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Thought of the day for morning assembly by Swami Vivekananda hello friends today we are going to see a few thoughts by Swami Vivekanand you can use these thoughts in your assembly so saying them and a little bit explanation you can do beforeĀ  I have given some notebooks for improving your cursive handwriting in description you can go and find them and there are good books for improving your children’s handwriting let us start with this first thought is take risk in your life declares a new life if you then you can lead if you lose you can guide this is the first one second one strength is life weakness is did third one if you drink you’re still strong strong you-jin B that means whatever we think we can do it if it feels strong from inside we will be strong cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself we should have believed in us that we can do anything you are the creator of your own [Music] your own destiny Thank You friends for watching this video once again I’ll remind you that I have given some links of the book of cursive handwriting to improve your child’s cursive handwriting you can go there and click it on and you can buy it from Amazon Thank You friends for watching my video please subscribe my channel if you like my videos and don’t forget to share with your friends


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Increase the Vibration of Your Aura

I shall read out something and then share my experience.

When an individual forgives or blesses somebody

With a true heart

The dirt of past experiences clinging to the Aura

Gets cleansed.

And the aura does not carry the past hurt

Or anger and the need for justice.


Let me share an experience. I had a problem in one of my relationships.

There was something in his behaviour but he was not a bad person at all.

But he would give so many directions about everything, including what to eat and drink. I was so uncomfortable and always wanted him to stop doing it.

It took me 1 or 2 years. I used to meet that family once in a year.

And even before meeting him I would create so much discomfort that I have to put up with his behaviour. I would secretly call him Mr Pain.

But this time when we went to meet him at his place, I was totally a different person.

And actually I did not work hard for it.

Absolutely. Very true.

But how are you feeling after that?

I feel very light and happy.

In a better mood.

Now when I meet him and talk to him, I feel I am eating somebody from my own family.

He is the same and you are also the same.

His sanskar (habit) is also the same. But what is it that is now eliminated from your relationship with him?

A barrier, a label created by past experiences.

Something happened in the past which was not pleasant.

Whether or not it was good, but we did not like it.

And because we did not like it we created a hurt.

Our ego got hurt and we got disturbed.

Because we got disturbed, we did not like that person.

Because we said we got disturbed due to that person.

So we did not like that person. All this got recorded on this soul here.

We spent 4 to 5 days with that person, and during that time the recording got affirmed.

The same vibration reached that person also.

You said you meet him only once or twice in a year.

You came back and after 6 to 8 months, just before meeting him again you created a thought in a negative sense that you have to meet him once again.

You even added a label as Mr. Pain.

Once we put labels like Mr. Irritating, Mr. Pain or Mr. Manipulator, then our vibrations for them will not change.

But at that time I would give myself justifications, like how this line here mentioned.

I would think – Why should you tell somebody not to eat sweet when he not diabetic?

We don’t even know each other well. Why is he irritating me so much?

Justification will always be there for our pain.

I am not going to go into pain without reason.

When a soul is experiencing pain it could be because of any emotion. Any negative emotion gives us pain.

I had such a strong justification to dislike that person.

Yes because you are in pain. He is not Mr. Pain, we are in pain.

But when we are in pain we hold other person responsible for that pain.

So we keep their title less Mr. Pain, as we feel this pain is because of that person.

The irritation I am going through is because of him.

So we said they are very irritating.

Whenever there is a small situation or a big situation in front of us.

And when I the soul feel the pain, we will have a lot of justification for it.

This is obvious that nobody creates pain without a reason.

Regardless of whether it was a small or a big issue, we will have many different reasons for it.

There is a reason for that pain and if any person is involved in it

We have seen that creating the hurt is also easy and healing it is also easy.

Both are very easy.

Because who is doing both of them? I the soul.

Creating pain is also easy and healing it is also easy.

We recorded the past experience here so next time when we had to meet the person again

We immediately and before-hand, created a negative vibration about that meeting.

