Thought Of The Day- ONE Simple Way To Face Any Problem By BK Shivani

Thought Of The Day- ONE Simple Way To Face Any Problem By BK Shivani  How many of you face a minimum of one situation daily, shifting you from happiness?On an average one problem in a day. How many of you face?Do any of you face more than one in a day?I see. I thought it was the other way around.I thought the others don’t even have one in a day. You have more than one a day?Do we really face more than one problem in a day? Can there be multiple problems?Not a situation but a problem?We have lots of problems?The problems we face in life, what is the size of those problems?For the same problem, one person says – It was such a huge crisis.Second person says – It was okay, a moderate problem.Third person says – It was just a small issue.The fourth will say – There was no issue at all.

Thought Of The Day- ONE Simple Way To Face Any Problem By BK Shivani

Now the first person will ask him – How can you say there was no issue? It was such a huge crisis.So what is the size of that problem or situation?That situation remain the same for all of them.One feels it’s very huge, another finds it average,And another says it is nothing at all.So what was the actual size?Suppose 4 people come to lift this table.One of them says it is very heavy.Another says it is okay.Yet another person says it is light.And the fourth person says it is weightless.But what is the reality about weight of the table?Can you see our reactions?Whether it is heavy or light depends on?The same table, the same situation, the same problem.Feels heavy for one person and light for the other.So is this table heavy or light?Very good answer. We will know only when we lift it.Which means it is not dependent on weight of the table.Whether it is heavy or light depends on the person lifting it.Change one thing from today.A problem has no size.So never say it is a very big situation or a problem.The moment you call the problem as big, what are we trying to say? I am weak.The minute I say to myself that I am weak My potential to face that situation will come down.Now consider this same table and myself.Now there are no 4 different people. It’s just the table and myself.I need to lift this table.Today it is okay. I can lift it using both my hands.Suppose for the next 10 days I don’t eat well and I don’t rest well.That same table will feel very heavy for me to lift.It’s the same me and the same table.Thereafter when I take good care of myself for the next 10 to 15 days I will again be able to lift the table.And then if I start exercising and strengthening myself, I will be able to lift this table with one hand.And then if I keep continuing to do so, I will be able to lift the table in one finger.It’s the same me and the same table.So let’s shift our focus from the table.And come to us.If we say the table is very heavy It means we are telling ourselves – The table is so heavy that you cannot lift it.Today we look at life situations The situations are the same as what existed earlier.Husband-wife relationship or parent-child relationship are not new.Your grandparents might have had 6 to 7 children.They did not realise how quickly the children grew up.Today parents find it difficult to raise one child.They say it is very stressful to raise children.They attend parenting workshops to learn how to handle children.They also buy books published in America, to read and understand how to raise their children here.It’s the same parent and child relationship. But why is it difficult now?Something which was simple and natural,


why has it become difficult today?Relationship remains the same. But the soul who is is managing that relationship has become weak.That soul is finding the same relationship difficult now.People say relationships are difficult today.That is not true. I am not taking care of myself and therefore the relationship seems difficult.So from today never call any situation as difficult.To resolve any problem the first energy I need to give it is to say – It’s a very small thing.It’s just a thought.But the moment you say it is small, what is the feeling that get generated?That I can win over it and cross it.But if we say – It’s a very big challengeThen 4 guests who come home will say – You truly are facing a huge problem.We will acknowledge their opinion and say – Yes, it is indeed a huge problem.Then our problem will become much bigger.Only one person is needed at home to say – It’s just a small thing.This is nothing and we will cross it easily.The energy of the house will change.This is the first and simple homeworkThe list of all the issues you brought up at the beginning, label them all as very small issues. The message that I am giving to myself is I am powerful enough to face this. This is very important.God says no matter what situation (literally whatever situation) comes in your life Just create one thought I am the Master Almighty Authority.God is the Almighty Authority. And I am God’s child.I am the Master Almighty Authority.The moment you create this thought, you feel powerful.What happened to Hanuman Ji? He had once forgotten his powers.He was very powerful but he had forgotten.When will listen to Ramayan or similar stories, we simply not overhead and say – Hanuman Ji forgot his powers.Once the story got over we were back to work.While listening to the story, who were supposed to connect it with?It is my story.I the soul have forgotten my powers.When I have powers but, have forgotten that I have themThen my situations seem like mountains to me.The mountain remains the same. But the moment I recall my powers, I will lift that same mountain with one hand.So when we listen to that story it is not about Hanuman Ji. It is about me.What is the size of our situations? Just this much.Whenever there is a problem in life, it is our choice of which direction we will take it forward in.Suppose the size of the problem is 50% in my life.It is an illness in my body or a conflict in a relationship It is some ups and downs in my career Basically there is a problem in my life.


