Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani

Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani To think right in every situationHow to empower our mind?We certainly need to make it powerful, isn’t it?First of all what are the aspects which disturb our mind?Information, belief system, and past memories – our thoughts are created by these three factors.First of all, check your past memories today.Do not hold on to anything painful, because it is radiating to your mind and body.All of us take care not to get infected by covid.But even if it comes, our mind and body need to be ready to fight it.So we are working on our body’s immunity.But along with that, let’s build immunity of our mind as well.For that we need to clean the toxins in (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) our mind. Immunity is built only when we detox.In order to Detox the mind All the accumulated memories – just like how we cleanse the body to remove physical toxinsSimilarly we need to clean the mind of all the matters that are accumulated in every corner of the mind.Because the day that incident happened, the had said – Look at how she spoke. I will never forget what they did.So that incident has got settled in one corner of the mind.Today we need to clean it. It is a Sunday, we will not wait for Monday.If not now, then ever. So let’s clean it right now. They say what can be done tomorrow should be done today.

Because by tomorrow our mood might have changed.There could be some other issue by tomorrow, so we will clean it today.Please check every corner (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  )of your mind We need the highest emotional immunity system at this time.Please check every corner of your mind. Any childhood memories where Mummy Papa had said something unpleasant?Mummy Papa gave more importance to my siblings during childhood.All this has to go and get cleaned now.My friends scolded me in front of everyone.I wanted to become something else but I was forced into this career …All this needs to get cleaned up right now.Right thinking about the past.Keep counselling yourselfAssume your mind is your friend sitting beside you.If your friend told you – My parents love my siblings more than me, in my childhoodYou will never endorse their view.You will say – That is just your wrong assumption. Your parents loved you equally.This is how we counsel friends, keep talking to them and finally change their thought process.Now is the time to change our wrong thoughts.Even if our parents treated us lovingly, but we misunderstood them.In fact now is the time when even if someone was wrong to us, we should change thoughts and think right about them.Everyone was nice to me and everyone was right to me.Even if someone was wrong, forgive them.Forgiveness is an important activity we need to do today.Whether it was a small scene or a very big situation someone was wrong to usToday I release and I let go. I have to work on it and I have to clean my mind.The mind needs to be detoxed and cleaned.Look at your past memories.Other people might not have been wrong to me, but I might have made mistakes.If we have held on to the guilt, it is all the more toxic.Guilt creates more pain, then any harm caused by other people.We keep cursing ourselves for that mistake.Had we done it intentionally? Even if so, today we need to release it.Apologize (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  )to them physically or even mentally, send them good wishes, serve them and release the guilt.All toxic feelings need to be released today.Unless toxins in the mind are cleaned, the toxins in the body cannot be released completely.So past  information which is the first factor needs to be cleaned thoroughly from here.If you had a conflict with someone, call up and speak to them today.Don’t have any pending Karmic account, example of not being in talking terms with someone.It’s not necessary that one thought is enough to clean the past.But we will take up this cleaning activity for the next 8 to 10 days.We will not start something about details of that incident.Just bring that person on the screen of our mind And now let’s see what right thinking in this case would be.Whatever happened, is past. It’s over.


It’s finished. Full stop.If I have made a mistake I apologize.And I forgive you for whatever you did.This is right thinking.If you can say this physically to them, it’s fine. But even otherwise, just say it in your mind.Past is past, it’s over.I apologize and I forgive you.The ask and offer forgiveness because the the matter is over.From today, only respect and blessings from me to you.This message with just these 3 thoughtsPast is past, it’s over.I forgive, I apologize.From today, only respect and blessings to you from me.God’s powers are with both of us.Create these 4 thoughts every day.Every morning and every night. It hardly takes 30 seconds.These thoughts are applying medicine on the old emotional wounds within 30 seconds.We have to apply (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) the medicine at that time itself when the incident happened. But we didn’t do it then. So we will apply now.Now it will get healed. Repeat these thoughts everyday.Even the oldest wounds will get healed. Physical wounds take long to heal. But emotional wounds heal very quickly.So we will clean all the unpleasant past information held here.Second is our belief system.Check if we have believed any wrong emotion to the natural.Jealousy, fear, anxiety, competitionComplaining, criticismNone of these are normal. But we wrongly believe them to be normal.Only emotions which have feeling energy are normal.Give gratitude throughout the day.Everyone is complaining about everything. Yes it is a difficult situation.Everyone is doing things according to their capacity in this situation.It is easy to give opinions while we are at home.Being in that capacity, for example being in a hospitalToday we are in pain and here because of the news that we are getting.What if we are in a situation of treating everyone Family members of that patient are crying It happens very commonly in front of doctors, but today the numbers are huge.The doctor himself can have covid.


