ‘shahi dahi-bhalla’ to taste

(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

Famous Food Joints In Delhi-NCR: When it comes to khome dish, curd-bhalla, papdi, golgappe are considered to be khome dishes from the very beginning. But with the changing times, this khomedish has greatly infiltrated people’s minds and tongues. Once a favourite for women, this khome dish is nowadays wooing every age and class. Go to any market in the capital, you will definitely see curd-bhalla thia to eat. Today we’re taking you to a similar curd shop. The cream mix curd and much more that pours into the curd-bhalla call this dish royal. The yogurt-bhallas of this shop are also rich in appearance and also rich in food.

The spices added to the curd and a lot add life to the taste
Krishna Nagar is quite famous in some old areas and colonies across the Yamuna. Its D Block is a years-old shop with ‘Shahi Dahi Bhalle’. It would be better if this shop is truly considered a royal khomeche shop. This is because the more food dishes found here are considered to be the business of the khomecha. Since the name of the shop is on the curd-bhalla, it can be assumed that the dish sold here will be very lively, delicious and satisfying to the tongue. Look at the curd being made at this shop, and the joban will look like a nap. The bhallas filled with water are squeezed and placed on the plate.

Then boiled chickpeas and boiled potatoes are mashed over them and spread. They roast their aromatic and spicy spices to make this dish tasty. The bhallas are then poured with thick curd. Then it is sprayed with saunth (sweet chutney), green chutney and special spices once again. It’s not over right here. Chopped coriander leaves on top of this dish, red dish of pomegranate are released after the vegetable. Eating this colorful dish will make you look for a similar taste for years.

Creamed yogurt makes their dish royal
In fact, their curd is effective in bringing this curd to the right taste. Curd is stored with full cream milk. After freezing, the cream is blown and shaken and thickened. This curd and its fragrance spread spicy masala fill sour edifices in curd-bhalla. The plate of curd-bhalla is rs. 90. The price of scab licking, bhalla-papdi is also the same. You can eat the stuffed scabs of this shop and taste even more good. Its plate costs Rs 100. Six golgappa can also be enjoyed for Rs 30 with spicy water. The hot potato tikki found at this shop also fills the tongue and mind with green and red chutney.

Shahi Dahi-Bhale has been feeding for 20 years
The shop was started 20 years ago by Sardar Satwinder Singh. Now son Harneet is also helping them with them. He says purity and cleanliness are our quality, which attracts customers to us. He also says that our own crispy, aromatic and tart masala adds life to the recipe. The shop starts functioning at 3 p.m. and the goods are sold till 10 p.m. There’s no vacation.

Nearest Metro Station: Krishna Nagar



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