Thought Of The Day By BK Shivani How To Calm Down QUICKLY When Upset?

Thought Of The Day By BK Shivani How To Calm Down QUICKLY When Upset? As we do all our work Doing everything that we need to doOne responsibility is to take care of the mind.For example, if there is a baby in the cradle at home.The mother needs to do all the household work.Can the mother do both simultaneously – taking care of the child and finishing her tasks.She has to be in the kitchen to cook, as well as pay attention to what the child is doing. Can she do it? Yes.Kitchen, phone ringing, guest at home, other household chores … Besides taking care of the child What is her first priority?

The child.Which means while she does everything, if the child starts cryingWhat is the mother going to do? She will withdraw from whatever she is doing She will spend 30 seconds to console and soothe her child.And then returned to her work.If she does not take out 30 seconds to console the child The child will cry all the more.This child (our mind) has been crying for a very long time.But what did we say? I am very busy.Nowadays, how busy we are, has become a status symbol.If we are not busy we are considered to be unsuccessful.How many of you are busy?I am busy – this is not a healthy line to say to yourself.Every thought has an effect.When we say – I am busyI have given message to my mind and body that I don’t have time.Some people can be very busy without actually doing anything.Have you met such people? They are not doing much. But they appear very busy throughout the day.And there are some people who remain very easy, despite doing a lot.So being busy is about our attitude. It is not about how much work we had doing.

I could be doing very little but feeling very busy.And I could be doing a lot but feeling very easy.How many of you are busy?We need to change this thought.Busy implies that the mind is turbulent. Easy implies that the mind is relaxed.Being busy or easy is about the state here. It’s not outside here.It’s not outside it’s inside.It’s about how relaxed, calm, and peaceful and at ease, my mind is.Busy means how is it the whole time?It is disturbed.So while doing everything Where should our focus have been?On this child.We need to do all our work externallyYou need to meet patients, perform surgeries, go back home, participate in social work … You need to do everything. But in between if this inner started crying, what were we supposed to do immediately?Withdrawal from your activity and find out – what happened? What is troubling you?Your mind will say – Today he said this to me.We had to give answers to the mind at that timeBut we did not pause to speak to the mind or answer it.Initially when it cried a little bit, the society experienced tension.When it cried a little more, the society created the word Stress.Today the mind is crying so inconsolably that society coined the name Depression.This is a sign that the volume of our mind’s cry has been increasing.If we had consoled our mind at the initial stage of tension itself It would have calmed down at that point itself.But we started saying stress is natural.


Which means we started saying that crying of our mind is natural.Is stress natural?We are not sure what to answer because the mind says – Yes, it is natural because once I go home I will start crying again.So how to answer this question here?Is stress natural? How many of us create stress?Is anger natural? How many of us get angry sometimes?Raise your hand if you get angry once a day.Raise your hand if you get angry many times a day.The illness is quite predominant.Which means we are losing our happiness many times a day.What are we doing to our health and relationships?All this in the name of our belief that anger is natural.The entire healing community If your community changes the definition of what is natural Then the definitions created by the society will change.If a doctor tells us stress is natural The patient will obviously say stress is natural.So a doctor will himself need to check the definition of what is natural – Whether stress is truly natural, or is it my own unnecessary creation?In your normal day to day routine, what are the reasons that cause stress?Stress will lead to anger and irritation. They are all a chain and belong to one family.There are two families. The head of one family is ego.Where there is ego Automatically there is stress, anger, irritation, hurt, hatred … They are all a family.What constitutes the second family?Where there is peace, love, compassion, and care.These are two families of emotions.When they come to our house, individual members do not come. Their entire family of emotions comes home.And the beautiful part is, when they go, they all go simultaneously.Because they are all mutually well united.Because they are all interconnected.Someone who is stressed, will automatically get irritated.They are just a sign of weakness and health. That is all.It is either health or disease.If my immunity system is weak, I am prone to many illnesses simultaneously.If I come to you, you will prescribe certain things.With all that, my immunity system gets boosted. So all the illnesses vanish.They are two families.Generally why do you get stressed or angry?When people don’t obey us. Time management problem.


When people don’t meet our expectations Financial ups and downs.Lack of confidence.Bring on the screen of your mind, the entire scene when you had last created anger.What was the scene? What was the situation?How did the other person behave?And how did we react? Look at the entire scene.Now rewind that scene slightly, and look at it once again.Scene is same, people’s behaviour is the same, even the matter is the same.Today if I have an option Can I respond differently to the same scene?And visualise yourself responding differently to the same scene.How many of you could see both the scenes, with both first and second options?What change did you notice in the second option? Anybody?Suppose someone has made a huge blunder in your clinic or hospital.A nurse, admin staff, or anyone for that matter could have committed an huge blunder. And we have to respond to the situation.At that moment we reacted impulsively.Because of our impulsive reaction, how were our feeling, words and behaviour?Now when we are calmly sitting here, if we rewind and look at the scene once againDo we feel another way was possible? Or was that the only way to react? Another way was possible.We didn’t think of that option at that time. But right now we are able to.It is important for us to do this exercise now because By doing this exercise we are showing our mind That another way was possible. When we saw another way here just nowIt got recorded here.And we have told the mind that mistakes will happen even the next day.Because situations come on a daily basis.People do not obey. They will do what they feel is right. Mistakes happen.The other person will make mistakes.But should I always react the wrong way each time?Wrong way means when my reaction depletes my energy, harms my health, and hurts my relationships.What is damaging for me.


