Romantic relationship keeps physical and mental health healthy – Expert

Romantic relationship keeps physical and mental health healthy – Expert

Romantic relationships: When someone is in love, the world begins to laugh. Everything seems to look good and good. There is an excitement all the time, the mind is full of playfulness. There are butterflies flying in the stomach. Although many people have always believed that love brings happiness for life, now science also believes that being in love with someone is beneficial not only for your body but also for the heart. Let’s try to understand this notion better.

According to Dr Vivek Mahajan (Dr Vivek Mahajan), cardiologist at Fortis Hospital Welfare and Dr Kedar Tilve (Dr Kedar Tilwe), psychiatrist (Psychiatrist) at Fortis Hospital Mulund, you experience many physical and mental health benefits during this time when you are in a healthy relationship, according to Indian

Love and attraction are broadly divided into two stages

Early Attractions
Our body releases hormones like norpenephrine (norepinephrine) and adrenaline (norepinephrine) as an immediate response, which excite us. When you see the person you are romantically attracted to, the heartbeat increases, the pulse rate increases and the pupils of the eye spread.

Old and long-lasting relation
When you know that person better and feel emotionally attached to him. So at that time our brain releases endorphins (endorphins), vasopresin (vasopressin) and oxytocin. These are overall benefithormones.

Hormones responsible for bonding
Doctors say endorphins make us feel happy and satisfied. This happens when you feel safe with someone special. Indeed, oxytocin and vasopresin help develop a relationship between two individuals. These chemicals are responsible for bonding between parents and children.

Love bp and heart rate low
These hormones are also responsible for maintaining one’s heart health. Science also confirms that when people spend time with their partner, their blood pressure and heart rate are reduced by a sense of safety and comfort.

Touch reduces BP
“There are lots of benefits of physical touch,” doctors say. When people hug each other, oxytocin, bonding hormone, is released, which lowers blood pressure. A stable long-term relationship creates a secure base for a person, helping them nurture trust and empathy,

But there is also another aspect of relationships, called broken heart syndrome. According to experts, when someone is cheated, someone loses himself, falls apart from his love, it is a very stressful time for him. At that time, the stress on the person is so high that it sometimes takes months or years to recover.


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