And to assign a number, we will say it is at 50%.Suppose I give energy to this problem by saying.This is such a huge problem.My health is not good.My relationship is not smooth.I have problems upon problems.The problem was at 50%. Now if I give such energy to itAnd how much energy do we give? Because we keep thinking about it throughout the day.Even all the people around me will keep giving it energy.They keep saying – What a big problem, he is unwell Their relationship is suffering, their business is not running well.Which means so many of us are giving it blessings.So what happens to the problem? From 50% it will increase to 60%.The moment it becomes 60, we will again panic that the problem has increased.So now when everyone talks about the problem increasing, it receives more energy and blessings.It increases all the more, going from 60 % to 70% now. With our own thoughts, we keep intensifying our problems.Then we travel great distances to meet Saints and Mahatmas.And we seek their blessings.It is very good because it is pure energy.But when we go to someone and when they bless us When they bless us, what are they actually doing?When you go to them and start explaining how huge your problem isThey will immediately bless you. But what exactly do they do?They will create an extremely pure, powerful and elevated thought about us and our problem.And all they say is – Everything will be fine.Which means our problem was this much. But we were giving it a lot of negative energy.And then we went to this special soul They gave us very powerful energy.We felt better and we came back.After that what do we say?We say – Guruji blessed us, and so the problem got resolved.Now the moment the next problem arises in our life In fact, at the beginning of this session we said, everyday we face a new problem. So?What is the difference between that pure soul and us?They are creating a very pure and powerful thought about our problem.Whereas we are creating a very negative thought about our problem.Sometimes their blessings work wonders for us.But sometimes their blessings don’t work isn’t it? Yes, it happens.And then we say – Let’s look for some other Guruji. Going here didn’t help.Why didn’t their blessing work?Someone gave a very pure and powerful thought for us to resolve the problem.But I gave 10,000 negative thoughts to the same problem.So what happens to that Saint’s pure and powerful thought? It gets cancelled.Because it is all about energy which is working.If Saints and Mahatmas can give us blessings Can we also give blessings?


Yes.How do we usually give blessings?Suppose your child has an exam. He comes to you and says – Papa, I have an exam today.The father says – All the best. Do well.And internally the father creates a thought – No idea what will happen today.Which means he did give a blessing. And after that what did he give?Ask yourself how many of you have given the opposite of blessings to your children, during this lifetime.How many times in a day we are giving opposite of blessings?I don’t know what he will do in future.Saints and Mahatma will never say they don’t know what will happen to you. What do they say?And they are not just saying. They firmly believe, have faith and conviction, connect to God and then radiate.When they can do it, we can also do it.Because if we do not give blessings Then we tend to give the opposite of blessings.Thoughts are created throughout the day.Those thoughts will either be pure and powerful.Or those thoughts will be ordinary.Or else, those thoughts will be negative.Today if we check this as a homeworkHow many times do we give ourselves and to the people around us, the opposite of blessings?When we keep telling ourselves that I am very stressed. Yesterday I met a sister who told me – I am very depressed.I asked her if she has clinical depression. She said she doesn’t have it, but she feels depressed.Which means she is blessing herself to have it. This is a blessing.What are we saying to ourselves repeatedly? I am very depressed … I am very depressed … It will eventually become a reality.What should we say instead of that?While going to a Saint or Mahatma, we will be in a lot of sorrow.But the energy which they give us – they will not give it based on our sorrow.They will simply say – Always be happy.Vibration which they gave Is not the truth for us right now.When we went to them we were unhappy, we were a failure and unsuccessful.But what was their blessing?Be happy always.

