Thought of The Day Self-Respect When People Mistreat You By Bk Shivani

Thought of The Day Self-Respect When People Mistreat You By Bk Shivani The world has put certain labels on us, isn’t it?At what age did start getting labelled by others?Who is it who put the first set of labels on us?What label did your mummy and papa put on you?They called you a naughty child? Where are your parents?Look at the innocence. He shared it in front of everyone.Do you think you actually are naughty? Yes?Do you want to change yourself? Yes.


Then you just need to do one thing today.Go home and tell your parents No matter what happens, never call me naughty.What is the label you want? Let’s listen to his opinion.What do you want people to call you?A loving child.Look at this. Such a Young Child already knows what label to put and what label to remove.You will also not put negative labels on anyone from now isn’t it? What labels will you put on other people?What type of labels will you put on your friends? Nice labels. So lesson for today is done.Excellent. 100 on 100. Children need to be like this.It’s so easy.Even the pretext of love, we casually call them naughty kidsWe label someone as slow. We say some one else just can’t do it.What we do is The reality we see right now We look at it, think of it, and speak about it.In this way we create a label.Without realising That the label is getting reaffirmed time and again.And what happens to that Sanskar by reaffirming?By repeatedly labeling a child as naughty, he can never become a loving child.To change a child from being naughty to being loving,The label needs to be changed.That is the easiest way to change Sanskars.So first of all remove the labels put on you by the world. Because the labels which the world puts on us They put then through their Sanskars.People have an opinion about us, right?How many of you experience that someone believes you are very good, and someone else things you are no good?Someone has very nice things to say about you. Someone else has unpleasant things to say about you.

But you are the same person.Why do different people have different opinions about you?Someone says you are extremely nice, someone says you are just okay, and someone says you are no good.Why does such variation exist in people’s opinion about us?What is that opinion given through?Through perception.  Whose perception? Their perception.If we finalize this today Then we will never feel hurt about anyone’s opinion.Because what people are saying about us The opinion they are studying about usThe advice they are giving us It is their perception.Are they allowed to have a perception?No? Why?Are they allowed to have their perception? Yes.Is it okay for them to say – I don’t like you at allIt’s not? Why?Yes it is his perception that he is sharing.You don’t need to take it personally. That is the whole thing.Look at this flowers.Everyone has their own perception about them.The perceptions will be different. Based on?The flower doesn’t change based on our perception about it.But when we humans listen to other people’s perception about us Sometimes we bloom and sometimes we wilt.When we don’t like people’s perception about us.And we thought everyone has to have a nice opinion about me.It is the deepest addiction that people should like me.That people should believe I am good.Let’s internalize today that everybody has a choice.It’s their perspective.They will speak about us through their perspective and Sanskar.Each one is right according to them.Whatever we think about ourselves Our self respect Our self worth Must never be dependent on other people’s opinion.If it is dependent on other people’s opinion .


Then we get excited sometimes and upset sometimes.At times people might lie to usSay one thing and think something else internally.And share completely different opinion with someone else.This is possible.So if we make the foundation of our self respect dependent on people’s opinion Then our self respect will keep fluctuating the whole day.People’s opinion reflects their perspective.And it is perfectly fine.It’s their opinion.Will we fit this here That they are sharing their opinion Then we will not feel bad about anyone’s opinion.If I keep looking at this flower and repeatedly say these are no goodIt doesn’t affect the flowers.Because the flowers are just what they are.The flower is not dependent on my opinion about it.We need to start living the same way.People will give an opinion about us and leave.But listening to their opinion, if we start blooming or wiltingWhat happens to our inner power? Gets depleted.We become dependent on people saying nice things about us.And then we started doing so many things simply to please other people.Just so that they say good things about us.And then what we think about ourselves becomes dependent on other people’s perspective.Right now if you are asked to write down your 5 strengths and 5 weaknessesIt will take you very long.And perhaps you will ask your family members sitting next to you, for inputs.But if you are asked to write five strengths and five weaknesses of your family members sitting next to you Which one do you think is faster? Writing about yourself or the other person?Writing about the other person is faster. Think about it. Why so?How is it that we know the other person’s strengths and weaknesses better Whereas we ask them about our strengths and weaknesses?Because we don’t have a relationship with ourselves. We just know ourselves through everyone else’s perspective about us.The day the world says we are good, we are good.


