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Right Thoughts,thought I have become a vegetarian and I wake up early in the morning. I have quit a few wrong habits. But what is present internally, what we called as nature I feel its my basic nature, so how can I change myself? Can’t I be natural? Whatever is my basic nature, my mind gives me reasons and logic to use them. It says you have to be natural.

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Right Thoughts

We need to be that way because we are born that way. Let’s hold on to that line today. You have to be natural. This is your nature. So the nature of I the soul Whatever my nature is, I need to behave through it. That’s for sure. Whatever is my nature, I need to behave according to it. But important is to know – What is my nature? That is important. This dress is white. So what is its colour? White. What is it original colour? White. When it is worn the whole day There can be a stain on it during the day. So towards night suppose there are many stains on it. Someone came and said – So many stains. It’s very dirty. Clean it. But throughout the day I forgot the awareness that these are stains. I forgot that it was White before the stains. I thought with all the stains, however it looks That is the design. So I said there is no stain, this is just a design. The other person says it is not its design. Its a stain on the cloth. I say – No, ever since.

Right Thoughts
Right Thoughts

I have seen it Its design has been like this. This is like how you said – Ever since I was born Whether your Sanskar are inherited by parents or family Somebody said your Sanskar is as per your zodiac sign. This Sanskar is present. But this is not the soul’s original nature. Both are different things. The stains that have developed on this cloth At this moment it is a part of this dress. If I have a black patch here on this dress At this moment the black patch will look to be a part of the white dress. Third person sees it, that black patch will seem to be a part of this dress. But one point of knowledge will change everything. When there is ignorance we will say This black stain is a part of this saree, is a part of design. When we have knowledge we will say this dress is white. And this black patch is only a stain developed on it. It is an external stain.


It can be removed. This is the difference between knowledge and ignorance. In ignorance we say it is natural, it is a part of the dress. That is ignorance. Because for a very long time We have not seen it to be Spotless white. We have seen it along with that stay for a very long time. Which means since birth, we hadn’t seen it. And we obviously don’t know about previous birth. This stain has been there from the day I bought this. The manufacturer might say I had not made it like this. It is a stain and so you need to clean it. Most important is, the stain can be removed. There can be a design which cannot be removed. But God teaches us this is an external, superficial stain. It can be easily removed. That is why what you shared the other day That by doing something repeatedly it has gone into a loop. Medical Science is also saying it. Doctors and neurosurgeons are saying it has gone into a loop. The wiring has happened in the brain.


So whenever that situation comes, the same neurons will get fired. But scientists have confirmed that it can be changed. Scientists have said it can be changed. God has taught us that it can be changed. So we now just need to work on how to change. We have seen ourselves, that we have changed. Important is our own life experiences. There is no such person who has never changed one or the other habit it during his lifetime. It could go to the good side or bad. But it is a change of habit. I had shared that of 10 habits at least one I have changed. It means it can be changed. What you had said last time is That even when everyone around you in college was smoking, you did not smoke. At that time your habit was that you did not smoke. Other people around you would smoke but you would not. That was your habit or Sanskar. Later on, mind create a different thoughts and intellect made a decision. You started smoking. That became a habit.


That means change of habit. In this case the earlier habit was healthy. Of not smoking. Letter a new habit was created which was not healthy for both mind and body. Because body will not remain healthy with that habit. Dependency will get created in the mind. In order to relax the mind will become dependent on a substance. When mind goes towards an addiction, soul power depletes. Because willpower reduces. So there was a change of habit towards something which was not right for us. After some years once again the mind thought about it. Intellect gave a different decision. Once again habit was changed. You quit that habit of smoking. Mind and body became healthier. Just in one lifespan, we see so many change of habits. We are looking at ourselves throughout the day. Someone who would wake up very late Suddenly their job or school demands that they wake up early. From tomorrow a change of habit. All of us are witnessing change of habits. So we cannot say that there is any Habit at all Which cannot be changed. When we change one habit we will have the power to change another habit. We get the confidence that I can change. My belief was that these are only bookish statements, they are not possible. Changing habits is very difficult. I was very confident that it is not possible to change habits. It’s only mentioned in books that they can be changed. But after understanding your explanation I feel when I change one habit I get confidence and power that I can change another habit too.


Because that soul has emerged victorious over one of its habits. So will power and soul power will increase. When we let go of a dependency, our power increases. When soul power increases And Soul has accomplished one thing Repeating it again the second time becomes easy. Third time it becomes even more easier. The wiring in your brain will become such that When something is repeated it becomes quicker the next time. Just like a wrong habit going to automated mode, this will might go.



