Thought Of The Day Release Your Emotional Burden BK Shivani

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Thought Of The Day Release Your Emotional Burden BK Shivani As usual This is about hatred.Hatred is the heaviest cross of all.Even the heavens pity the person with grief, guilt, ignorance, anger, lust and possessiveness.These emotions are dark clouds.They build very heavy vibrations.They do not allow the soul to move towards light.This is what we were talking about, last time.Read the list of emotions again.Hatred, grief, guilt, ignorance, anger, lust and possessiveness.I did not know that possessiveness is also heavy.Anything which is continuously troubling the soul.Anything which is giving trouble or pain to the soulEven if it is a small thing but here it creates disturbance.It makes the soul heavy.The line is so beautifully explained.Heavy energy so the soul will not be able to move towards light.As we saw last time, guilt, hatred, possessiveness, lust, grief and anger.All these have become a part of our life.One or the other emotion all the time, even jealousy.Competition and comparison. All of them have become a part of our life today.They have become a part of the soul.When these emotions are part of me, how will I move towards light?We start feeling heavy.The more we feel heavy, the other list – purity, love, peace, compassion, knowledge, patience, respect – these are light.These are the opposite of those emotions.When we have this list, the soul is light.And when it is the other, the line was – heavy dark clouds.

thought of the day motivational

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thought of the day for life

And it said – even the heavens pity.It means nobody can help that soul.It means even God pities such a soul, and wonders how to lift such a child emotionally.Because that soul needs to recover by himself.In the last episode you said guilt will always be there, how can it heal?Any emotion for which we say it will always be thereI am writing the destiny for myself.That I the soul will remain heavy and I cannot be light.If we look at our journey of only one lifetimeJust in this costume how many emotions have be held onto?We have held on too many of these emotions.In one lifetime, and in one costumeThe soul has held onto so many such emotions and is not releasing itWe don’t clean it and say it is natural.With this heaviness the soul leaves this body  and takes the next one.The new journey which will start as a childI the soul leave this costume and take the next costume. Now I am a baby.Now look at the life of this child.When this child carries the baggage from the past.At what level will his new life begin?With that baggage.If in that lifetime also nobody teaches him to clean these emotionsThen the heavy soul will get easily disturbed even in small situations.If the child is getting easily disturbed in very small situations todayIf he creates hurt or anger, or reacts very soonIt means the soul has carried with him baggage from his past.In Kalyug all of us are carrying this baggage.Now that 5 year old kid is reacting at very small situations because of his baggage.And in this environment his parents and teachersThey do not teach him how to release, clean them or stabilize himself.So what happens to his journey forward?We saw last time that labels get appliedThe soul which is a child carrying all these emotionsSo when his parents see these sanskars in him, they attach a label to him.About his behaviour.

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Teachers, friends and even the society attach this label to him.So what vibrations get irradiated to him through this label – That he is like this.Once the vibrations reach him, the vibrations manifest that reality all the more.So that soul gets even heavier on that journey.That is why it says – the heavens also will pity the soul.Because how will the soul move towards light?So we need to see both aspects – one is our current release whatever we have held ontoWe need to release it and delete it. You should never say about any emotion that we cannot release it.It means we write a destiny that I the soul am dark now and in future also.We need to clean the soul right now.First part is that we need to clean the sole for ourselves.The entire list which is written there and the list which we are aware of.Hatred, grief, anger, guilt, lust and possessiveness.Heavens pity meansIt means heavens cannot do anything to that soul, he himself has to do it.The stains we have accumulated and emotions we have held ontoThe past baggage which is hereAbsolutely nobody else can clean it for us.God says – I can also give you only Gyan (wisdom)But you yourself need to do the cleaning of the soul.God does not clean the soul but He gives us the knowledge of how to do it.When God cannot do it for us, how can a human soul do it for us?Let us look at this list and the list of things we have held onto in our life.The first step today is to be sure of one thing.Even if the worst has happened.Even if the biggest crisis has happened in life.Even about that circumstances we cannot say – this cannot be forgotten and this emotion cannot be deleted.I will say – I am going to do it.We will see how to do it.Every such incident gets labelled as worst, so we say – this is the worst that has ever happened to me.This is the worst thing he could ever speak to me.I am in the worst situation possible.Let us see the deep implication of this line.Today even for small issues, we have started saying it is the worst thing to happen.What is the reason? The tolerance power in I, the soul, has reduced.I am finding small incidents also to be big situations.When we are saying the worst that can happen in our life.Then we are talking of calamities, terror, abuse,

