Thought Of the Day COVID How To Finish Fear And Worry? BY BK Shivani

Thought Of the Day COVID How To Finish Fear And Worry? BY BK Shivani .Let us take a minute of silence. Silence has the power to keep our mind focused To connect our mind to GodWhen the mind is connected to God, it fills itself with God’s power and radiates those powers into the world.Just bring this picture on the screen of your mind.That you are getting filled by God’s powers, and these powers are radiating from you into the whole world. It is reaching everyone.Om Shanti.Power of positive thinking.What does Positive Thinking mean?In every situation, for instance the present one In this present situation we don’t even understand what positive thought to create. When someone has lost a family member how to ask them to think positive? And what can they think which is positive? Their life has changed completely isn’t it?What is the meaning of positive thinking?It doesn’t mean that we are always thinking of only very nice things.Because right now there are a few situations where nothing nice is visible.Positive Thinking does not mean thinking nice things, but it means thinking right.There is a difference between the two.It is quite possible that nothing good is visible in a particular situation.But it is important to know how to think right in that situation.How should I think now in the face of this situationBecause my vibrations.




But the vibrations that I create are radiating to the entire world.Even if we find it right or do not like the word Positive Thinking at present Let’s change it and call it the power of right thinking.Because there is no situation where right thinking is not essential.Why? Because we need to be aware of the influence that our every thought has.We feel our thought is going on internally.So even before covid outbreak, most of us had not paid much attention to our thoughts.Even if we rewind and look at our normal days in 2019.What did we focus on?Even when we took care of ourselves, the focus was on the body, which was of course important. We took care of the body at the time, and that is helping us now isn’t it?So we were taking care of our Physical health.And we also took care of our relationships.We took care of our house, and of course we took care of our career or work, where we spent the maximum time.All of you are on Seva, so you took care of serving as well.The world Dhyan means to take care.We had a lot of things to take care.But all of them are entities which are visible to us and to others.If we had not taken care of any of them, it would have been visible to us and to other people.Even if you did not wipe your workstation just one day, A layer of dust would be visible and someone would ask you to clean it before using it.Taking care was so important.So we took care of everything that was visible to us and to others.However, taking care of our mind did not even make it to that list.Why? Because it was not visible. Since it was not visible, we did not realise The dust, emotional wounds, and emotional stains that kept gathering in the mind.Neither could we see it, nor could other people see it.Since other people could not see it, no one asked us to clean the mind.All the could see was our physical weight changing, and so they kept asking us – Why has your weight increased, why have you lost weight …


So their concern is limited to that.Has anyone asked – is your emotional weight increasing? Do you feel heavy in your mind?Have you held onto something from the past, which makes you feel heavy here?It is not visible.If we think about it, the most neglected area in our life is our mind.The only reason that it is not visible.There is another reason as well – we did not know what is is there to take care of the mind.Because it gets influenced by everything happening in the world.We thought if the world is corrected, then the mind automatically becomes fine.If I take care of my body and never fall illIf I am healthy, I will automatically be happy.If I take care of happiness of my family When they are happy, I will automatically feel happy.If I work hard and become successful at my career or business If I earn more money, then I will not have any reason to be unhappy.Which means the second mistake we made is by believing That in the world around us is perfect, our mind will automatically be perfect.Ask anyone why they are working hard. They say they are doing it for happiness.They are very clear. And it is not even their own happiness, it is for happiness of their loved ones.We want to admit our children into the best school and give them all comforts.Why give them comforts? For them to be happy.

