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My First Love Love story in English। best love story in English ।

My First Love Love story in English। best love story in English-The month would have been in November-December. The sky was clear and the light sunshine had gone out. We were enjoying the sunshine by sitting on the college campus with our friends today, we were throwing friends here only after my attention went to the main gate of the college.
A light blue sweater, a yellow salwar suit and a twist of your silky hair was coming forward.

The light sunshine on her face and the red dot of her liver was amazing. When he came close to me, my eyes remained open.
Hey! This is Nisha.
His name suddenly went out of my mouth. I had made Nisha many times but she had not received any response so far. He had never denied or had ever been a stickler.
Just she just grinned and avoided. That was the reason why my friend always told me that Nisha also loves you only if she doesn’t deny you.

best love story in English ।

Today, I was determined to see him so adorned with a reply today.

Now we had gone to class, but as soon as the break got a chance, we asked him to ask. Nisha! I want to ask you one thing0 ”
” Ask ” Nisha somewhere.
I was pressing my voices to say that he cut my words and said that he would say “Well, today you won’t say anything I’ll speak to ”
By listening to this, my heartbeat was throbbing. Electricity was a flat in the whole body. But he was not happy to hear the voice. Today was the most hasin moment of my life, which I had been waiting for for years to hear today.


He had accepted my love, and in a few days, we were both wrapped in a hug. For centuries, the rose of love was blooming for the first time on barren land today. All directions had been in this colour of love.
Now we had become famous in the entire college like Laila Majanu, all our friends started calling her bhabhi. Then we both had fun travelling together many times, sometimes in this park, sometimes in that park. On his bike, when he was on the streets of Patna, the eyes of all the people stood on both of us. But there was a time when our college was coming to an end. Both of us were being scared of separation and were taking care of different, amazing minds.
Sometimes we both get married, sometimes we fear our family’s decision.
When our college was over, both of us came back to our own city, but their memories had made it difficult to live here.
For many days, he was not able to do anything, just thinking that he had never been able to look at his pictures in sadness.


I also started trying to forget everything slowly to perform my duty. In the meantime, I had a good company job offer. In so many days, Nisha must have forgotten me that this kind of thought came to mind very often. But I thought that when I could not forget it, how would he have forgotten me?
The heart wanted to forget everything and go to him, but the responsibilities were firmly tied to me.
I went half-heartedly to interview the job. I had no interest in this job but still went for that job. Just as the water of the rivers goes towards the sea thoughtlessly, I was going to go without thinking.
Now I had reached the office for an interview. Many people in the office were sitting for interviews. I also waited for my turn. She was also being eaten with nisha memories and a different kind of seclusion was being culled. Just as the sunflower flower withered after the sun sank, I had already done so after my recent nisha. I was sitting with the people, but still here I was feeling lonely.


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