IPL makes New Zealand’s Danny Morrison an Indian!

‘Where is the pudding brother, halwa’? When these words come out of a foreigner’s tongue in Patna, the waiter is shocked. Yes, if these foreigners are former cricketers and not ordinary personals, you may not be that shocked. We are talking about former New Zealand fast bowler Danny Morrison who has become very popular in India as a commentator. So during the Bihar Cricket League in Patna a few days ago, The Patna Pilot team’s Mentor Morrison was the most visible in demand for selfies than players. However, Morrison likes not only halwa but also rasgulla, misty doi, laddoo and even peda. In fact, if you look at Morrison for a week eating, you won’t think he’s a New Zealand citizen, but he’ll look very desi. Like us and you.

Before leaving Patna for Chennai, I had a long conversation with Morrison about cricket and especially the IPL. Since he plays a commentator in all kinds of cricket leagues all over the world, the first question was what is so special in the IPL. ‘This is our planet’s biggest tournament. We like coming to India the best because you won’t find an example of the thrill and affection of the spectators you get in the IPL anywhere else’- says 55-year-old Morrison, who was still shocked at patna’s energy stadium by hitting the ball at his own pace. Morrison is convinced that during the Corona period, fans’ energy will not be available to professionals like him in the IPL, which improves their performance.

‘It is with the presence of thousands of fans that the ipl status is so great. It is very frustrating that this time there will be no spectators in the stadium and let me tell you that players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and a team like CSK will find it difficult because they get tremendous support on every ground in India,” says Auckland-born Morrison, who is now settled in Melbourne, Australia, and has a house in Dubai.

In the 1980s and 90s Morrison emerged as the best bowler in the Kiwi team after the great Richard Hadley. He has about 300 international wickets to his name. Morrison, who has participated in 48 Tests and 96 ODIs, says he hardly recognizes the new generation of fans in his country, but in this country he gets so much love and respect that he is today’s superstar!

Morrison’s way of talking is different. They bring a smile to your face in everything. If Virat Kohli’s abuse (Ben Stokes!) is also on his tongue which he uses against everyone, ‘hurry up’, ‘I understand everything’, as many of Hindi’s common sentences are very much for him.

‘Look, IPL is a wonderful tournament where every superstar in the world is involved. But, what I like the best in this country is the spirit of hospitality here. From the airport to the hotel, no one lets our suitcase touch, while we refuse that brother, it’s our job, let us pick it up. Don’t spoil our habit. But, do you Indians listen to anyone! Morrison is ridiculed for saying so.

However, every fan in Patna was asking the same question to Morsin. Who will be the ipl champion this time? We repeated the same question to him. “It’s always difficult to tell no matter how big an expert you are. I mean, Mumbai Indians are pavhouses, Chennai used to be the second powerhouse. Kolkata have not touched the trophy for the past few years and Delhi reached the final last time.  Everyone wants a new team to become champions in the IPL, so one thing that comes to my mind is whether Kohli’s team can show its mettle this time. He has a very balanced team and the captain decided to start the innings, which I had been shouting for the past 6 years. Virat has heard me right of late but will that be enough to become a champion? Let’s see what happens next!” Morrison mentioned his favourite team this time in gestures without naming him. In his tour, Morrison will remind you of a bowler like Shardul Thakur in some ways. The speed was also in them and so was the diversity. He used to shut the mouths of the best batsmen in ODI cricket with his clever bowling. Morrison, like Thakur, once proved to be a little expensive but was adept at taking decisive wickets. In that case, I asked him whether he would like to be Thakur in today’s world or Bhuvneshwar Kumar who does not spend too many runs whether he gets wickets or not. “Can’t I have the best rapport between the two! If you ask me, I’d like to be Jofra Archer. It’s okay that having archer will have a fitness problem, but the kind of speed they have, the variety and the X factor and the more beautifully they change off pace, who’s who wouldn’t want to be Archer?” Morrison explains the most complete bowler of modern times in a simple way.

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