Thought Of The Day Power of 6 Daily Habits For Life motivational

Thought Of The Day Power of 6 Daily Habits When someone does not behave the right way We need to understand they are unwell. Let’s remember That they are emotionally unwell. What illness are they suffering from? It could be ego, insecurity Domination, feeling hurt Or jealousy If someone has any of these illnesses They will not be able to speak nicely.

They will not be able to send us the right energy. It is not their mistake isn’t it? They are unwell. I need to tell myself Their mind is not relaxed. Obviously they will speak this way. It is understandable. But instead we usually say – How could they speak like that to me in front of everyone? The moment we say – they were rude to me It means we consumed their energy. When I consume their energy, I catch their emotional infection. We need to follow distancing. We don’t need to physically stay apart from each other. Vibrationally we need to stay apart.

Thought Of The Day Power of 6 Daily Habits For Life motivational

Vibrational distancing They are in a low emotional state and therefore behaved that way. We need to maintain vibrational distancing. By connecting to God, we need to send blessings and good wishes, and forgive them. This vibrational distancing is maintained We will certainly not catch their emotional infection. But our vibration can do their healing. This is also service. Then we did not think wrong for them When we did not spread negative words about them to other people Generally we complain about them saying – You know what he did today … The other person will listen with a lot of interest – Oh, did really do that! Which means the infection which I had caught, has now spread to you as well. Covid also spreads the same way isn’t it? One person steps out of the house He catches someone else’s infection And when he returns home, someone else gets infected from him. That person will go to college and spread the infection further. See how it spreads. Emotional infection spreads the same way. We consumed someone’s words The mind became disturbed And then we say – Let me share this with someone so that I will feel light. We share that with one person. We have spread that infection to them. They will further discuss about the incident to someone else, and infect that person as well. It was only one person’s weakness, but very soon it went viral. This is why the vibration of our planet has gone down. Only one person had to take care.

If he had protected himself Then that virus would not have come home. If one person had worn the mask properly, The Other five people would not catch the infection. Likewise if the first person does not catch emotional infection By saying – Never mind what he said. He might have been in a bad mood today. Else his Sanskar would have troubled him, so never mind. God’s unlimited blessings to him, he will be fine soon. Simple, because you will remain protected as you are not creating even a single wrong thought. You will send them blessings in God’s remembrance. They will start healing.


Check your thoughts. We are Karma yogis. Repeat this affirmation to yourself everyday – I am a Karma Yogi. The other word was ‘Maryada Purushottam’. Purushottam means person with high vibration. Uttam means elevated or highest Which means hi vibration here. For example gratitude is high vibration. Complaining about why things are the way they are, is low vibration. A person vibrating at a high energy give gratitude throughout the day.

Give gratitude to people, give gratitude to the world Don’t find faults. Everyone will have flaws in them. You will not find a perfect individual. When you keep giving gratitude to everyone, your vibration keeps going higher. Don’t be jealous or compare your life with others. Their journey is different from ours. They are doing their Karma and we are doing hours. Both of us are creating our destiny based on the service we do. Our vibration will rise. No fear but faith that we will cross this situation. Once again our vibration will rise. This is the sign of a Maryada Purushottam. Need to become elevated human beings

And for that we need to follow Maryadas which means disciplines in life.

Disciplines of life.

That is why the word is Maryada Purushotam

The word Maryada comes first. And it means disciplines of life.

Like me have certain disciplines in the family.

We cannot cross the line of discipline.

What are the disciplines in my life?

It needs to be a life of self control and discipline.

It is absolutely essential especially at present.

The time we go to sleep, the time we wake up

What is our morning routine?

How is our diet?

What is the quality of our thinking?

How is our behaviour?

How do we earn money?

The first energy that comes home where discipline is needed, is the way we earn money.

Because money is the first energy that comes into the house.

Energy of the money influences people’s state of mind.

If money is not earned with the right energy, and it doesn’t mean we have earned in unethical ways.

Money not earned with the right energy means, it is earned by making someone unhappy, sad, or we scolded someone

Such money comes home with vibrations of pain.

Our money should be earned by following disciplines of life.