Otherwise if they say we are bad, we believe we are bad.This is not how life is lived, isn’t it?If we don’t know our strengths and our weaknesses Neither will be able to improve our strengths further Nor will we be able to finish our weaknessesBecause we will only be living our life through the lens of other people.And then we will never know ourselves.To have a beautiful relationship with everyone We need to first have a beautiful relationship with ourselves.So the third fasting we need to observe is No matter what other people say about us We need to bless them as well.Throughout the day we need to keep blessing everyone. The hand needs to be like this, throughout the day.Both the hands of divine souls are giving blessings. So we need to be that way throughout the day.Blessing everyone throughout the day means Regardless of what the other person says or does Our thought word and behaviour should always be of the highest vibration.Because our energy is not dependent on their energy.If someone comes and appreciates you, praises youImmediately thank them for their Sanskar.Because they are seeing your goodness through their Sanskar.Likewise if someone defames you, bless them. Because their Energy field is a little down at this time That is why they are seeing negativity in you.Not a problem.When someone is unwell, they find even the tastiest dish to be bitter.Doesn’t it happen? Yes.If someone has a viral infection, even if you prepare a sweet kheer They will eat it and say it is so bitter.Does the kheer feel hurt? No.Do we feel hurt since we prepared it? No.What do we say immediately?Nevermind. They are unwell, so they are not getting the taste.Likewise with the mind. When the mind is not able to taste the goodness of someone, everyone seems bitter to it.Let’s not listen to their opinion and change our opinion about ourselves.But we usually go to someone else and say –


He said this about me. What do you think?Because we need a validation.It’s not only about us. Even if someone comments about our dress, we check with another person for validation.Because we are so used to getting validation from people, No one else knows us better than we do.We need to create a relationship with ourselves And know our strengths and weaknesses.So if someone praises us, it’s his speciality.And if someone criticises us, it is alright. His mind has lost its taste today.Blessings to both of them.When we remain stable in both praise and criticism We need to treat both praise and criticism as the same.Which means the pendulum needs to be centred.If the pendulum is entered Energy field will remain white.If the pendulum swings this way when we receive praise Then it is sure to swing the other way when we receive criticism.But if we keep ourselves grounded when we receive praise Then we will not be affected when we are criticized.Which means no matter how much negative energy someone throws in front of us We will not develop a stain because of it.Other people will do their Karma according to their Sanskar.We need to focus on ours.The more we pay attention to this, our Energy field keeps getting stronger.When are Energy field keeps going higher Then situations and people’s behaviour will have no effect on us.Because we are on a higher vibration.If we are on a lower vibration Even a small scene can disturb us.How many of your minds are dependent on situations and people’s behaviour?When there is a situation or a problem If someone is behaving in a particular way The way we think, speak and behaveWhose choice is it?


