Multibagger stock rama phosphates share 1 55 rupees to rs 301 investor get 1 crore check how varpat


New Delhi. Veteran stock market investor Dolly Khanna (Dolly Khanna multibagger stock) is known for choosing anonymous shares from midcap and smallcap stocks (Mid cap & Small cap) for her portfolio. The Chennai-based investor added 7 new stocks to his portfolio in the April to June 2021 quarter, including Rama Phosphate (Rama Phosphates).

The share price of fertilizer manufacturing company (fertilizer maker company) has increased from ₹264.55 in Q2FY22 to ₹301.60. The September 2021 quarter grew by about 14 percent. Meanwhile, the NSE Nifty (NSE Nifty) returned nearly 12 per cent during the July to September quarter, while the BSE Sensex (BSE Sensex) Q2FY22 rose 12.65 per cent.

Price was ₹1.55 per share in 2001
State that shares (Rama Phosphates shares) of Rama Phosphates have a history of giving impressive returns to their shareholders and this year multibager shares include it. The stock rose from ₹1.55 (closed price on BSE on September 20, 2001) to ₹306 (October 4, intraday high on BSE). Over the past 20 years, it has risen nearly 19,641 percent.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio Stock Price History (Dolly Khanna portfolio stock price)
According to the history of the share price of this multibagger stock, this stock has increased 14 percent in the last 3 months while in the last 6 months it has increased 113 percent. Dolly Khanna’s portfolio stock has increased from ₹58.30 to ₹306 in the final trading session. There has been an increase of about 425 per cent in the last one year. Similarly, Dolly Khanna’s stock increased from ₹1.55 to ₹306 in the last 20 years. These two decades increased nearly 197 times in time.

Invested goods!
According to share price history, if an investor had invested ₹1 lakh in Dolly Khanna’s stock 3 months ago, it would have ₹1 lakh today to ₹1.14 lakh. Whereas if an investor had invested ₹1 lakh in the stock 6 months ago, it would have ₹1 lakh, today it has gone up to ₹2.13 lakh.

Similarly, if an investor had invested ₹1 lakh in the stock 5 years ago, its ₹1 lakh would have been ₹5.10 lakh today, whereas if the investor had invested ₹1 lakh in Dolly Khanna’s portfolio stock 10 years ago at ₹42.15 per share, it would have been ₹1 lakh ₹7.25 lakh today. However, if the investor had invested ₹1 lakh in this Dolly Khanna portfolio stock 20 years ago at a price of ₹1.55 per share, the multibager stock would have gone up from ₹1 lakh to ₹1.97 crore today.


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