Multibagger stock KIFS Financial Services doubles shareholders money in 12 sessions samp

New Delhi. Like last year, many multibagger stocks have hit the market this year too. These stocks have doubled investors ‘ money not years, not years, but just a few days. Today, we are telling you about a bullish stock that earned investors a bumper return in just 12 trading sessions. Let’s know in detail…

We are talking about stocks of KIFS Financial Services. On December 31, 2021, this listed stock of BSE closed at the level of 43.50. But, with the advent of the new year the stock witnessed tremendous upswing. Last week, it circulated more than 5 per cent in all 5 trading sessions.

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Know how much returns are given in 12 days
KIFS Financial Services is an X category stock that has doubled shareholders ‘ money in just 12 sessions. The stock had closed on January 5, 2022 at Rs 64.80 level on BSE while it closed on January 21 at Rs 133.40 per share level on BSE meant doubling shareholders ‘ money in just 12 trading sessions.

The stock rose from Rs 39.95 to Rs 140.05 in the last one month
If we look at the stock price history from a return perspective, the NBFC’s stock has risen from Rs 115.25 to Rs 140.05 in the last one week, bringing its shareholders a profit of 21.50 per cent. In the past month, it rose from Rs 39.95 to Rs 140.05. During this period, an increase of about 250 percent has been recorded.

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