Lack of sex hormones in men can cause many problems

Lack of sex hormones in men can cause many problems

effects of man sex hormones on body: Sex hormones are responsible for strengthening fertility in men. This hormone is called testosterone (Testosterone) hormone. Testosterone is formed in men’s testicles. Indeed, this hormone is directly seen as masculinity. This hormone is directly related to men’s aggression, facial hair, fleshliness and sexual ability. This hormone is essential for all men for physical and psychological health. Low testosterone hormones affect many body abilities, but most have an impact on sexual capacity. Even after 40 years, testosterone hormones begin to decline by two percent per year, but for many reasons this hormone may decrease before. Sometimes injuries and diseases also lead to a decrease in testosterone hormones. According to reports, the deficiency in testosterone hormone is called hypogondism (hypogonadism). According to the British Public Health System, five out of a thousand people suffer from hypogondism.


Effect of testosterone deficiency on the body
Lack of testosterone causes fatigue and lethargy in the body. This causes depression, anxiety, irritability. Testosterone has the biggest impact on sex, so its deficiency reduces the desire to have sex. In some cases, there are complaints of impotence. It is difficult to exercise longer than it is lacking. Testosterone deficiency reduces the growth of beards and mustaches and leads to excessive sweating. In addition, memory and concentration also begin to decrease. Prolonged hypogondizm risks damage to bones. This weakens the bones and increases the risk of fractures.


How to increase testosterone hormones
According to Healthline, many studies have proved that exercise increases testosterone levels. Weight lifting is the best exercise to increase testosterone. Caffeine and kiratin monohydrate (creatine monohydrate) are also beneficial in increasing testosterone levels.

What you eat is directly related to testosterone. The balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in food is helpful in increasing testosterone levels. But eating too much food has a bad effect on testosterone levels. Whole grains contain a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that can greatly increase testosterone levels.

Other medicinal herbs that increase testosterone levels are Got Weed (it is a weed grown in China and Japan), kaunch seeds (mucuna pruriens), Shilajit etc.

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