Multibagger Stock: this stock has given 340 per cent returns in a year, analysts are also bullish on it

New Delly. Multibagger stock: the stock market continues to lag behind its smaller segments. Day of Monday to karobari week multitudinous sensor (Sensex) and safety (nifty) I. A. D. I look forward to seeing your disappointment in the eye. On the one hand, it is possible to save money in the market. There was so much more to this than what it was to be able to do with the sheer determination and determination of others in the darkness.


The Trident bar is also a multimillion-company. You will be very good at bringing your needs along. According to one news K, textile sector ‘ S et share in 15 FDs hot speculation about the brokerage firm monoled osval (Motilal oswal) that appears. Trident in Trident was a month in 17 Fadil, 3 months in 53 Fadi, 6 months in 240 faisdi and 1 years in 340 Fadil look forward to.


A multi-disciplinary sanction

Motilal oswal (Motilal oswal) is strongly recommended by The Elder. The brokerage firm clutches the money in the face of the issue from the previous round. Whether the company is moving forward or moving forward is good. These include work for magazine and CTC.

15 point return speculation

Trident by design hidden 5 FCC lower circuit in Mondays. The round table top 58 shared what she wanted to do, but this didn ‘ t change her mind. Subaru 11.24 GDP share under 60.80 ‘ s level trade continues to be done. It is interesting to note that in the recent share of the market price of 15% of the Indian market price and the share is 64 degrees.


Trident is a by developer, linene, white straw-based paper, chemicals and lead mainfuel in catalytic power. The company operates in over 100 countries. It is the vulnerability of Ichi Alva Punjab and mainfingering in Madhya Pradesh.

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