Over the last few years

We have focused more on the amount we earn.

How much we earn has become very, very important.

But for a Karma yogi, how much they earn is not important.

How they earn it is very important.

A bhogi will focus on how much i earn.

But for a yogi, how I earn is important.

Which means I have to earn along with vibrations of blessings.

Do tasks which will radiate happiness to the world.

Don’t do anything which is harmful for someone.

And our way of working should be such that, our fellow workers

Can have a happy mind.

Give blessings and receive blessings from everyone.

Bring home money earned in such a way.

With such money, more than half of our problems will get resolved.

If the money is coming with an energy of purity and blessings.

But if we focus on the amount and whether we are earning more than someone else

Then we cannot focus on earning blessings or our Sanskars.

Our focus will only be on the amount, balance sheet and profit.

It is important to focus on the balance sheet.

It is important to focus on profits.

But not only on the business balance sheet

We also need to focus on the karmic balance sheet.

How much profit am I making there?

Covid has taught us about things happening all of a sudden. We didn’t have any prior notice.

We thought everyone can live up to 80 years.

But we see 30-35 year olds you had only fever and cough initially. It escalated, they got hospitalised, needed ventilator to breathe, and finally passed away.

Did that 35 or 40 year old person have the time check if his Karmic balance sheet was profitable?

He had no time. And the soul suddenly left body.

Everyday we need to check our Karmic balance sheet.

We need to accurately check our karmic transactions every night before going to bed.

Did I do any Karma today which made someone unhappy?

Seek forgiveness before sleeping at night.

Even if you can’t ask for forgiveness verbally, seek forgiveness mentally.

Sunday blessings mentally. Finish that matter and put a full stop before you sleep.

So that my Karmic balance sheet remains sorted everyday.

There should be no transaction pending in my Karmic balance sheet.

Covid teaches us that everything happens suddenly.

We will not have enough time to rectify our Karmic balance sheet.

The life of a Karma yogi.

Sleeping early at night, waking up early in the morning

It is good for immunity also.

Because then we sleep right.

Let’s not say it is not a Priority to sleep early.

We need to be healthy, happy and successful. And then serve.

We now have the time to shift our lifestyle a little bit.

When we sleep early at night, we will automatically wake up early in the morning.

Importance to sleep early at night.

It keeps our body healthy as well.

A lot of Mental Health issues like stress and anxiety are due to wrong sleep cycles.

Let’s sleep early so we wake up early in the morning.

Today the talk about the 5 a.m. leadership club, suggesting that to be successful, we need to wake up at 5 a.m..

But since childhood we have been taught about Amritvela and Brahma muhurat.

Brahma muhurat is the highest energy time.

The highest vibrational energy is between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. .

When was the last time we woke up between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.?

If we don’t wake up, it means we lost the most important time of the day in sleeping.

It was the time to energize ourselves.

Brahma muhurat – It is the highest energy time.

Amrit Vela – Amrit means nectar and Vela means time.

It is the highest vibrational time.

To wake up at that time, we need to sleep early at night.

These are all the lifestyles of a yogi life.

The first thing we do is to meditate in the morning.

We certainly don’t look at our phones.

Never look at the phone, first in the morning.

At least for one or two hours in the morning, we should not use the phone.

This early morning time is too energized the self.

It is the time to serve the self.

For the rest of the day we can serve other people.

Family, business, workplace, society – we can serve everyone.

But we will serve ourselves the first thing in the morning.

After meditation, it is important to fill ourselves with spiritual knowledge for 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

This is spirituality.

Spirituality involves meditating in the morning and then feeling ourselves with the knowledge given to us by God.

When high vibrational content is consumed early in the morning

That content will have purity, faith

Peace, happiness and power.

We become what we listen, read, and watch.

One who need to serve will distance themselves from phone, TV, and cinema.

Which means they use the phone only for work related activities.

They will not keep scrolling through it for new messages.

Because otherwise we keep consuming content.

Whereas we are in service.

Always keep the direction in front of you, we are in service.

We cannot afford to keep scrolling and consuming content.

Because it is not just content, but it influences our every Karma.