Or someone in the doctor’s house can have covid.That doctor tries to calmly explain to the patient’s family. But he also has a limit to his capacity.But if he is unable to respond to ask properly twice, or unable to talk to you patiently for 2 minutesIf he raises his voice by mistake Should we complain against him? No.They are the same people as us.And they are facing manifold pressure than we are facing.Being at home even if we can’t do anything, we can certainly bless them, isn’t it? But if thousands of a complain and thousands comment about itAnd thousands forward that message Then everyone serving on the front line They will receive very heavy, negative energy.When someone already dealing with crisis receives heavy negative energyTheir capability to face the crisis will be depleted.And when that happens The crisis appears bigger for those of us who are at home.We can certainly give feedback and advise.We can even give strong feedback. But we cannot give it with criticism. Both are different things.Everyone is doing their best. We can certainly give gratitude. We can bless them.Along with gratitude and blessings we can give advice.Energy should be of gratitude and blessings. With that, energy of the country will become one of healing.So our belief system  about all aspects of life is very important.Third and the most important factor is information.The information we put into ourselves throughout the day is very important.We don’t know the capacity of the mind But throughout the day we are consuming a lot (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) of information.We just need to know about things that are within the area of our responsibilities.What is our area of responsibility?It’s important for us to know about it.If you are serving and have something to offer to hospitals, you need to know about it.But if that is not our role We don’t need to know about it.And we certainly don’t need to know what is happening throughout the country.We need to understand what it is doing to our mind.Constant inputs of what happened here … what happened there … Yes, it is a very difficult situation.But if millions of people consume that information repeatedly.Their vibration will go down immediately, fear and anxiety become normal.The body’s immunity system will start responding to those vibrations.The immunity system becomes weak.Then the chances of getting infected by covid will increase.Then the capacity to fight it will reduce.

Because we have filled our mind with all that information and visuals. Suppose I am reading, watching, and listening for 15 days that ICU bed and oxygen cylinder are not available easily And suppose I get a report that I have tested covid positive.Won’t all that negative information start playing on my mind?How should my mind be at this time?Absolutely peaceful and stable. Complete faith in God. I need to give high energy to my body.But my mind starts creating all those pictures, because they are already recorded there.And once we are under quarantine, we spend most of our time with phone and TV.Then the equation is – The visuals we watch determine our state of mind. If I watch all the visuals, although they are real, they will have any impact on my state of mind and immunity of the body.We have taken care of what to eat and drink for good immunity.Now we will take care of what to watch, read and listen.Disconnect yourself completely from all content.You want your mind and body to come out of it powerfully.Even if you stay away from all forms of content consumption, you will still be receiving 20% of it anyway.We live in an environment where we cannot remain 100% content-free.But even if you stay away from all forms of content consumption, you will still be receiving 15% to 20% of it anyway.This is what we need to do so that everyone’s mind remains fine and body responds.We all know what to do if we get infected. So we don’t need to watch too much content.There are people experiencing anxiety.And the first thing anxiety does is to make them breathless. There is a direct connection between anxiety and breathlessness.Covid also has (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) a direct connection with breathlessness.So we cannot afford to have anxiety if we have covid. We need to take care.We should stop watching and listening to them. And most importantly we should stop talking about them.Let’s stop this in our conversations.Everybody knows everything about the happenings.We don’t need to talk about what happened here and what happened there …


Let’s talk about something where we can contribute.Talking about the situation which is not in our control, we are radiating it into the atmosphere. That is affecting everyone at home, especially children.It is affecting even the elderly and senior citizens at home.The energy of all that information should not be allowed in the house and certainly not in the kitchen.The vibrations enter the food and water.As it is, the energy of the city is low. Keep your house like a place of worship which has high energy vibrations. Then healing will happen. Body and mind will remain strong.Negative words should not circulate within our homes.Flood your home and mind with positive content.Negative content means disturbing content.It is not just content related to  covid.Since we have a lot of time, we keep watching TV serials and movies.An entire series this pending on my OTG platform. So I watch the entire series.All this is negative content especially at the present times so we can’t afford to watch them.Anything which has low vibration should not be consumed at present.Neither for the body, nor for the mind.We cannot consume low vibrational content or diet.Our thinking has a direct connection to what we watch, read and listen. Our thinking becomes of the same quality.Just like our body is created according to what we eat and drink Our thoughts are created according to what we listen, read, and watch.When we changed these three things, we will not need to deliberately change thoughts. Their quality is automatically changed.It is the just as how when we change our diet, we don’t need to work on our health. Health will automatically become fine.