So happiness was the goal.But where is happiness created? Here.Did we take care here? No.We believed if everything is taken care outside, then happiness will automatically be created here.The first mistake was that it was not visible.Second mistake our belief that when the world is perfect, our mind will be perfect.Since childhood we have heard – one who wins the mind, wins the world.But we lived the opposite way – that if we win the world, we will win our mind.We got the equation wrong. What happens when we get the basic equation wrong in life?Even as students, we had to write the equation in the first line in the exam.And according to that equation, we would fill out the subsequent lines and pages.We would be very happy about filling up multiple pages in the answer sheet.And yet we could not score marks at all. What was the reason?The teacher would say – You got the equation on the first line wrong. So I did not even read further.Our elders taught us – One who wins the mind, wins the world.That is the equation, and so we need to pay a little attention to the mind.Our thoughts create our world.Our world does not create our thoughtsThat is another equation we were taught.Our thoughts create our world. So we had to take care of our thoughts.But we paid attention to the world, because we thought, thereafter our thoughts will automatically be taken care of.”Sankalp se Siddhi” is another equation which means our thoughts manifest.So we were supposed to pay attention to our thoughts.We knew these equations and we had given shared it with other people.Even if we get that message on phone, we forward it to other people. But we do not use that equation in life.


In fact we used the opposite equation.The first thing is it was not visible, and secondly we got the equation wrong.That when everything is perfect outside, thought about mind will automatically be perfect inside.We were leading our life with the strong equation.We are still not talking about covid.Because we want right thinking not only about covid, but we want it in every scene.If I think write only about covid, but create wrong thoughts about other aspects of my life Even then I will be creating many stains in my mind.There will be many emotional wounds created, besides the already existing ones.We have not healed the past wounds and they are still hurting today.When any emotional mood is hurting here, is vibration will radiate to the body.It will affect the physical health as well.Now during covid of break realising the importance of taking care of both body and mind.We need to think right not only about this situation, but about every situation in life.And also, today we will see how to think right about past incidents as well.Which means the incident happened in the past and at that time we have created wrong thoughts.At that moment we might have felt those thoughts are natural.But they were not nice thoughts, they were uncomfortable.We created pain here, but did not clean or release it thereafter.So we have held on to past pain.At present we need to protect ourselves from the emotional infection all around.Not just the body but we need to keep our mind fit as well.For that we will need to heal even past wounds.We need to be absolutely powerful here.Right thinking about everything is important.Let’s hold onto the equation. Our life starts here, and this is the seed of our life.Everything else is the tree which is visible. But the seed is invisible.Even when we go around a garden, we see lots of plants and trees.We complement the colours and fragrances of flowers, and the size and taste of fruits or vegetables.But we never compliment received that it is very good.


The same is true with our life as well. No one speaks about the seed here.We only compliment people for their looks, their jobs, their house, their children.Which means everyone was complimenting the tree.And everybody likes appreciation and acceptance.Since everyone appreciated the tree, we put effort on the tree alone.The seed inside was being neglected.Over a period, the effect of neglecting the seed will start showing on the free.It had indeed started showing its effect even before the onset of covid.In what ways can the seed show its effects on the tree of life? Physical health.We eat the best organic food, and drink mineral water.We have so many options today for physical workout.Despite all this, we are not completely physically fit.So the first effect of a deteriorating seed is on physical health.Why? Because every thought we create here radiates to the body.Let’s fit this today – the vibration of the thoughts we create here radiate to the body.Any pain or guilt from the past which I have held on hereOr if someone made a mistake and I have held onto angerSometimes we hold on to hatred or anger against people.All these emotions don’t just remain here.This is the seed. Energy of the seed does not remain within the seed.The seed is reflected in the tree. The energy does not remain within the seed.First of all our thoughts have an effect on our feelings.These feelings determine our mental health.Even before covid, our country had the highest number of depression cases in the world.Of course it is because of population, but still the number of Mental health issues were high.After covid outbreak, there is a steep rise in the number.Anxiety attack, panic attackWhere are they happening? Here.Why are they happening? Because the seed which means our thoughts are weak.So the seed first affected my mental health.Next the vibration of our every thought radiated to the body, so the seed affected our Physical health.We changed many things in our life style, but we did not change anything here.We did not change how to think, how to speak, and how to behave.We changed our diet, sleep, and exerciseAnd still we did not get rid of illnesses, they kept increasing. This was before covid.Diabetes, cardiac issues, cancer kept rising despite making these lifestyle changes.The first effect is on mental health and second is on physical health.The third effect – every thought we create radiates to people.Because a thought is not physical that we need to give it to someone.It is energy. Energy does not remain here. It vibrates out and reaches people.If you look at an apartment, the builder makes identical flats.If there are 50 houses in one building Suppose all of them have identical furnishings and furniture If we go around all the 50 houses, they all look identical in all waysBut we will not feel the same way in every house.