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murder, earthquake, crime and other such big challenges.You mentioned that today we are calling small situations as challenges in life.If even for a small situation I start saying – this is the worst that has happened with me.It means I am saying this situation is too big for me to handle.So have recorded here that this situation is too big for me.I have recorded – it is impossible to forgive him.When I record such things, the soul is going more towards darkness.So the weaker we become, the smallest of situations will also appear big.The powerful we become, even big situations appear small.If I the soul I am weak, I cannot forget anybody’s unpleasant statements to me or forgive them.But if I am powerful, then even if somebody has wronged me, even if they have harmed me intentionally.Or if they have introduced in obstacle in our life – whatever they have done – we will be able to forgive that person.Because we have discussed it now I have the knowledge.But somebody may ask how I can call it a small issue.Instead of feeling bad or holding a grudge, can’t we look at it with this angleThat this soul must be so sad, to be doing all this?Definitely that the soul is sad.It means that soul is already carrying a dark cross across his shoulder.That is the reason he is finding such a small issue to be a big challenge.It is a perspective.Why don’t we think like that with empathy? Not pity but empathy.

thought of the day for kids, thought of the day in hindi, thought of the day for school

Because pity is also not a right emotion.While we were shooting here, somebody was going on a bike.We requested him to use the other route because shooting is going on here.Because our focus was that if he passes through this route, we get disturbed.So we were thinking about ourselves.That the dust and noise will affect our work.So when we were thinking of ourselves, he seemed wrong to us.We felt – What is the need for him to come in this way, when he can take another route?Buy coming in this way he introduced in obstacle in our work.When we think of ourselves, the other person will seem wrong to us.When he passed through this route, we understood two things.First was that he was carrying 3 huge cans of milk on his bike.One more was made of clay so it could have fallen and broken into pieces.He was riding the bike in one hand and balancing the cans with the other hand.And second was that he was not able to understand Hindi or English.So he did not even understand what we told him.So if we look at his perspective.He did not understand what we were saying and he was carrying a baggage – like how you mentioned – he was carrying the cross.With this understanding, what happened to our anger and irritation? They got released.And got shifted. This is empathy.He drove so slowly that there was no dust. And because he passed from this route, although I shooting got delayed by 2 minutes, both of us were not affected much.This was possible because of the vibrations he received from us.Yes we did not shout at him or argue.If the same incident had happened a few years ago, I would have reacted differently. I might have walked out in anger.If you had done that, then your ego and his ego would have come in conflict.Yes, and how much lost would it have resulted in.And mainly the loss affects our life.The recording on the soul becomes unpleasant. And when we say it is a loss in life, it means loss and future because of the present.The future could be a matter of few seconds, few years or a few lifetimes.We need to look at it in two parts.When is the start releasing emotions. We will look at how to do that.But to release it the first thought to create and the barrier to remove is.Our thoughts – This cannot be done, this is difficult and this is natural.And when we say this is the worst that has happened, it becomes a stain which cannot be removed.Such words that we use have start becoming our vocabulary.Somebody said it, we heard it and now we have started saying it.By repeatedly saying it, such words have become a part of our language or vocabulary.But today we need to have the awareness that the language that we are using, they are basically only words but what is getting recorded here?So when we record on the soul as –


this is the worst, this is the toughest, this is this, I cannot forgive this.I the soul, I am depleting.At least at the level of words we need to downsize things.We can say – this was not right. What you did with me or said to me was not right for me.Recording is at the next level but at the level of the language we can say.This was not right for me.But when we say – this was the worst – there is so much difference.The more we start calling small issues as the worst.The more we are saying to ourselves that even the smallest of things are going to be big challenges for us.And when big situation actually comes in front of such a soul, he will not have the power to face it.When we were young there was a belief, that as we grow old our tolerance reduces and we become very irritable.That we keep complaining about things.So it actually means that if we don’t clean those dark emotions of sadness and pain right nowThe soul gets very heavy and it becomes difficult to manage. So what happens when such a soul leaves the costume and takes a new birth.Then even as a child, the soul will be irritable.Yes, and that is happening today.That is why we see such emotions even in kids today.When we say somebody has become irritable in his old age.Now you have to see that – suppose that soul will leave the costume at the age of 100.And how the soul enters a mother’s womb.The irritability will be carried along with the soul.So the soul will be a little weaker.That is why we see some kids crying a lot. We even label them cry-babies.And for a few other children we say they are very calm, peaceful or a profound child.The other child is very irritable.That is all because of the carry-forward Sanskar.That is why it is so important to release.We cannot release everything when we come to old age.At that time we start giving reasons.Why do we say that? That is wrong.Very true, that is wrong.Now after understanding this discussion, tolerance level has nothing to do with age.What has it got to do with?It is about the soul (not the body).Even if we say we feel weak, what gets weaker with age, is only this body and not the soul.My physical strength may not be as much as it used to be 50 years ago.But if the soul has done its cleansing along the journeyIf it is filled with knowledge and wisdom has been increasing.Then even as you age, with the number of years of wisdom you have taken in increases.So the soul power goes on increasing.If we look at ourselves, physically our age has been increasing.But if we have studied Gyan and taken wisdom for the last 5 or 10 years.So even if the body has become a little weaker in 10 years, suppose it has become weaker by 10% over the years.But because of absorbing wisdom for 10 years, the soul has become stronger.