So it influences our destiny.

Thereby it influences destiny of the world.

And I thought I was doing a timepass for 5 minutes.

It is not just a timepass. It changes my destiny.

Consume highest vibrational content every morning for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

It can be spiritual content, or any book which has very pure and positive content

Even a video audio.

Consume for 30 to 45 minutes.

Next is to take care of the body – yoga, pranayam walk, and so on.

The first 2 hours of the morning should be for ourselves.

2 hours for ourselves, and the remaining 22 hours to save the world.

We serve not just externally, but even through our mind body, words and money.

One hour before sleeping at night

Once again will disconnect from these things

Very important to disconnect from your work as well in your mind.

Technology came into our lives to simplify it.

But with all the technology, we are physically at home but not mentally,

Because every few minutes we get a notification of a new message or email.

Notifications should be turned off, because they are not good for our mind.

There is a whole science behind this.

Turn off notifications. If its urgent, that person will call you.

If they have just messaged, it is not urgent. You can just check your phone after 30 minutes.

So we don’t need notifications turned on. Otherwise they keep giving a stimulus to the mind continuously.

We get bonded by it and drawn towards the phone repeatedly.

Just fix a time – to check the phone only after every 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Ideally 2 hours or at least 1 hour before sleeping at night, we need to disconnect from work related communication.

Only then we can sleep like a yogi.

If we keep reading messages or emails pertaining to work until we fall asleep

Even if we don’t watch TV or anything else

We sleep with thoughts of work on mind.

We cannot sleep well, because the mind keeps thinking something or the other.

We feel we were sleeping but the mind was thinking.

Because we had assigned a task to the mind just before sleeping. That is not the right thing to do.

At night, if we tell someone what is to be done, they will ask us to talk to them only in the morning.

People will not be willing to listen at a time.

But our mind is so obedient, that it accepts any task at any time, even at night.

And then it keeps thinking about it for the next 6 hours while we sleep.

For a good emotional and physical immunity system

We need a very good sleep cycle.

Sleep cycle is not about the number of hours we sleep.

It is about the quality of sleep.

In a Yogi Lifestyle we don’t need to sleep for long hours.

We need to sleep right.

When we sleep right, we will need less sleep.

Pay a lot of attention to the time you sleep and wake up.

The food you eat is Satvik anyway. If not, today is a good time to make that shift.

A Karma Yogi cannot put anything tamasik into his body.

Health and happiness are of high vibration.

The more we keep ourselves at high vibration

Low vibration cannot affect us in any way.

Even if we get affected, we will recover quickly.

If we keep our mind and body at a higher vibrational energy.

The simplest way is to lead a yogi life.

It doesn’t need a change in the colour of the clothes we wear.

For a Yogi life we need to change only the colour of our thoughts.

And colour of our Sanskars, to be of high vibration.

The higher we take them

Service happens automatically.

When we change, the world changes.

Because the world is created by our collective vibrations.

Power vibrations need to finish Kalyug and create Satyug.

The world cannot continue in this way.

The time to transform the world has come.

All of you are God’s angels.

Who prioritise service over self.

There are very few people in this world who can think beyond meeting needs of the self.

Very few people have the capacity to think beyond themselves.

All of you are God’s chosen angels.

You are God’s companions in transforming this world into heaven.

And for that we need to only live the life of a Karma yogi. It is simple.

Our vibrations will transform the world.

Waking up early, meditation, spiritual study

Sattvic Lifestyle

Satvik diet

Disconnect from work at least 2 hours before sleeping at night.

Disconnect for television and phone, 1 hour before sleeping at night.

Connect with God before sleeping.

Check your karmic balance sheet at night.

Settle it if there is something.

And finally Yog nidra, not just a casual sleep.

Then you will serve even in your sleep, with your pure vibrations radiating into the world.

So if someone asks you what your next project is

Tell them you are in a project 24 by 7.

It is the project of transforming this world into Satyug (heaven)

All others are sub-projects, but the main project is that the world has to change.

People cannot live in so much pain anymore.

Living in fear throughout the day at home is not the life we want to have.

The world has to change.

We are all collectively involved in that project.


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