Thought to Finish Depression | Thought Of The day

Thought to Finish Depression | Thought Of The day How many of you get angry?Isn’t it normal?And anyway we don’t create anger. They do things which make us angry. Then we keep changing for them to change and for them to apologize.Small matters of daily life are discharge in this soul battery.The society says anger is necessary, anger is normal.Even doctors say – Don’t suppress anger. Take it out.And since doctors advice that way, we show our anger. We don’t keep it inside.So we all kept getting angry Because of that our anger kept increasing.Inner power kept reducing.Can we make this college campus today a No Anger Zone?No Anger Zone once you step into the campus in the morning Until you step out of it in the evening Every thought, word, and behaviour will be filled with respect and dignity.No wrong language and no hitting at people with words.

No losing control over my own self.Because even now we are in that state Of choosing when to get angry and when not to get angry Whom to get angry with and whom not to.If you don’t like something which ma’am says, you can’t get angry at her.Which means my anger is still under my control.I am not so addicted to anger that it just shows up anywhere and anytime.If we treat that stage, we will not realise who is is younger or elder to us. We will get angry with everyone.Today we are choosing when to get angry. Because how much angry to get.And we have a choice not to use it.But just as we have made public places into No-Smoking zonesWe didn’t have it earlier. People could smoke anywhere.Besides harming themselves, they were harming others as well.And then we came up with a beautiful idea of creating No-Smoking zones. Smokers could go to designated places and to damage their health.Whoever gets angry will step out of the gate Take it out and then return. But you can get angry inside this campus.We will clap later. First let’s take a decision.It is good to listen to this. Actually it is even better to implement it.Because the whole vibration of the place will change.If I don’t create anger, someone else doesn’t create hurt.Someone else doesn’t feel insulted.Someone else doesn’t create fear of getting scolded.So when we are eradicating one wrong emotion, we are actually eradicating many others along with it.Everyone will live here throughout the day being comfortable with each other.Once we take the decision and not create anger from morning to evening Our habit of getting angry starts becoming weak.Even after returning home in the evening, we will not get angry.And once we pass out of this college, and assume different positions in the society To become a CEO, a doctor, a lawyer, an IAS officer They will not get angry wherever they are.Because they have learnt in their school or college that everything can be done without using anger.


So then we are not just sending professionals into the world.We are sending emotionally strong professionals into the world. That the need of the hour.The goal is not to just score marks and leave the campus.We need to send out emotionally strong students.So that they become emotionally strong professionals tomorrow.And tomorrow they become emotionally strong parents.Only when they are emotionally strong parents, they will have emotionally strong children in future.So it’s a whole cycle.Can we make this collage on no anger zone? Yes.In every department of this college.You have created such beautiful and creative posters.Likewise please create beautiful posters throughout the campus – You are walking in a no anger zone.Be careful. You are entering a no anger zone.Exercise self control and then enter. Because anger is prohibited inside the campus.Within few days, awareness will rise.People will not use anger. So the Sanskar of anger reduces.When anger and hurt reduced, Peace and happiness will increase.Emotional health will raise from 5 to 8.Just by doing this emotional health will raise from 5 to 8.Each of these emotional illnesses are otherwise depleting our inner battery.We believe we don’t get angry but the other person makes us angry.It is this one belief system which is the cause of pain.That I am not the creator of my emotions. It is them.They irritate me. They upset me. They insult me. They hurt me.Are they a part of a vocabulary?Every time I say – They upset me, they irritate meI am saying that everything happening here is under their control.Then we come to saying – They rejected me.And then we say – Nobody loves me.And then we say – Nobody values me.And then I start saying – Nobody needs me.The day I start feeling that I don’t need to live.But where did it all start from?It all started with the belief that everything happening here is because of external factors.Please close your eyes for 30 seconds.Recall that last scene when somebody made a mistakeAnd we reacted.We felt angry, sad, hurt … Whatever.Situation was outside and we reacted.Look at the entire scene.Rewind the entire scene. Everything remains the same. What the date remains the same.


