Just think! Sometimes we get a small injury or we become a little sick, so we hesitate to work or read, and we think of relaxing.

But do you know about a person whose 95% of his body is handicapped and then dominated by his work around the world, friends we are talking about the great scientist of this century, “Stephen Hawkins”.

For today’s generation, Hawkins is an example of how every part of his body is going to be paralyse despite his being aware, he did not want to live life and succeed in life.

I already have so much to do. These are the words of the great scientist Steffen Hawkins.

When he was 21 years old, he once came to his house to take a holiday, he was coming off the ladder and then he realised fainting and immediately fell down. He was taken to the doctor initially, and he was taken to the big doctoro when he was repeatedly taken to the big doctoro, where he found out that he was suffering from an unknown and never-cured disease called the mortar dcus. when the respiratory tract is also closed, the patient dies of choking.

Doctors said Hawking is just a 2-year guest. But Hawking had made a full grip on his will and said, “I will live 2 No 20 not the whole 50 years.” At that time, everyone had got a yes to comfort them, but today the world knows what Hawking said.

Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, in Oxford, England, to the Frank and Isabel Hawking couple. Stephen used to be interested in reading and many different arts. At a young age, he often surprised people with his wisdom. Since childhood, Stephen was deeply interested in mathematics, but his father wanted to make him a doctor. He started further studies with the subject of Physics and with the advice of Indian scientist “Jayant Narlikar” going forward, he selected the subject of cosmology by keeping his favourite subject mathematics in mind. He passed the Oxford University exam for his PHD and began his further studies.

Stephen gave you the concept of black holes in life to the world, he also gave the idea of hawking radiation to the world. And his book “A BRIEF HISTORY of TIME” created a tehelka in the world of science.

Stephen also received a lot of awards because of his intelligence skills, such as copley medal, albert einstein medal, wolf prize in physics aur presidential medal of freedom.

Stephen believed that “science can remove people from poverty and disease.” And that in turn can end social unrest. ”

Stephen Hawkings, the distinguishing science of the century with such a great and inspiring image, is no longer among us, he passed away on March 14, 2018. Even after Stephen’s visit, the contribution made by him to the scientific world will remember not only the scientific world but the whole world.

Through his peculiar and unreliable lifestyle, he gave a message to the world that human beings may be handicapped by the body but should never be handicapped by wisdom and soul.



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