Each house will give us a different energy.Entering one house we will feel there must have been a fight before we entered, since the energy feels very heavy.Entering another house between everything must have been normal there.Entering the third house we start feeling a very comforting energy. We don’t even understand why.We even ask them what they do, because that house feels very peaceful.Who created different energies there, although all the 50 houses were identical physically?The quality of thoughts created by people living there.Thoughts don’t remain within the mind. They vibrate into the house and create the energy of the house.Within that house we have our family members including childrenWhich means we are giving that energy to them to consume throughout the day.So our thoughts influence our family members.Our thought reaches the person we are thinking about.Take one second to create a thought for someone.That person need not live in your house. They can be in any corner of the world.Would be nice to create a good thought for them at this time.Now tell yourself that your thought has reached that person.Thoughts reach people. Every thought reaches people.All of us have experienced that when we think of someone, they also think of us at that same moment.And wonder how come they called us at that moment.Sometimes we will be thinking of someone for two or three days. And we receive their message suddenly.We will be thinking of talking to them and inquiring about their well being Suppose they are doctors and want to know if they are taking care of themselves. We will want to message them.At that moment we get their message asking if we are doing fine.We asked them how come they thought of us.It happened because our thoughts reached them. It takes longer to write a message.Vibrations have already reached that person.Thoughts create our relationships.Consider this covid situation.



Our every thought is reaching people.Someone is infected and is getting healed with treatment.While healing what energy do they need?Their family is worried for them. What energy does that family need?What energy do the people getting treated at hospital lead?Most importantly what energy do the healers need?And what energy do the people administering the country need?They are getting the energy which our minds are collectively radiating.Just like how we can feel the energy of a house once we enter itLikewise there is an energy of every City, created by by the millions of people who live in that city.And likewise, the energy of this country is created by 135 crore citizens who live here.What is the energy of this country today? It is created by the collective vibrations radiated by all the minds of people living here.We don’t need a discussion to decide what kind of energy is required in this situation, for healing to happen.We need enormous healing energy in the entire country today.We need enormous healing energy in every city today.We need enormous healing energy in our homes today.Even if no one is infected by covid in our house.Because many people are holding pain here.How to create all the healing energy that is required?It is created only when I start thinking right the entire day.Still you are serving, you can put this on top of your list.Some of you are serving in the hospital, and some of you are serving with your money The most important form of service, especially since we cannot go out and serve physically at this time The most important service all of us can do at present is That the mind of 130 crore people of India needs to be fine.Because one who wins the mind, wins the world.We might assume that covid has no connection with the mindBut there is a connection.Because one who wins the mind, wins the world – this doesn’t apply only in a few situations. It is a universal equation.Equation remained the same and problems kept changing even at School. The teacher can give any numerals but the equation does not change.We cannot say that just because the problem is different, solution is not possible. The same equation is to be used for any problem.Equation is – One who wins the mind, wins the world.We are putting a lot of effort in taking care of the body and helping other people.But we are not making any effort to keep the mind calm.Why? Because we said –


How is it possible to remain peaceful in this situation?How is it possible to remain fearless or stable in this situation?We said – It is natural to fear and worry in this situation.It is natural to criticise people who are making mistakes right now.It is natural to find faults and blame people in this situation.By calling them as natural How low have we brought the vibration of our country to?And healing is happening in this environment in this country.Just look at the contradictory energies happening.If someone who needs healing is housed in an environment where there is stress, anger, and anxiety, how can he get healed?He will say – Take me out of here. I felt better before. I don’t want to stay in this room.Because his mind will receive all those uncomfortable vibrations and his body will respond to them. We need to serve our country and city.Each one of us is responsible for our stable state of mind.Because my vibration reaches other people.And my vibration radiates out and spreads in all directions.Collective vibrational frequency.

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