Suppose 10 years ago you would get irritated very easily.Today you hardly get irritated. So the soul power has nothing to do with your physical age.In fact health will improve.If we are powerful, stable, calm and peaceful hereThe same vibrations are reaching the body also.Every thought has an effect on each and every cell of the body.That is why we here so many times that age is just a figure.It is only a number.But how we are and how we feel depends only on how we think.40, 60 or 80 years are just numbers.Our thoughts will make the soul and body powerful.So when we look at the journey of the soul, become a cross several such interesting truths.So on this journey of life as age increases, it has nothing to do with the irritability of the soul.So it actually means that as the body is growing older, I am growing stronger.Happier, healthier, enthusiastic, energetic and vibrant.I am just visualizing how beautiful it feels if I clean the soul from all these heavy emotions.Like how people go for rejuvenation or to the centresWhen the release everything, get cleansed completely, become pure and come out, everyone actually tells them that they look different.We also feel light.If we undergo detoxification for 10 daysAnd take care after that to, then we will always remain light.Likewise if we cleanse the soul and release past hurt.And after that if we take care.Suppose you if this kurta cleaned, after that you will take care that more stains don’t get added to it.We will protect it – this is the line.We will protect ourselves.And what will this protection or shield be about – that of our thoughts.We will be protected from creating wrong thoughts. For example, in small situations we will not create thoughts like – that this is the worst.Today I tried creating a bubble around me. Somewhere on that line I write a message with said one way. So I applied to myself and said no negativity can come inside.So I said my negativity can go out and only positivity can come in.So all the negatives should go out of here. And only the positive good things can enter.So there is only an exit for all the negativity held within.When we create the thought – only positive can enter and only negative can go out.What does positive can enter mean?


That regardless of how the situation is or how the other person behavesWhat should I enter here?Only positive.But if you assume that positive entering you means – people will speak well to you and situations will be positive towards you.That cannot happen.Also it is not possible for other people to think positive about us.Because everyone is going to think as per his perspective.And even if they think negative, that should not enter me. The entry is blocked.Entry is blocked means, regardless of what they are thinking.It will not influence me.Why will it not influence me? Because we create another thought.We will think positive.This will block their negativity.We did not feel bad when the motorbike crossed.Positivity is created here.When we pay attention to such small things.We will save ourselves from gathering stains in the present.Otherwise even small things like the bike passing here will causes stain on the soul.We will call if somebody and ask them to divert that bike, and start giving instructions to handle the situation.Why did we not want him to pass through this lane? You said dust will rise.And when the dust Rises what happens? Our clothes get stained.If we got angry with him because our dress should not have a stain.


Then it means we kept our clothes clean but the soul got stained.And it became a part of our aura. So the weaker our aura got, we started saying even for small things in life – this is the worst, he is like this, situation is like that. This is the worst that can happen.The more we said this, the more we moved towards darkness.Today let each of us finalize one thing.We need to do a little homework and reflect on our life.We need to search all the old incidents registered.We may not remember it today at the conscious level.But when we had recorded it in the past, it has got recorded as a pain.We had not healed it.So we need to check in our subconscious mind about such past incidents. It could be from childhood with parents, siblings or friends.We need to check for any such old memories.It could be a small or a big situation which we have recorded.We will release it and heal it.


Subsequently we will see how to heal.But today we need to fit one line here.We should say – Releasing this is very simple.Releasing it, deleting it and letting it go is very simple.This one line will begin a new thought process.Butter lines like – this can’t be deleted, I cannot let go of this – such lines block the process itself.We need to initiate the process. But with our wrong thoughts if we stop the thought process, there will be more and more stains added.Let find out our life’s situations and add a line to it.Releasing this and forgiving the person is very, very easy.Let’s just do this homework today.It is easy and we will do it.Thank you so much,

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