Do they create our emotions or do we create our emotions?We ourselves. Are you sure it’s not them? If someone is extremely wrong to us Can we think right for them?Loving child, please stand up for a minute.Has any of your friends been wrong to you? Yes.Can you send a blessing right now?You can? Very good. Can you please do it now?Yes, say it right now.Can you say – Lots and lots of love and blessings from me to you?Can you do it daily? It’s easy isn’t it? Tell everyone that it’s very easy.It’s very simple.Why is he able to say it’s very easy?Because he is still in a state of purity.Children teach us the right way of living.How are they able to teach?Because they have not get created stain after stain after stain.Their mind is still clean.What does spirituality do to us?It clears all the stains and takes us back to our innocent self.Can we give blessings? That child said he can do it easily.Look at how long he took and how long we are taking to do it.Can we bless someone who was wrong to us?He taught us as well, about how to give blessings. What do we need to do?You are very nice. You have changed now. Lots of love and blessings from me.Can we do it?This is simple science. The more someone says and does wrong to us What vibration are they at?On a spectrum of 0-100. let’s keep them at 10.Right now they are at 10.At least the energy they are sending to us is at 10.If we want to protect ourselves from the energy of that 10 What energy should we be at?Suppose they are continuously sending us 10, every day and throughout the day.If we want to protect ourselves from the impact of that 10 At what energy level should we need to be? 100.What should we do to remain at 100?Keep blessing them.Actually we are not creating blessings because of them. Of course it’s a different matter that our blessings reach them.Actually we are creating these blessings for ourselves.We see that whenever there is a natural calamity like flood or earthquake We have seen across the country that religious places Which have very high energy Water reaches that space and stops right there.What does it mean?And we have seen this practically isn’t it?Everything around that space has got submerged.But the water cannot harm that space which is at higher energy.Because the turbulence of water is low energy.The energy level of that religious space is so high That the low energy of the flood, cannot do any harm to that high energy plays.Water just stops when it touches that space.So that is the only way to stop negative energy from hitting you.Rise higher in your energy level.But if we start disliking someone If we start feeling sad  If we start thinking wrong for them We start going down. Once we go down  Their energy which is at 10, can disturb us easily.Therefore who are we actually creating blessings for? Whether we had any issue with someone either in the past or if something is going on right nowTo remain protected ourselves and to settle that Karmic accountEvery morning when you meditate Emerge them on the screen of your mind specifically for 2 minutes And keep sending them beautiful blessings.Our energy keeps going higher Their energy cannot reach us.Our energy will start influencing them.This is why deities are shown blessing everyone.Just by looking at them, the person standing in front of them changes.So can we send blessings to everyone? Yes.We need to be sure that they are doing their and we are doing ours.Their Karma create their destiny. Our Karma writes our destiny.No one else can change our destiny.Even the whole world cannot do something to change our destiny.Our destiny is created only by our karmas.So even if the whole world is on the other side We only need to keep blessing everyone.That is why giving blessings and earning blessings from everyone Is the easiest way to keep our energy circle white.And take it higher and higher.So how we feel in every situation throughout the day is our choice.So from today never say about any situation or any one’s behaviour asBecause of them I am feeling like this.Just say I am creating this.I created this anger.Who will change my feeling? I myself.Who created this hurt? I myself.Who created this irritation? Me.Usually we label the other person as a very irritating person.By putting this label we give ourselves the permission to get irritated whenever we are with that person.Everyday repeat this yourself – I am the creator of my every thought and feeling.I am the creator of my thoughts, feelings, words, behaviour.Independent of any situation and person.No matter what colour their Karma is, our circle should remain white.Our Karma needs to be of an elevated quality.Now can you give blessings to anyone who wrongs you? Yes.By holding onto the past, our energy circle gets stained.Why should we spoil our Karma, our Sanskar, and our destiny because of someone else’s Karma?Create a Sanskar and Karma in such a way that When the soul leaves the body And enters a mother’s womb When the child is born after 9 months The Pandit Ji prepares a horoscope of that child.How do you want that child’s destiny to be?A child like Krishna? Excellent.If you want that child to be like Shri Krishna What should we do to our Karmas and Sanskars here in this birth?Everyday settle your Karmic accounts. Don’t keep anything entangled here.We have no idea when we will leave this body.And if we leave the body without settling Karmic accountsWe will carry that Karmic account forward.And because we have carried it forward, it will reflect in that horoscope in a certain way.The Pandit Ji will say –


These many years of this child will be difficult, the child will have difficulties when he reaches this age … All the things which are heavy as per our horoscope It is all the weight that we have carried from the previous birth.So we need to release everything from here before leaving this body.We need to live life everyday in such a wayThat we are ready to leave that day.Usually we make other preparations perfectly.But whenever I leave My insurance is available, my will is ready … Everything is taken care.So that people I leave behind should not face any problems.The truth is that people will leave behind will take care of themselves.Let’s take care that when I move forward, I should not face problems.Everyday we need to settle our Karmic accounts.It’s the art of dying.Someone whose Karmic accounts are settled Someone who has no entanglements here


There life will always be light.And someone whose life is light How will they leave their body? With ease.They won’t have burdens that trouble them.When they leave with ease, their next life will also be beautiful.When they are born and their horoscope is prepared The Pandit Ji will say What a wonderful destiny this child has carried. He has come here to change all your lives.That soul will carry such a destiny forward.Don’t we see children carrying such destinies?Where are the carrying it from? From last time.

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