We already create vibrations as – I have to meet him again now, he will continue to behave the same way, I will I can’t face the same issue with him, he is so irritating.

So what will be the reality? It is going to be the same.

Even before meeting when we create such thoughts, those vibrations become a part of our energy.

We are walking around with that energy field now.

This quotation mentions – the aura gets cleaned when we forgive somebody.

This is a very simple situation which you mentioned.

Somebody said something 3 or 4 years ago.

We held onto it here and did not clean it.

Now it is a part of our aura. The dirt of past experiences clinging.

As you shared earlier – whether your hurt and your thought were because of the information or ego.

What is information in this? His behaviour that day which I heard and felt. This is information.

I took this information and recorded it as it is.

The mind created a thought – very irritating person.

I questioned how somebody could do like this or speak like this.

After all we meet only once in a year.

As you are saying this just visualize

That there is a white aura all around you.

Tell yourself – I the soul, pure, divine and glowing with light.

And visualize a white light all around you.

And visualise that when you create each and every thought of this negative quality.

Now I feel as if all my white shirt, dirt of different colours is getting added.

You can see it, isn’t it?

I visualize my clothes getting dirty.

We don’t let any dirt spoil our dress.

Yes I am very protective about it.

And suppose there is a stain on it by chance

Then immediately we clean it. Either we wash it or send it for dry clean but we ensure that stains should not remain.

Suppose the stain remained on the dress. Today while eating, something fell on the dress.

4 days later we were in some place and there was another stain here.

2 days later another stain here.

So within a few days the beauty of the dress gets finished.

When we do not like to have one stain but there are 5 or 6 times on the dress.

So my question here is – when I don’t like a stain on my dress, and now there is a stain on the soul – do I not dislike myself?

Even if I do not dislike myself I am not happy within.

This time when I met him, he said

He said I am motivating him.

He is the same person with the same Sanskars. I used to get irritated earlier

I would feel hurt and disturbed. But today I feel light and happy.

Earlier it was anger and now it is appreciation.

Just as we do not like our dress when there is a stain on it.

We do not wait and say let there be a few more stains and then we will clean it.

We clean it the moment the first stain is spotted.

So at any point of time there cannot be more than one stain on this dress.

If there is one stain it has to get washed. After a few days if that is 2nd stain, again it has to get washed.

We do not wait for 8 to 10 stains to accumulate and then clean it.

Why? Because it is white so it should remain white.

Its beauty is in its whiteness.

I the soul – I am pure and divine, this is my Aura.

It is white. We see the idols and photos of Deities.

Even in photos of Saints, Mahatma and religious heads.

There is an aura indicated behind their head.

Will that white Aura be present only for them?

I could not understand what it meant, when I was a child.

This white Aura is present for all of us.

Every soul is divine so every soul has a white aura.

We should not let it have stains in it.

Today if we get our aura photographed

Everyone has an aura of different colours.

Those who pay attention to cleaning their thoughts and soul will have aura of the colour of light yellow or other shades of yellow.

And those who have heavy thoughts of hatred or anger held on, there are a will be grey or towards dark grey shades.

Anyone can go on to the net and search these pictures.

And see how an aura looks. It can vary from a very light colour to a very dark colour.

What is the basis for the variation in colours of our energy fields?

It depends on how flight we are here and what we have held onto here.

When we meet people having light colours of aura, we may feel so good to talk to them.

When will like a dress which is neat, clean and white, then what kind of a soul will we like?

We will like a light coloured Aura. The lighter the colour of the Aura, the more we get attracted to that soul.

We get attracted to their purity.

When we are body-conscious what aspects do we get attracted to?

Towards physical beauty. One is physical beauty and the other is spiritual beauty.

Both are different from each other.

How do we achieve purity of the soul?

If we visualize every thought that we create

We need to ask ourselves – when I the soul create these thoughts what happens to my Aura?

Dirt is getting added to my Aura.

It is easy to accumulate dirt and it is easy to clean the dirt too.

