MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts | MBA Chaiwala के अनमोल विचार | mba chaiwala status

MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts | MBA Chaiwala के अनमोल विचार | mba chaiwala status
mba chaiwala’s main cafe in ahemdabad gujrat | mba chaiwala motivational story for students | mba chaiwala status mba chaiwala cafe mba chaiwala interview
mba chaiwala के 3 अनमोल विचार ❤️
1. सही काम को करने में मां बाप की इजाजत मत लो
2.अपने से बड़े आदमी के साथ रहो
3.कोई भी काम बड़ा या छोटा नही होता

MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts

MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts
MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts

MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts
MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts
MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts
MBA Chaiwala Motivational Thoughts



एम.बी.ए चाय वाला की यात्रा | THE JOURNEY OF MBA CHAI WALA BIOGRAPHY IN HINDI |

एम.बी.ए चाय वाला की यात्रा | THE JOURNEY OF MBA CHAI WALA BIOGRAPHY IN HINDI |

Hello Friends today I am going to talk about how to make a chai Wale MBA Chai Wale let’s see the story of MBA Chai Wale

नाम प्रफुल्ल बिल्लोरे
जन्म 14 जनवरी
उम्र 24 साल
धर्म बिल्लोरे
निवास धार मध्य प्रदेश
पसंदीदा स्थान अहमदाबाद
राष्ट्रीयता भारतीय
पसंदीदा डिश चाय
योग्यता बी.कॉम

How to make M.B.A tea gonna

It took 5 days for Prafull to do the stuff ikhda me but it took 50 days to add courage, it was no common thing, it was so well written after having written the road pe chai ka jamming like taise guts attached bhi Li had then read the things of society and their fun flying to do all these things also had read if there was a frisky place and if there was a boy, he would hear people’s things and leave these things but the frisky ones are having a lot of courage in today’s generation no boy wants to do this work but the I can do something and today they are starting to know the whole world by the name of MBA chai wala. In life, as much as people do not know, as much as they do in life, the same has happened with Praful, he did the people very much and Kamyabi achieved Praful had named his shop Mr. Modi.Billora had kept the name but from this name, to sab his joke began to be the Baat the billorani’s here chalta hai. Bille ke here chalta hai a day night, Prafulla thought some names are kept, then he kept the name MBA Chai Wala and yet people made fun of him MBA means he is Mr. billore amahdabad he has received such

Frisky billore biography

Prafullal billore was born on January 14, 1996, in a small village near Indore belonging to Dhar, this is a resident of Madhya Pradesh.B..A’s preparation but they didn’t get selected was frisky billore started walking then he had to walk because the world had to go and there was no money in his pocket and walking was also so billore has taught here too how to get around in less money billore told his friend people I’ve come to Bangalore so Friend said Come come to me Spent 17 days doing this

1.Friends tell me how to make MBA chai wala frisky wanted to do MBA and also from top college and frisky worked very hard from 2 to 3 prepared MBA’s CAT, GMAT,MAT, GRE and gave exams but they did not get selected and were also very sad but hosla was not less frisky are among those who are very patient.

2.Frisky said India had the thinking and moving for wanted money but so did not have the money but the mind was very much as saving was frisky near as much money as was just walking in was so frisky, the truck had to travel to Bangalore when there has been so in Facebook post’s I AM BANGLORE then friends to MSG came in Bangalore then get frisky by friends to do the much of the lyrics are OK if there are pauses and frisky things so do everyone of froth are known to be no Home 1 or 2 days could keep you but everyday not the same frisky by the brain LA and a friend made and said Let’s make today your home become unstoppable as they do when 17 days left |

3.Prafulla jab Ghulam ke Ahmedabad his room pe aa gaya, then Prafulla thought now to do something lying sitting sitting kya nahi hoga, then Prafulla ne MacDonald me job ki just put on 37 rupees per hour job, better job was found Prafulla ko no shame from work Prafulla said for 4th place Jaa job but he did not find a job because who told his studies the manager
Then 5th place Jake said I am teaching up to 10 class I am from a very poor family so he is from job peke liya better Ki job peke liya Praful NE 4 months job ke Praful koi nai things seem much better to teach, so whenever someone less used to ask the most about how this happens.

4.Prafulla thought some Apna karne but Kya Kare Ye bade very confused the phir mann mein Kha Kun na chai ki shop seem Hai chai is such a thing that people like in every country, then Prafulla took 15.20 thousand rupees from Papa, said in the house I am doing international course then Praful’s one by one took all the stuff and thought now Khloe Khloe but the stuff was done 5 days but it took 50 days to open was Prafulla opened the shop where mosquitoes are there. the people were also angry, who never made tea in the house and opened the road PE shop, so how will go the first day did not become good not even the second day Bunny but on the third day to be good Bunny was Prafulla ne shop to Khloe but chalenge, how on the first day no one came, then the same happened on the second day, then Prafulla went to the cars and told People for tea and Praful MBA’S student used to come to English too, then he spoke most in English, then people thought that after having written so much, tea has been sold, so many people asked who are so people slowly started coming after Macdonald 6 to 12

5.Frisky by McDonald leave a private college MBA of admission took frisky by 7 to 8 days of study and quit on the big college was so small college in mind, said the find was people from even repeatedly speak are ha maybe it’ll taken you to know them was up to 6 months admission, such as walks are a home day revealed in a documentary viral has her them know was what was then the same drama fun and new variation of all who in the House would what you thought what Be |

The success of frisky

I opened my own shop and organized a mike session and book drive on Valentine’s day, Singel gave people tea for free, then it became viral their tea shop and slowly started getting orders for weddings, then opened a small cafe and gave their franchises all over India, then they have also invested college schools and then have achieved success day by day |

Thoughts of frisky

1.If the goals are bigger, the conflict will be bigger |
2.If you can’t sweep in your own business, you don’t have the right to own it.
3.No work is small or big. just the way that work is big |
4.Marry the work you love.
5.The world’s largest lauhar is Tata, and the world’s largest mouchi is BATA doing the work of both louhar and mouchi.
6.The fruit of patience is tea |
7.Give 101% of what you do.
8.Something in life, whether it be not itself pay Trust should always be

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