Do I have an option to respond another way?If the same scene repeats tomorrow, do I have an option to respond another way?And if I have an option, let me visualise myself using that option of responding another way.Look at yourself in that same scene With them making that same mistake But see yourself responding differentlyAn emotionally stronger response.A right response, healthy response.Raise your hand if you felt you could respond another way.How many of you feel if the same scene repeats, you will respond another way?Which means my response is chosen by me.Its creator is me.So let’s get rid of the vocabulary which saysYou hurt me, you upset me, you irritate me,  you insulted me …  No.I create hurt, i create sorrow, I create anger .. And I have an option to create something else.This one belief system will change everything.Because otherwise I live like a victim.Depending on people being perfect So that I can be happy.That is not going to happen.Things we are waiting that people should be my way and then I will be happy We are not happy throughout the day.Since we are not happy throughout the day We have reached this stage today.It’s only due to one equation that – What I am feeling is because of someone or something else … And for me to feel better, they need to change.We look at them and expect a sorry.We tell them – I will feel better when you say sorry.This is the life of a victim.It is not even true because what is created here is our choice.Even if I get upset, even if I feel angry I just need to be aware – Who created it? I.Who will heal it? I.It all depends on me.This is power.That my response depends on me.That my emotions depend on me.That my feelings depend on me.This itself will take my emotional health to 10.But if we feel everything depends on the world around usThen if the the world is good to me, I will be happy.And if the world is not good, I will say – Remaining sad is normal.When we get emails from children Children anywhere up to the age of 20 or 25 Maximum emails are about a breakup in their relationship.Someone said they don’t want to be with me.In the next line they write – I don’t feel like living.Someone just said they don’t want to be with me.But my mind says I cannot live without them.This thought – whose creation is it? Once my mind says I cannot live without them It keeps repeatedly saying it, and keeps crying repeatedly.And then when I keep crying, one day I might just do something to myself.Only in response to that situation with someone chose.It is as simple as someone choosing to get up and walk out of this hall.If I say they insulted me because they walked out?Can I say so?I can go on saying that they insulted me.Only then I will remain in pain for a very long time.But if I say – It was beautiful having them. It was nice.They have chosen to get up and walk out, it’s their choice.We cannot forcibly hold back people in our life. What is the use of such relationships? It is one choice. I have to heal myself.We can take care of others later.


First we need to take care of ourselves.Because if we don’t take care of ourselvesIf someone around us is sad, what do we say?We will say – Obviously you will be in pain because they walked out.We say it is natural for them to be in pain.We endorse their pain.We also radiate our pain to them. So we add to their pain.When they go home, looking at them their parents will create more worry. So they will radiate pain and add more pain.And then together as family and friends, we give more pain then they already had.Because we say – when they are in sorrow, we also feel sad.We say – When a child is sad, how can a parent be happy?So we collectively created sadness.What will it do to that child?Which means taking care of others comes later. First is to take care of ourselves.When we take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our emotions No matter what happens, if we say I am the creator of my feelings And then I choose what to create When I start doing this in little situations of life And then if a big situation comes in life suddenly I say I am the creator of how I am feeling. I am stable.But if if even in small situations I keep saying they hurt me At that time if a big situation comes in life,

I will not have the power to face it.Actually we don’t need to take care of big situations in life. We need to be careful in the smaller situations.When we got stuck in traffic we said irritation is normal.Be careful. Otherwise irritation can lead to serious things one day.That is emotional health, to say I am the creator of my thoughts and feelings.For the next 24 hours, literally no matter what happens I will remain stable and respond with stability. How many of you can do it for 24 hours? How will you do when you don’t even know what situations you will face over the next 24 hours?We can do it because now we know That I have a choice of how to respond.Once we do it for 24 hours Tomorrow we can decide and extend it for some more time … And then for some more time … Gradually the inner battery will get charged.And then if someone leaves us one day, all of a sudden We will be able to say – That is fine. Lot of blessings to you. Be happy wherever you go. I am happy.It will hurt for a few minutes or a few hours. That is fine. But I come back to healing myself.I will not say I cannot live without them.Today we are saying I cannot live without them Because every day we are saying – I cannot live without my coffee, I cannot live without my phone … I cannot live without my internet.How will I live without a person then?Our vocabulary and way of thinking I cannot live without … – don’t say this for anyone or anything.It makes us weak.



It makes a slave to that thing or that person.There is nothing or no one without whom we cannot live.Enjoy your coffee. Use your phone.But don’t say I cannot live without that.Because it means I am a slave to it.So emotional health goes down.Use it and enjoy it. It is fine when things are working. And it is ok even if they are not.It’s not happen that when the icon on internet starts circling, our mind also starts circling.Then it means I am not using it. It is using me.Those facilities are meant to be used. But the start controlling our state, then we are down.Doing all this will be easy if we take out 30 minutes for ourselves daily Learn the right way of thinking.This is where spirituality comes in. When did we think we should learn and practice meditation?Either do it when there is a tragedy in life Or when you have finished discharging all responsibilities in life And you have nothing else to do, then learn meditation.But actually when we have nothing to do, we don’t need meditation at that time.Because when I am not doing anything, I am fine.


I don’t have to face any challenges.But now when we have so much to do in lifeAnd in every scene when the pressure (numerator in the equation of stress) is continuously increasing In everything I need to keep the denominator (resilience or inner power) high.Only then I can keep the stress factor low (stress = pressure / resilience)Therefore I need to meditate from now.Meditation means spending 20 minutes with myself in the morning To prepare my mind how to think right in every situation.So at what age should we begin?Will you start? Ask yourself.