The incident that you shared with us happened with one person.

Just sit back, visualize and screen yourself.

We need to screen our aura ourselves by looking at it.

And check what are the things it is filled with.

Look at the soul to see what all we have held onto.

Past incidents, our perspective about people, labels or thoughts that we have created – now look at this Aura

Don’t think about it, see it.

That all these things are stuck in it.

Who will clean it?

First let us see what are the things accumulated. Can we see them?

Yes I saw and I felt some of them are very difficult to clean.

It happens with clothes also. Some stains are very stubborn to clean.

But still we clean them. Today if there is a strong stain on your dress.

It may not go away in one wash.

But you will not let it remain.

You will use whitener, bleach or give it for dry cleaning. You will do whatever is possible.

Here I can do it but the thoughts which are stuck in the mind.

I get a thought that those cannot be cleaned.

Here I will put effort because it’s my it is my dress.

But it is only a cloth, it is just a cloth.

When you said it is your dress, it sounded as if it is more important.

I am just telling you and I’m being honest.

It is just a piece of cloth.

When you can do it on just a piece of cloth

If I think that it will benefit me by cleaning it

Why is it not getting deleted from the soul?

It will not get deleted as long as we hold the other person responsible for it.

As long as you blame somebody else for your pain

That pain will never get healed.

It cannot.

Then whom to blame? There are so many incidents when we were riding a bike, for example.

There were some people who were stronger than us. They hit my brother and a few elders and left. You are just a child so you feel helpless at that moment.

That pain stays throughout our life.

Is that wound healed?

The person who got hit, his physical wound got healed?


How long did it take?

It took 15 days.

And when did this incident happen – how long ago?

30 years ago.

You see the difference?

One is the physical injury and other is the hurt created here, seeing that physical injury.

That physical wound healed in 15 days.

The person who got wounded must have forgotten the incident also buy now.

Because he got a wound only here.

But you – the one who got hurt here – is not be able to forget it.

See the difference.

What was the hurt here – what was the thought created?

Specify the thought. What was the thought?

That I just could not help him.

I should have hit them back to take revenge.

What will each of these thoughts do?

They create a wound here.

It will create hurt. The incident is over. The physical injury got healed 30 years ago.

And we don’t even know where the person who hit him, is right now.

It is all closed past scene which is over.

What remains right now? The hurt here.

You have held onto this pain in your Energy field for 30 to 40 years.

Though it is a small thing, over a period of 40 years

It depletes us because we have held onto a wrong thing in the soul.

We are weak souls today because there is so much that we have held on from the past, and not released them.

Something which could have been released 40 years ago

We have not claimed that single staying for 40 years. This should be the first awareness.

We have not cleaned it. Whose responsibility was it to clean?

Mine. Good.

This itself is empowerment.

The incident which happened with you is a small one.

Sometime back I met a couple whose child was kidnapped.

They were shown a video footage

Where the child was struggling and was calling out to the parents for help.

The child is no more after that incident.

The father said – I was not there for my child at that time.

So he is not able to sleep at night, he is disturbed in the day, he is ill and is taking treatment.

Only one thought goes on constantly – I was not there for my child when it was needed the most.

We always need to remember that everything will not be in our control.

It is not that we were able to do it and we chose not to do.

Even if we want to feel guilty, it can happen when we could actually do something but we did not.

But this is a situation where we did not have the power to change things.

Like you mentioned in your case, that was not enough physical power to counter the attack. And in this case, the father was not with the child at that time.

If we do not Heal this now, the parent – just like how you held onto the incident – will hold on to that thought even after 40 years from now.

I was helpless. I did not do whatever I was supposed to do. I have not fulfilled my responsibility.

Now let us change this thought. That parent was asked to create just one thought.

That is – all these years I have done the best for my child.

You cannot change that particular incident.

But the recording here – the vibration and the frequency.

Like the example you shared at the beginning – this person is irritating, this person is Mr. Pain.

You said you never liked him all those years.

