Podcast: Amazing DLS drama in Bangladesh-New Zealand match, team batting without target

The date of March 30 in the world of cricket will be remembered for the bizarre incident. Today, the second T20 match of the series between Bangladesh and New Zealand was played at Napier. In this match, New Zealand won the DLS by 28 runs from the Duckworth Lewis system. The controversy was odd, i.e., when the Bangladesh team chased down the target, they did not know how many runs the target was or how many runs it had to score to win. Welcome to the Special Podcast Edition of News 18. I am Tarun Vats and i have to discuss this whole topic with my colleague and cricket expert Vijay Prabhat.


First let’s tell you about the whole controversy – Bangladesh captain Mahmudullah won the toss in the match and decided to field first. The New Zealand team lost 5 wickets in 17.5 overs to make 173 runs only after the rain started. Now the rain subsided before New Zealand’s innings was announced. In such bouts, DLS is resorted to to give goals to the other team. The same was done in this match but when the Bangladesh team came to bat, it was not known to the target.

When did the controversy begin
When Bangladesh’s innings started, there were doubts about the target, which was not known to the Bangladesh team as to how much they had to score runs to win. Though it was reported four balls later that he had to score 148 runs in 16 overs to win, there was another twist in the story. Hamish Bennett was throwing the second of the innings and his first over there were three balls of the over that a new target came out, now the match had to be stopped match referee Jeff Crowe signed a new target. Bangladesh again got a tricky target of 170 runs to win in 16 overs. The target was revised once again and was put to 171 runs in the 14th over. Bangladesh were 142 for 7 in 16 overs and lost the match.

Already troubles over DL rule
In cricket, this rule is full of big intricacies. There is a danger to the team that is always going to be able to get the goal from the DL rule. Many cricketers have protested over this rule, but there are no other options at the moment, so it is resorted to targeting the other team when the match stops due to rain or any such natural reason.

Match referee hasty
Dls’s mistake is not reflected in the entire controversy, but it is a mistake to follow it. Match referee Jeff Crowe is believed to be in a hurry to start the second innings. Bangladesh coach Russell Domingo said he was taking a print out of the target revised under the DLS rule when he went to the match referee’s room after bangladesh’s innings began. However, the ICC spokesman said the umpires had been told the revised target. However, they were not given its sheet. In the second over, the match was stopped to give the same sheet.

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