It’s not just a possibility. Why should we say it “might go”? Anything done repeatedly Why should we doubt it? It’s not that wrong habit go into a loop and good habits don’t. Why will it not go into a loop? They have to go. It has to go into an automatic mode because a loop will be created. I was referring to confidence, not habits. Changing of Sanskars will become a habit. The power to change our habits It will increase so much that in one second I will be able to take a decision. From today I should not say this. I wont. From today I should not do this. I wont. From today I should not say like this to them. It’s done. Because the control and power of the soul over itself has increased. This is when we say soul is the the ruler and master. But it was in my memory even earlier. I don’t want to talk to him. I hate him. Because habits are present. The soul has power all the time. Any energy can be used for a good purpose. Same energy can be used for damaging purpose also. The same soul has the power for care, compassion, forgiveness Love, acceptance. The soul can create all these. Do we acquire vices then? It’s soul power which can create all these feelings. It is soul power. The same soul power Can also create anger, hatred, resentment and fear. Soul is the same. But what it should create Suppose we consider nuclear energy. Whether we use it for treatment or for war, the energy remains the same. The one who uses that energy will decide What direction and what purpose that energy will be used for.


As you mentioned, we get so much confidence Should I quit this habit? Done. Should I do this? Done. Why? Because by doing it once or twice The soul will have faith on itself That I can do whatever I decide to do. We start taking guarantee of ourselves. This is a very big achievement. Many years ago I went to an Ayurvedic doctor because I had skin rashes. He said he can treat me but I have to give up non vegetarian food. I refused to give up. The moment the soul said this is not possible for me. Or that I will not be able to do it What is the soul actually saying at that moment? I have no control over myself. I know it is not right for me But I will not be able to do it. It means I am the soul have no control over my sense organs. I am a Slave to them. But after meditation and discussions of awareness In very little time Last month A doctor said he will give me a 40-day diet plan But the condition was that I should not consume anything sweet.


I said okay. He asked me if it is so easy? I said yes. If I am told not to eat, I will not eat it. Later he again called and asked me – Are you sure? He knew that I always wanted a sweet on the table before every meal. I have not eaten anything sweet from that day till today. The soul which was a Slave earlier, has now become a Master. Now, what is the difference between feel when our life becomes like this? First of all I feel very light. I can experience it but I cannot express in words. I experience lightness and I love myself. Which I never had before. I have realised a new thing. Earlier I hated myself saying I am weak, I am this … I am that … I would say things which I did not want to say. I help people whom I should not. Later I suffer. I don’t know when I will change …. Basically I would almost curse myself. But now even in small things I have started liking myself. Why is this happening? Because stains on the soul are getting removed.


So original colours of the soul are emerging. And that original colour is very lovable. Looking at that lovable original colour We start loving ourselves. Just like how we liked that originality when it is present in other people When those qualities emerge in ourselves, we like it even then. It happens in so many situations. Even without my knowledge. I was packing for this shooting. There was a shawl in the suitcase. I asked my staff who was packing, to remove it. He said – Let it remain. Anyway you don’t need to carry it. You are going by plane. If someone had said this to me few years ago,


I would not tolerate that he is teaching me. I just said it’s fine, let it be. It is still lying in my suitcase. This is the original nature of the soul. I am shocked. You are shocked seeing your own original nature. Because you are not seen it for a very long time. Otherwise I would think how can he try to explain things to me? I pay him salary. This is ego. What does ego do? It gives us logic. At that moment we find the logic to be accurate. At that moment you can have several justifications. First is that it is summer. Why is a shawl needed? Secondly who is he to teach me? Does he even know where I am going? Who is he to teach me what I should carry? This is ego speaking. Also I have so much work. I have no time to explain these things to you. Just do what I say. This is how I used to talk to them earlier.


When all these were getting created You will not be able to like yourself. But with the response that was finally created, in this I am feeling nice. And making other people feel nice. But liking myself is the best thing. I had never felt that way about myself. Liking yourself is because you are feeling nice. When there is ease internally here When there is peace When there is no turbulence, or ups and downs We will like ourselves. When there is no internal turbulence, we send good vibrations to other people also. So good vibrations are returning from there. That’s why we are again feeling nice. When this gradually increases, we start feeling that What did I do? Why am I feeling nice? Because till today we made so much effort to feel nice. We felt we had to do something to feel nice. There were even addictions developed in order to feel nice. Even the believe that something good should happen in life to feel nice. For example the child came first in the class, or there is a special occasion at home. Basically something had to happen to feel nice. And how does it now feel after practicing meditation? Nothing specific has happened today. I haven’t done anything in particular.


There is no occasion or a situation. Still I am feeling nice. This feeling nice is my original colour. When this original colour emerges The soul feels at ease and relaxed. This feeling at ease and relaxed which happens for a few minutes during meditation. It starts remaining throughout the day. The mood or feeling which is created during meditation Why is it created? Because we created pure thoughts at that time. Suppose we created a thought – I am the master of this body. I am a pure soul. If we create this thought even for two minutes And the mind is focussed on this thought Then the chemicals are secreted are different. Messages going to the brain are different. Signals going to the body are different. Soul and body will both feel at ease. This is for sometime. If we don’t translate this into our life Which means once we complete meditation If we get angry, scold someone, get stressed Then that feeling of ease (during meditation) remains only as a few minutes of experience. So that is why people nowadays say I felt beautiful during my meditation. I went to a meditation retreat.