But to come out of the pain what did you change? One thought.

The thought was – this time my interaction with him will be very beautiful. Nothing will disturb me.

One thought gave you the power to release your pain.

What it does is – The situation does not change, the other person also will not change. But we become powerful.

For a few days, you need to create this thought every day.

Bring that scene in front of you and you have to tell yourself – this was not my mistake.

Earlier also had done a lot for them and did a lot of good things after that also.

We can see what the soul records.

It records the one thing that we didn’t do properly.

You have done a million good things, if we take a count.

But what did this one recording do? It became a stain and stuck to the soul.

Because at that moment what did you record on the soul?

I did not fulfill my responsibility, I was helpless, I have not done it the right way.

It became a wound.

The scene is over, the situation is very old.

But we held on to the pain.

Now the pain will not heal by itself.

You need to create the right thought. Suppose somebody else was in that scene instead of you

What would you suggest to him?

What could you do? You were just a child at that time. Just leave it.

You will give the suggestion.

If you had given this suggestion to yourself that day, then you would not have held onto it for 40 years.

This needs to be done consciously.

So that the stain gets cleaned from the soul and Aura.

Latest all be very clear on this. If we hold onto past hurt

Soul power reduces.

What was the father of the child told – should we create a thought that he had always taking good care of the child, always help the child. But I was not there at that moment so I couldn’t help.

The child is no more with them.

The soul has left and gone ahead on the journey.

He was told to emerge the soul every morning.

Connect with God and give His power to the child.

Say sorry to that soul once.

So that that sold will not carry this recording on the journey further.

These are very deep recordings.

If the soul carries recording that my parent was not there for me.

So we need to give an answer to that soul now.

Suppose that child was in front of us, we explain so much in detail to the child.

It is like how at home also we discuss any situation and explain to each other till all of us understand.

But guilt cannot go away so easily. The child was tortured so badly. So it is not easy.

Guilt has to go.

Again the line – it is not easy.

Guilt can never finish if the same thought goes on.

And as long as the parent remains in guilt here, what vibration will reach that soul there?

What is the solution coming out of this?

What is coming out is that the parent is in pain, the whole family is in pain

And that child who has gone ahead in life’s journey

Will also be in pain.

If the parent creates a thought from here – I was not able to do anything for you.

Child will also create a thought from there – you were not able to do anything for me.

This will go on.

If you send me a thought from there – I could not do anything for you.

I will receive the same thought from you – that you could not do anything for me.

It means you are in pain and I am also in pain.

Now you send me a thought so that I get healed. Send a thought.

Whatever happened in the past, I could not help it and you could not help it.

From today you be happy. I am sorry for whatever happened.

I was helpless because I was not present there.

I will receive this message.

My clarity will increase.

I will get an understanding of the incident.

I get healed.

And when you send this vibration every day

This has to be done consciously. This is meditation.

When you consciously send these thoughts to that soul, your guilt gets healed.

We should never say my guilt cannot go away.

Guilt is a way of thinking.

A different quality of thinking will heal that guilt.

And most important – it is not just healing you but, it’ll heal the other soul to whom you are sending this message.

If this parent keeps sending the same thought to the soul – I could not do anything for you, I just could not do anything.

Both of them will only cry.

And that’s all will carry the same recording throughout the next journey.

The recording would be – my parent was not able to do anything for me.

This thought will trouble the child so much in the next life.

It is not about the past alone. That thought will trouble the child even in the next life.

That child will find it difficult to trust people.

Because the recording in the mind will be – when I was in pain, my own people did not do anything to help.

Look at the recording.

So it is not just a part of the parents aura, but it becomes a part of that child aura in the future life.

How important it is to heal.

We all realize the power of this healing.

With just a little effort we can change our present.

We can heal the soul with whom our past Karmic account was not pleasant.

We can change our future lives.

By just consciously creating those thoughts. We need to do it.

No other choice, we need to do it.

Not out of helplessness.



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