So now what did we see in the second option?You have accepted. But what did you see?But what was the difference in your behaviour, which you saw?This is also meditation.Consider an actor for example.He has a role, script and dialogues.Actors do not directly perform. They first rehearse their role.During the rehearsal they will check the entire flow, of how the scene would be and how they would enact.Likewise, what we did right now was a rehearsal. That the other person will commit mistakes.Or, there are some people who have atypical SanskarLooking at which, we get irritated at least once every day.Do you have such people around you?In tomorrow’s session, we will see why they are like that.If they change a little, life will become so comfortable.But people are not going to change. They are comfortable the way they are.I need to adapt to being with themWithout depleting my energy.So when they make mistake, what is my response? How did you look at yourself responding in the second option?You accepted. How was your response?How was your mind, your face, your words, and your behaviour?You need to look at the complete analysis. What did you see?How was your mind when you took that approach?It was stable. During the first option your mind was turbulent.Your face will obviously be peaceful, isn’t it?How were your words?Sometimes certain words which slip out The other person will certainly feel bad.But later, even we regret and feel we shouldn’t have spoken that way.We speak wrong words. Even our body language goes wrong.Whom does anger harm more? Is it the person who creates anger or the one who receives it?The creator of anger. Sure?Being doctors, you can share the effects of creating anger.Even if you look at it physiologically, what happens to someone who gets angry? Rate of heart beat increases.Blood pressure increases.Yes, and then it is a long list, isn’t it?Do you know the best about the effects of creating anger, on our body.Effect of anger on the body is the second stage isn’t it?The mind is affecting the body.


Let’s internalize this Mantra today – Every thought we create, and not just only few of the thoughts Every thought that we create, what does it first affect?The first effect is on the mind. How do I feel?Suppose we enter this hall and create one thought – What a beautiful hall.When we create such a thought, we immediately feel nice.But suppose we enter this hall and create a thought – What kind of a hall is this?Won’t our feeling change?Which means every thought I create will first affect how I feel.What is the second effect of our thoughts? First is that it affects our state of mind. Our bodyOur body cannot escape the influence of even a single thought created by our mind.Today your hospitals are full and you are all successful It is also certain that in the coming times, you will be more successful.It’s the only industry which need not worry about the future.Because the more the iron age intensifies The more negative, people’s thoughts start becoming.And consequently illnesses will increase.Today we have several treatments, but there are several new illnesses.Because our body cannot escape the influence of even a single thought. So every thought influences our mind, our body.Next, every thought will have any effect on the person for whom it was created.Every thought we create for a person is like an SMS send to them. It is delivered to them.Sometimes after sending a message, we regret. But by then it is already gone to them.Which means the moment we create a thought for someone, it reaches them.So every thought first affects the mind, then the body, and then the relationship.And finally my every thought radiates into the environment and affects it.How did Iron Age get created?When we said stress is natural, anger is natural, hurt is naturalIt means we allow ourselves to create such thoughts.And then we said BP is natural, diabetes is natural. Every year we give a higher figure of where we have reached.And then we said divorce is natural, when it comes to relationships.Our environment is showing us the effect of what we have done.


And yet we call it natural.God asks – How long can Iron Age function in this way?If you consider the whole day – it was morning, and then afternoon. Now it’s evening. Shortly it will be night.After night it would be midnight.After midnight, morning is bound to dawn.God has taught us a very beautiful point. That even in this world cycle, there is period of morning, afternoon, evening, and night.Which means in this world cycle, we had golden age, silver age, copper age, and now we are in iron age.Now we are in an intense phase of iron age – Ghor Kalyug.What would come after this intense iron age? Golden age.After iron age, it would be golden age again in this world. There are two lines, so tell me which is right.Will golden age come by itself? Or should we create the golden age?We need to create it. How to do it?Every thought is going to affect how I feel, how my body is How my relationship is and how my environment is.When our thoughts were negative We said depression and stress are natural.Illnesses are natural,¬† conflicts in relationship are naturalWhen every thought will be pure Soul will naturally be powerful, body will naturally be healthy¬† Relationships will naturally be beautifulAnd Golden age in this world will be natural.Do you know there will be no doctors in the golden age?There will be no hospitals.Every soul will be so pure that there will be no concept of illness.That is why divine souls which means deities are shown to have perfect bodies. If the idol is not perfect, it is not even installed. Because there cannot be any imperfection in divine souls.When the soul is pure, the body cannot be unhealthy.


Likewise, when the soul is impure, the body cannot be healthy. There will be some or the other issue.So when we know that anger affects us in so many ways, why do we get angry?It just comes and we don’t create? A few days ago we were doing a workshop.I said for the next 10 days we will experiment that we will not get angry.Everyone agreed to pay attention and not get angry for 10 days.When I went back to the centre, a brother called up He said – I never create anger. It just comes by itself.


So what should I do?Do we create anger or does it just come automatically?After leaving from here, you will still need to work and get work done.Nurture your children, handle people … You need to do everything.But without using anger, the depleter.It is a depleter because it wastes our energy and affects health.Is it possible to do everything without anger?If you give your mind a thought that it’s very difficult to do without anger, what will happen?Every thought need to be created carefully.Usually we are taught – Think before you speak.God teaches us – Think before you think.Suppose you ask a child to lift something But immediately tell him – It is difficult to lift. I don’t know you can do it or not.Will the child be able to lift it?¬† No.But if you just ask the child to lift it, and even if he finds it difficult, what should be your second sentence? Just say – It’s very easy to lift. Come on, you can do it. I am with you.The child will be able to lift.How should our every thought be?



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