It was so peaceful. I felt very nice. After coming back They believe tension and stress are obvious after coming back. They believe business cannot give us that experience. Where was that experience supposed to felt? Only during the meditation retreat. In Rajyog the attention we pay is The programming we do during meditation The experience we create at that time We will implement in practical life. We start living it. When we start living it The feeling of lightness we experienced during meditation We start feeling that way throughout the day. Gradually the soul will reach a stage That there can be a crisis, a challenge, chaos in front of us. People around us will be tensed But we will remain in that feeling of lightness. Because we are in soul consciousness. It’s only because of ego consciousness that soul gets disturbed. Thoughts become turbulent Words become turbulent Body language gets disturbed. It’s only because of ego consciousness. That’s why if we hold onto the line – Who am I? And live our life through that consciousness Everything changes. Feelings in the mind, physical health, relationships – they all change. Our way of working will change. But sometimes even after answering who am I, and after morning meditation If tea is not ready or breakfast is not ready, I get irritated. Never mind. Stop. Check. Reflect. Change. Do this every time.


You said you meditated and you felt good. You got up and in the next five minutes If there is no tea cup on your table, you got angry. It happened because we have both the wirings internally. We have both Sanskars. Stop. Pause and ask yourself Was this right? It is possible that the mind might give you answers at that moment like Obviously. Didn’t the staff know he had to get me tea by this time? Ask your mind – I know he was supposed to bring it by this time. But the way I reacted, was this right? Talking to yourself. Meditation is not a two or three minute process. First step of meditation is Relationship of the soul with itself. That is the first stage of Rajyog. Relationship with the self. Till today we have maintained relationships with other people. What happens in relationship with the self? What happens in relationship with other people? What happens in a relationship? When will you say you have a relationship with someone? When you like being in their presence, someone with whom you share your feelings.


People with whom we live and work. We need to do this with ourselves. You mentioned that you have started liking yourself. This is the first stage of a relationship with the self. You are alone and you are enjoying your own company. We don’t find the need to go on talking to other people. Now it is a loving relationship. Earlier I hated myself. I hate myself because we speak bitterly to ourselves. Now we will speak lovingly. Suppose we are sitting here and we have completed meditation just now. We got up. Suppose I scolded someone as soon as we got up. I said – Is this how you work? How many times to explain? You are watching me do this. You are a friend. What will you tell me? Will you just watch me scolding someone loudly? First I will try gesturing to you to calm down. I’ll say – Leave it, it’s okay. Suppose I start scolding you too Can’t you see? They are not doing their job. They just don’t listen any other way. Now again, being a friend what will you say? This will spoil all our tasks. Let go. Later on you can explain to them peacefully You calm down otherwise all your work will also get affected. Why will you advise me all this? If I get angry, so be it. Why do you advise? I am a friend. That’s it. Make your mind your best friend.


Befriend your mind. When we know that we have created anger Pause and talk to yourself And say the exact same line to yourself. But sometimes we get angry on a person who is far away. Let’s discuss both. First we will see when we are face to face You mentioned that didn’t serve you tea so you scolded your staff. Sit with yourself. It takes only a minute. It doesn’t need prolonged reflection. Just one minute. You mentioned about simply gesturing. Talk to yourself 30 seconds. What will you say to yourself? Check. Question your mind – Was this my right response? We need to question because the moment we do it We are creating a new thought – No. I could have done this another way. The message goes in. But I tell myself – Why are you disturbing yourself? It’s over. Let go. Why are you thinking more and disturbing yourself? We are not supposed to think – Why did I react like this? I should not have done it.


I do it all the time. We should not think this way. This is a wrong pattern of thoughts. We need to remember that every thought we create It’s a factory so every thought that we create Energy is released. It goes to the Brain cells And chemicals are secreted. We have to take care. We should not think – Why did I get angry? I had just finished meditation. Still I got angry. I never seem to learn. Each of this is a wrong thought. In the kitchen we keep milk away from lemon. Otherwise even one drop of lemon will spoil all the milk. Similarly here one wrong thought can spoil the whole mind. We are not doing that. What we should reflect is Ask – Was this my right response? So that mind is silenced. Because the matter is finished. So the mind will say – No. I could have done it a different way. This is a very important thought. My mind gets dropped into that. Change it because that is also a habit. But I start feeling bad. I got angry again. I am back to my old ways. We are not to reflect on getting angry again and why we did that. No.

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We are creating a thought for the next time. Don’t think about what has already happened. The moment we told our mind – Was this the right way? Could I have done it another way? Mind will say – Yes, I could have done it another way. By creating this thought we have now started a new recording in the mind. But if we create a thought – I just cannot do it Suppose you take piece of paper and keep drawing circles with a pencil The more you keep drawing circles, what happens to the pattern? It keeps becoming deeper. Once you created anger means a negative design is created. And then on top of that you created a design of guilt. And then you scolded yourself. You called yourself a failure.


So the negative groove keeps getting deeper. Consciously create another pattern. Yes, I could have done it another way. We need to be careful not to repeatedly draw the same pattern of circles with the pencil. Because that groove will become very deep. Now we change our thought quality and say – I could have done this another way. Another groove. Next time when the same situation arises, chances of this song playing will increase. Because we have already created its imprint inside. But if we keep creating guilt It means we have not even created a print of the better option inside.

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