Positive Thinking Thought of Day 2022

Positive Thinking Thought of Day Thought of Day 2022

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Positive thinking is very healthy in our health, it protects our body, so it does not hurt us every single day every day and we have missed the thought of our success.

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Positive thinking Thought of the day ,We advise others to think positive. If somebody is upset or worried Very lovingly we put our arm across their shoulder and ask them to think positive. It is a word we believe in and we want to live it. And yet when there is a situation in our own life Negative thinking or wrong thinking We call it obvious or natural thinking Negative thinking in the form of fear or worry. Blaming someone or belittling someone Feeling jealous comparing with someone Competing with someone Feeling hurt about what somebody said. Feeling resentful about someone It is very wide spectrum.

Positive thinking Very Helps Reduce stressThought of day

How to make out whether our thoughts are positive and right? Or if they fall under the negative category? Any thought which disturbs my state of mind If it does not make me feel at ease or uncomfortable Andrews vibrations radiate to other people and create disturbance in their mind also. That thought is negative. All of us know what negative thinking is.

Still we say, “I didn’t want to think that way but the thought just came.” Why does it happen that when there is a situation Negative option comes quickly to us? (Positive thinking Thought of day )So we need to understand what is the source of my thoughts? Our every thought is our creation. Every thought is energy. But what is the source of this thought energy? Why do few people create more negative thoughts than others? Few people create positive thoughts and a few others create highly elevated thoughts.

Positive thinking Thought of day

Why are we different? And how do I create the right thought? I need to know the source of my thoughts. Thought is the energy. What is the raw material that creates this energy? Information is the most important source of thoughts. It is like the food we eat, is (Positive thinking Thought of day ) the raw material that gets into the body. That food is the source of energy for the body. It also create the immunity system of our body. It is based on my diet. That is the reason, whenever there is a health issue The first thing we are told to do it to check our diet and change the diet. Because it is your diet which creates the body. Now what creates my mind?

It is my diet which creates my mind. Which diet? My emotional diet. What is my emotional diet? Information. Information includes everything that we see, watch and read. All the three which get inside. All these three are stored in the mind. They are stored in the subconscious mind and become a part of our thoughts. If for many days we have been reading or listening About an accident, or that a child travelling on a bike met with an accident and died If we listen to such news once, twice or 10 times For months we have been listening to such information So that information is fitted into our subconscious mind. Suppose today evening your child does not come home on time If his phone is out of reach You don’t want to create wrong thoughts about his welfare You don’t want to, but you get the thoughts That he is not in any danger, nothing wrong has happened with him. Why does a wrong thought occur? Why does the mind even worry that something wrong should not have happened. Why does not think that something good must have happened, and that is why the child has not yet come back. The child must have met somebody or busy at work,

Positive thinking Thought of day

that is why he must have got late. But we think, “Hope nothing wrong has happened. Hope he has not met with an accident.” Does the mind think this way? Because that is the raw material we have fed our mind with. It is all stored in the mind. That several accidents(Positive thinking Thought of day ) are happening in the world today. So many people die on the spot due to accidents. The mind has absorbed that information So it will create that thought. We need to take care of information we consume. What we watch, what we read, what we listen. Whether we watch a movie Whether we watch serial on television Whether we are listening to a joke Whether we are reading the book Or we are listening to a song Very often nowadays, while driving the car radio is on. We feel we are just passing time and it is just a song Every word in that song The emotions and sentiments in that song Is getting recorded in the mind here.

We need to remember this is becoming the source of my thoughts. And very soon it will be a part of my vocabulary. Everything that we are hearing. If the mind is feeling low, we prefer listening to sad songs. We don’t want to listen to Happy songs at that moment. The frequency of our mind at that time is sad and low. Only a sad song carrying low frequency feels suitable for us. That is what is matching outside. We need to change our way of thinking By only changing what we are absorbing. Let us take this as an experiment for just a week. Early morning, instead of wanting to know what is happening in the world We don’t need to listen to it, the first thing in the morning. And that too with visuals A lot of negative (Positive thinking Thought of day ) incidents happening across the world Media’s role is to tell us whatever is happening in the world. Media will not tell us all the rights that are happening in the world. Just in your locality, lakhs of people slept peacefully in last night. That is not what is going to come into the newspaper. Newspaper will report that yesterday night,

there was theft in one house in your area. When they read it once or twice, we start saying, “Robbery has increased so much in today’s times. And the fourth time before leaving the house we say, “Lock the house properly, or else a thief might break in.” And very soon we have sown the seeds of fear and anxiety Just by watching, reading and listening too much about it. Media will show us about what is happening. TV serials, movies and songs also show a lot of things. What should we consume from them? What should we fill our mind with?

It is our choice. Should we fill the mind early morning with what is happening around us in the world? Should we fill it with whatever our friends posted last night on social media?¬† First thing in the morning should be pure powerful information. Wisdom, spiritual knowledge, messages of God. We need to fill the mind with the right emotional diet. Thinking will automatically change and right thoughts will automatically get created. Likewise pure thoughts will start coming automatically. For that we need to switch to a pure emotional diet. So let’s take up one week’s experiment.

For one week be will only listen, watch and read Only what we want to become. If i don’t want to criticize anybody then I should not absorb any criticism. Today even humour and jokes are about ridiculing someone or belittling them. We are listening to them to pass (Positive thinking Thought of day ) time and laughing at them. Internally we are becoming like that, and those will start becoming our words. So let’s take up a one-week emotional detox. Let’s cleanse our mind and soul, and thereafter only consume pure information. Thereafter we don’t have to worry about positive thinking. Positive thinking and right thinking will become a natural way of living.


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