Thought of The Day Motivational Story in English

Thought of The Day Motivational Story in English


The world has changed by Mado

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Thought of The Day Motivational Story in English
Thought of The Day Motivational Story in English



You read right

The world has changed.
the one who has laughed,
He has created history.
If you want to know, read,
There was a doubt.
he spoke,
I’ll create light from the glass,
motivational story in hindi
Who would have believed that
What do you think,
When he told the people that it could happen, what would the people have said?
Yes, we also think.
No sir
People must have laughed at him
How is man,Crazy Ass
And when he showed, the people were convinced.
Thomas Alva Addison
1093 patent, sir, his name and what will be lived
500 years ?
Not an avg life

Even today, the invertor is found in the house
Patented by Thomas Addison
But it will be followed by the hard work of salo
Think of electric meter
How much unit of light will measure,
We only see the result, the hard work behind it does not appear.
Another example look
On the one hand was Shaksh
Waves can be spoken to
Friends will laugh at the world on that too
But he trusted himself
and showed up

Graham Bell
The telephone was invented.
Friends the purpose of these things is only that
The mad men have changed the world
Sensible people will still sit and find loopholes,
If you are also doing something that you are facing difficulty in,
So, understand that you are doing a world-changing job.
Now you must have believed that,
The world has changed.

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    2   Best motivational story


Hello friends welcome you all.
Today I will tell you about such a best motivational story,
You will feel that you will hear or read if

If the outlook is positive, even out of negative things
Good things can be taken,
So let’s start the best motivational story by not taking much of your time.

It is a one-time thing. There was a bird,
Were going to have children, but she had someone

If there was a need for a haven, he was looking for it.
Reached the jungle.
There he seeed two trees.
And the trees were on the banks of the river.
He first asked the tree if, 0 “Do I have on your tree

Can I build your home? ”
The first tree refused!

Now she came to another tree.

That’s the question, the tree that has asked it
Allowed you to build your home here,

But a few days later, an incident took place.
It was that there was a sudden flood and the tree that had

He refused to be swept away.

Seeing this, the bird sitting on the other tree said that
This is what happens to those who do not help others.
Sometimes beggars also help
The flowing tree responded with great decency
That is not at all.

My roots were weak so I refused you
Because I didn’t want you and you

The future of young children may be washed away because of me

And the eyes of the bird were torn with a fat.
How wrong I was.


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