Mental Wellness: Have you been a victim of body shaming? Do This Handle

Mental Wellness: Have you been a victim of body shaming? Do This Handle

Mental Wellness: At some point in your life, you must have heard a few things because of your complexion, stature, even lean. If this has happened to you too, you too have been a victim of body shaming somewhere. Body shaming (Body Shaming) hurts the mental physical on both sides. It’s not just the people around you, but when you post or post a video online (Online), strangers also comment on your photo and video and comment on the color-shaped saddle. He doesn’t know how much this can hurt someone. The question arises as to how to deal with such people obviously you can’t talk like them, but here are some things that you can handle body shaming well by adopting them.

Learn Yourself
What comments people make about you. More importantly, do you know what you are? Accept yourself the way they are. It shouldn’t matter if someone says something. Get into this habit.


Know The Reality
The beauty within you is more important than the beauty outside, yes it is different that most people are attracted to external beauty first. But it is also true that living a life requires a better face, a better person in colour and a heart.

Stay positive
Try to stay currently with positive thinking. This is the state for which people yearn. Things get easier when we come out of fear of ourselves. This teaches us peace, love, and forgiveness. Then people say something doesn’t affect us.


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