Lack of fertility can be caused not only by age but also by age.

Lack of fertility can be caused not only by age but also by age.

Women health- The cause of fertility (Fertility) problem is not only aging, but can also be caused by it. Often pregnancy (PREGNANCY) is believed to be due to non-stopping of the woman having fertility problems. Sometimes people will also find women advising them to have a baby first to see a career later, otherwise there will be an infertility problem. As women, you must have been two or four of these things. But before someone speaks and listens to themselves, it is important to know what infertility is.

What is Infertility

If you’ve been trying for the baby for a long time and not getting pregnant or having repeated miscarriages. So it can be an infertility problem, but these things have nothing to do with age alone. There’s nothing to worry about. Its treatment exists and can be cured by treatment. It is also true that fertility weakens after the age of 35. But you can also freeze the egg for that.

Causes of infertility

There is no single cause of infertility, but women suffering from menstrual problems may have infertility problems. Hormonal fluctuations are also quite common in women, which can be another cause. Many diseases such as endometriosis or fibroids can also be a cause. Lifestyle is also the main reason for this nowadays.

See a doctor

Be sure to go to a gynaecologist in general. If you have been trying for a baby for a long time, the doctor will find out about the medical and reproductive history. In the meantime, transvaginal ultrasound can also be recommended to find out if something is wrong in the uterus or surrounding organs. At the same time, some hormonal levels are also measured. Doctors then come to the conclusion that you have infertility problems or not.


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