These Stories Can Make You Successful 3 Best Motivational Story

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These Stories Can Make You Successful 3 Best Motivational Story

short motivational hindi stories with moral

Someone asked me what happens by reading the motivational story
I replied that reading the motivational story shows us the mistakes of others so that we don’t make mistakes so read more and more motivational story

1. Lost but won by himself
motivational story

Hello friends you are all welcome
Today I’m telling you a motivational story that I’ve read
If your energy is not the same, let’s
Start the motivational story without your time.

A boy named Harish was very fond of running
He had taken part in several marathons
But he did not complete any race.
One day he was determined to complete the race no matter what it was.
Now the race started

Harish also started running slowly 2
All the runners were overtaking
But now Harish was tired
He stopped
Then he spoke to himself if I could not run,
can run at least
He did it slowly 2
Started walking but he was definitely moving on
Now he was pretty much tired
and fell down

He spoke to himself
of how he will do it and complete the race today
He stubbornly woke up and lifted back
Faltering started moving forward and eventually he completed the race
Granted he had lost the race
But today his faith was at its peak because before today
Had never been able to complete the race
He was lying on the ground
Because the muscles of his legs had been stretched too much
But today he was very happy
Today he lost and won
motivational story in hindi for success
Guys we even do this kind of mistake in our life
Never do or leave the work if there is any difficulty
If you’re a student and study 10 hr every day
And someday you don’t study because of any trouble, but you
Even if 5 hr must read
Harish’s story gives us the same learning if we
If we continue to grow, one day we lose and win

Go small step up and go moving
That is the rule of success.

If you’re too good to have this motivational story
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If you want to read more motivational story
You’re the perfect place here
Get a collection of a lot of motivational stories
that will inspire you to grow further in life


short motivational stories with moral
2. Blaming the circumstances
best inspirational story
Some people always blame the circumstances.
This motivational story is like
That can open your eyes
Let this story begin as quickly as you can

It was a long time ago guys
A man was trapped in the desert
He was mind-speaking to himself about how good and beautiful this place is
If there was water here, how many good trees would be growing here.
And how many people would want to visit here
Was making sense blem
that it would have been it and it would have been so, maybe it would have been
The uppermost was now watching the man thought that water was not visible here.
After going a little later, he showed him a well that
Was overflowing with water for quite a while
having been in discussions with myself

Then he showed a rope and a bucket there, then from somewhere.
A slip comes from the fly in which the slip was written that you said that
There is no source of water here and now you also have a source of water.
If you want, you can plant here
She’s gone guys
So what this story teaches us
This story teaches us that
If you want to blame the circumstances, there is no problem
But you blame the circumstances if it happens here and
Can you change the situation if you find the sources

In this story, it seems that some people only know how to blame the situation.
If they have a suitable source, they cannot change the situation.
They just know how to blem, but we don’t have to be like that guys
This story teaches that if you want to
Change circumstances and if you find suitable means for it
You can only contribute one of your cents and
I am confident that if such an incident happens to you
You will definitely contribute
This story will be nice if you want to
If you’re getting such fun stories, you’re in the right place

Friends, I didn’t spoil you much time and I at least made this motivational story
Tried to cover in words which I was able to do if your
If there is any suggestion, let me know through the comments and if
If you like this motivational story, this story is more than the people
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