Consume a Satvik diet.We are so scared today our health, our loved ones’ health, and we fear losing them.We experience what fear is.We cannot afford to eat food which has the energy of fear.Food is not only about proteins, it is also about vibrations.Non vegetarian diet is harmful at present for our mind and body.It is always harmful, but more so at this time.If we avoid now, we can give it up.If you eat non vegetarian food, today the visuals of an animal in a slaughterhouse.The pain anger and hatred it experiences, and then how it is hurt and killed.That comes into our plate,  am I going to eat this?We are trying to give health to ourselves, through someone’s death. What Karma is it?Even doctors are saying it cannot give us health.Conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart related issues, cancer are happening due to this diet.Which means we are eating it only for taste.We can check our Karma. We are killing animals and eating them for taste.Most importantly they are not good either for our body or our mind.Because that food has vibration of fear and anxiety.It creates toxins in the body and mind.Let’s change the diet of what we eat and drink.Which means we need to change these 5 things which go inside and create our thoughts.What we (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) listen, read, watch, eat and drink.Make all these five things Satvik and positive.Positive Thinking will happen automatically. Nothing will need to be done. It will be happening automatically.To achieve this, spiritual and meditative lifestyle is needed.What do meditation and spirituality mean?Wake up early and fill yourself with Godly messages.Which means you fill the mind with divinity, the first thing in the morning.Spiritual study in the morning.Don’t spend time with the phone to check messages, business or even service. Postpone that to later in the day.Early morning should be for highest energy content – spiritual study.Waking up early morning means sleeping early at night.Wake up early and fill yourself with divine content.Spiritual study.Meditate for the mind just like you exercise for the body.First meditation is to be learnt.


That’s very important.Meditation means we connect our mind with God.It is very important for the Soul to connect with Supreme Soul (God)We all remember God.Along with that we need to fill the mind with God’s energy. I need a very powerful mind at this time.We will first learn meditation.Wherever you live, you can contact your nearest Brahma Kumaris meditation centre.This system is help you do the course online for now.Fix a mutually suitable time – 1 hour a day for 5 days.They will teach you the Rajyoga meditation course, online at present due to lockdown. So we will begin our morning with spiritual study and meditation.Even before sleeping at night we will fill our mind with something positive for 15 minutes.Surrender God everything that happened during the day.The mind certainly needs to be cleaned before sleeping.If we made a mistake or even if someone else was wrong throughout the day today It is very important to cleanse it before sleeping.Then it will not become an emotional wound. It will be like a layer of dust which will get cleaned at night.It will not remain as a stain. If it becomes a stain then it needs deep cleaning.But if it is just a layer of dust, we can wipe it before sleeping at night.That is why some people write a diary. It is our way of  cleaning the mind.Write a letter to God. But do not write they said this, they did that … They did so and so, but I remembered you and sent them blessings.I forgot the incident and forgave them.Do not write what happened. Write how you responded to whatever happened.Suppose I had not responded right in the morning, and I had created anger I say sorry here at night. This is very important.Especially if we behaved wrong with someone during the day.Because they will not be able to sleep well isn’t it? Their mind will also be restless.So their vibration will keep reaching us.These two times are most important – first thing in the morning and just before sleeping at (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  )night.When we do the right things at these two times, everything will be fine.Right thinking becomes natural. It is the easiest thing to do.And  Satvik diet.Right thinking will be a natural way of living, absolutely natural.Let’s sit in silence for 1 minute.Look at the seed here, a point of light, a tiny star.And just about your head, visualise another tiny point of light – God.The soul is formless, and so is the supreme soul. Soul is energy and so is the supreme soul.God is with us at every moment.I am a powerful soul.All the powers of the Almighty God are getting filled in me.Visualise.Just like we receive energy from the SunVisualise God’s powers falling on you like a beam of laser light.


The power of purity, the power of love – I am getting filled with all the powers of God.All the emotional wounds are getting healed, unpleasant past memories are getting deleted.Like how a laser beam cuts throughAll the unpleasant past is finished.I am a powerful soul.My thought for everybody is pure, clean, and right.My every word for everyone is a blessing, it is full of gratitude.My every behaviour with everyone is equivalent of service.Every vibration is radiating to (Thought Of The Day -5 Daily Habits For A Healthy & Happy Life By BK Shivani  ) my body.I the soul am filled with God’s powersNow visualise that vibration radiating from the soul to the entire body.Clearly see this scene, of the pure vibrations reaching every organ of the body.God’s powers are radiating to my body from the soul.Every organ is healed by God’s power and is perfect.Now visualise God’s energy circle off white light, surrounding you like a protective shield.I am protected and safe, and will always be.

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