Include these 7 things in diet, hair will stay life time problem free and healthy

Include these 7 things in diet, hair will stay life time problem free and healthy

Healthy Hair Tips: It is said that what you eat also affects your hair. If you consume a balanced and nutritious diet (Food) for the rest of your life, your hair (Hair) can be beautiful and Healthy healthy for a long time. Moreover, if you add certain things to your diet keeping in mind the health of your hair, your hair can remain thick and dark. According to WebMD, include these special things in your diet if you want to keep your hair healthy forever. These will make your hair beautiful, black, strong and thick.

What to eat for healthy hair

1. Spinach

If you include spinach vegetables or juices in your regular diet, your hair will not only remain thick and black but will also get rid of dandruff. Spinach is rich in vitamin C, folate, iron and beta carotene which helps in keeping hair healthy from the inside.


Salmon fish contain minerals with omega 3 fatty acids which helps in keeping our hair healthy. It does not allow any disease in the body to affect the hair, which keeps the hair healthy and shiny in any case.



3.Greek Yogurt

The protein present in it keeps the hair texture strong and improves blood flow. Vitamin B5 present in it protects the hair from thinning.


Guava is rich in vitamin C which is an essential ingredient for hair growth. It has the ability to keep hair stronger four times more than other things.

5.Sweet potato

It contains betacarotene antioxidant element that controls sebum production. It is a very important element for hair y health.

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6. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E that increases blood flow and keeps your hair long and silky.


Capsicum is rich in vitamin C which works to remove iron deficiency in red blood cells. This keeps your hair strong.

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