Be successful always.We tell them – Nothing is working right for us.But again they will say – Be successful always.So their blessing is not based on our reality at that moment.But they bless us with whatever reality we want in our life. Can you see the difference?The glass is half full.Suppose this represents the problem in my life.If I take this to someone and tell them to bless me.But Saint or Mahatma will bless as – This glass is full.At the moment this glass is not full.But what did they bless? This glass is full.When this glass gets such pure energy This glass starts getting filled.But what is the energy which we give to this glass throughout the day?This glass is nearly empty … It is empty … So what happens because of our words? Today it is half full. Tomorrow it will reduce further.It all depends on where I want to take it forward from here. Please see this is your power.In which direction do you want to take it from now?Towards fullness or emptiness?That is our choice.What we do is, we look at the reality and create thoughts on that basis.What do Saints and Mahatmas do?They think and speak of what is not yet the reality. (the reality we want in our life)That is called a blessing.In order to be happy always, we need to give ourselves and other peoples blessings at every moment.Are you ready to do that?And thereafter don’t give the opposite of blessings.Suppose I see this glass and I have understood now.I go out of this room. Suppose this is my problem.So now I bless it – The glass is full .. The glass is full … The glass is full.But in between I will look at it and say – Where is it full?And then again I recall this session about how to bless and again I say – The glass is full .. The glass is full … The glass is full.Someone meets us and asks – Do you really see this glass as full?Explain to them – I know it is not. But they asked us to speak that way.When we do this, it doesn’t work. So after a few days we will give up and say it doesn’t work.When will it work?When you give only and only blessings. And you don’t create even a single negative thought of fear, worry or anxiety.When we start doing it, we will start changing the reality that we see in front of us.Let’s finalize one equation today. Listen to it carefully. Apply it in your life.Locate all the matters in your life. Whatever is outside If you start thinking about it here Which means this is the realityIf I start thinking about it here My thinking will start becoming negative.And the present, unpleasant reality will get magnified.Whatever is the reality at present, do not think about it.Create thoughts only of the reality you want tomorrow.Can you see the difference?


I will repeat.Don’t think of the reality that is visible at present.Create thoughts of the reality you want in your life.Consider these flowers. Some of them are fresh. Some have wilted.If I look at this and create thoughts I will say – So many flowers have wilted. Only few of them are fresh. What will happen by tomorrow to this bunch?It means I am thinking of the present reality.When I think of the present reality My thoughts will radiate to these flowers as vibrations And they will start wilting more quickly.Now let’s do the opposite. What do I want?I want them to be fresh.So create only one thought – These flowers are beautiful and fresh.It means we are not thinking of the present reality.We are thinking of the reality which we want, manifesting.Tell me scientifically, what happens if I create this thought “These flowers are beautiful and fresh” for 10 days?Will these flowers become better or not? They will become.That is our power.So whenever we have a problem, whether to intensify it or to reduce it We have that power. Use the power.We need to start using our power.When we come to the centre for the first time to learn meditation The very first Godly message we receive is – You are a peaceful soul.Although we come with our anger, with our aggression …

with everything.God doesn’t tell us – You are about to become peaceful … You will be peaceful.God tells us – You are a peaceful soul.Although it is not reality at that moment, He says we are peaceful.And because He says we are that wayPeace gradually starts becoming our reality.This is pure science.

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