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Thought Of The Day Become Things | Motivated whatever position you find yourself in today we put ourselves there by a series of thoughts and actions thoughts turn into things that are very important to know so let’s look at both sides of it for people who think negative thoughts turn into negative things and the direct opposite is true for those who think positive thoughts it turns into positive things that’s the deal it’s it’s as simple as that folks thoughts become things so the one glaring question for all of us always is on a daily basis what are you thinking what are your thoughts because this is a fact of life this is biblical this is spiritual this is written this is philosophical this is the law of the universe this is just the way it is now and here are the cold part folks it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not it does not matter if you have never been explained this or not and.


it does not matter if you think itworks in your life or not don’t matter listen to me it is the way it isit is it’s just whatever is the law ofthe universe you call whatever you want however you got to dress this thing up because thisall it is so when i say that you are where we are today because we thought ourselves here or you best to believe that’s true you thought yourself here no one elsesee let me explain something i got people around mewho so badly want to take credit for itbut i don’t allow it because i keep pointing to the heavens by grace and mercy by blessings from god.

my life is becausegod has seen it to be so all but i gotplenty of people around meand want you to not give credit to godand give it to them i got thatbut it’s okay it’s so clear to me whatmy father was saying to me man i get itas i get older and onpeople coming to your life for seasonsand i guess that same thing you knowthey season up they gonewell you know hear the way they try tohold you though or you gonna forgetwhere you come fromoh you ain’t gonna keep it real no morei don’t wanna go back where i come fromi don’t wanna keep it that realno mo it was real enough for me livingin a car i had enough of that realno keep it real i want to go keep itdreamy i want to go keep it fantasizingi want to keep it out of this world iwant to see what that’s likeso no i ain’t going to forget where icome from but you ain’t going to hold meto that thoughthoughts become things where are thethings that you want written downwhat do you think about the most howgrateful are youfor what all god has done for you whereyou at with thatif all you thinking about is your debtif all you thinking about is what youain’t got if all you thinking about isevery time i turn around i’m sickif all you thinking about is the thingsin life that you’re lackingand.


if thoughts become things how muchdebt you think you’re going to stay inhow much lacking you think you’re goingto fill your life withhow much mo stuff you finna not havecause youkeep thinking about it all the timewhen you’re gonna be grateful whenyou’re gonna saythank you when it’s gonna come out yourmouth man thati i may not be where i wanna be but i soam grateful for what you’ve given me sofar for the things i havetoday because i don’t have to have thesethings you know what that doesthat then opens up room for more stuffto come your way to be grateful forif you ungrateful for the things we gotif we can’t show no gratitude for whatwhat we have why would god give us themost stuff to be ungrateful forwhat would he do that for tadaanybody feel me right now because i wantyou to feel me i want you to understandand come to the understanding that’ssaying you ain’t cause there’s so manypeople got a deeper understanding to meabout this whole thingi promise you they do listen to me i’mjust trying to get you to walk up inthis light man so you can go on withyour life and quit tripping yourself outwith your thoughtsbecause thoughts become thingsyou

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