Thoughts Reach The One Who Died

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Thoughts Reach The One Who Died


Thoughts Reach The One Who Died,I never thought they can be acquired. I didn’t know they can be changed. But now I am so sure. That manufacturing defect is impossible in a soul. It is full of good qualities. I tried changing a few very small habits as you said. And I was successful. Before going to the dining table itself I sent them beautiful vibrations. They are very nice people and what they are doing is out of love.

So today neither anything negative came from them, nor did it go from me. It’s very simple. When we didn’t have knowledge we thought it is our nature. We would live with that Sanskar and carry it forward. We got the knowledge That these are acquired Sanskars. I also have (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died)beautiful Sanskars. And most important is At any point of time I can create a new Sanskar. When I got knowledge I got scared. I said I don’t want to become like this in my next birth. I should not become like this … Like that… So I started deciding how I should be in my next birth. How do we want to be in the next birth? I want to be nice. We are all nice even now. But how do we exactly want to be in our next life? I want to be closest to perfection in my thoughts, words, and behaviour. You can say perfect. I want qualities of love, peace. Every soul knows what they want. I want harmony. I want to radiate love to everyone around me. Why do we want all this for the next lifetime/. I need to start practicing from now. Then our aim should be to become like that very soon, in this lifetime itself. If I become like that, then the same will get carried forward.  In this lifetime I want to become like this. Because this is what I like. If I deposit money in the bank to use it during old age, then I am rich even today.



Thoughts Reach The One Who Died

But it will be useful during my old age. It is useful even now isn’t it? If you work on yourself today and change Sanskars You will get immediate benefits right now. It is as if I take a new birth right now. So there is no need to wait until the next birth to see results. When Sanskar transformations happen, we anyway call it a new life. When we shift from ignorance to knowledge It is called a new life. Why is it new birth? Because it’s a new way of living. New consciousness. Because consciousness about who I am has changed. And as you said, whatever we do now That Sanskar will travel with me on my journey forward. It’s a permanent benefit because the recording is permanent. The effort made today will give us permanent results. When we remember that the soul leaves one body and take another It actually teaches us to pay attention to several aspects of life. When someone leaves the body, people say – Don’t speak ill about that person. He has (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died) left us. Don’t speak ill about him. Why do they say that? Because when soul leaves the body It’s catching power is at the highest. Because the soul is now 100% soul conscious. Since it is body-less. So catching power is at the highest. 100% soul conscious soul can catch everyone’s thoughts. That is why when we start practicing meditation And gradually move towards soul consciousness We are able to catch people’s vibrations. When we go to Saints or Mahatmas Or we see that when we sit near our Dadis at the Brahma Kumaris There is something on our mind. But we get answers even before we share with them. They know what is on our mind because they are in soul conscious state.

So they can catch vibrations of the other soul. Similarly when a soul is detached from the body or has left the body It’s catching power is at the highest. That is why when people assemble to pay homage when a soul has left the body People say don’t speak anything negative because the soul is present here, and will hear what we say. It means the soul can catch everyone’s thoughts. If we remember this We also need to remember that the soul Which has gone from our house Has now moved on to (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died) a new family and taken birth there. But right now the soul is not attached to the new body. The soul has entered the womb of the mother at the new family. The soul has no attachment to its new body yet. Also the soul has no attachment to the new family or new home yet. So the soul in the Mother’s Womb is absolutely detached, and in a soul conscious state.

In that state the soul can catch all thoughts and vibrations of the family which it has left behind. It’s very important to understand because Because we say it is natural to cry or feel sad. We miss them and say we cannot live without them. Some people don’t even want to live and they wonder what is the purpose of their life. This can be constant thoughts of the family members who are left behind. Will it remember that all the thoughts we are creating, that soul is catching them. Let’s put ourselves in that position. As an actor I am imagining that That my mother or father has made a beautiful large house And I am constantly crying, looking at that. Wondering why they have got such a good house. Which means I am not liking it. Whereas when they have got a new body and a new beautiful house We should be happy for them. But instead we say I cannot live without you. Why did you leave me? We speak as if they have done a mistake. And most important (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died)  is, wherever they have gone They are catching our thoughts from there. Let’s look at ourselves surrounded by our family and our responsibilities. Suppose we leave the body Everything gets left behind in a moment. A lot of work remains incomplete.

a healthy one. I said it was good for her, because she will to get a new house and an nice family. People there will be happy to receive her. Wherever the soul has gone Visualise it Wherever the soul has gone now, there is so much happiness in that house. In my mother’s case I thank God That she did not have to go through more pain and suffering. These days we see that many people leave their body at a young age. So the family which is left behind They will miss them extremely. They remember that soul at every moment. They remember that person at every step. But let’s just pay a little attention What kind of thoughts are we creating when we remember them? When remembering them, let’s create these thoughts They were with us, we did this together, it was so beautiful.

Thoughts Reach The One Who Died

They had these special qualities. Wherever they are now, on their journey They will travel that journey very lovingly. We need to send such blessings. If someone very young has left your family If a child has left the body or young spouse has left If someone has lost their parent at a young age It’s a very difficult thing. It is the most difficult scene in life that we have to cross. I lost my father, sister-in-law, My brother who was 40 years old died in my arms. Every thought needs attention. Because thought power is important. Because our every thought is reaching that soul. When we are thinking we believe it (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died) remains only with us. We never paid attention to the fact that all our thought energy Is reaching that soul who is now a baby in in a Mother’s Womb elsewhere. And it is troubling that soul there. A new body is getting created there for that soul. As will be the state of that soul It will have an influence on every cell of the body which is getting created What vibrations should we send? Let’s send vibrations of peace and blessings everyday Remember them lovingly everyday. Even throughout the day But never create thoughts of pain. We can call this our biggest gift Or a blessing which we can give To every soul who has gone forward on their journey. But it is possible only when we remember that it is a soul which has gone forward Instead, if we say the person has died Then we feel they are finished.


So we can think whatever we want. That’s why at every aspect of life Knowing that this is soul, I am a soul – it changes everything. Whether it takes a body or not, soul is a soul. But it has taken a body. Even if it has not taken When a soul leaves one body, its new costume will be ready elsewhere. It is only then that the soul will leave this body. Until then the soul will not leave this body. It will leave this body only when its new home and family is ready. Then it will leave one body and take another. Many families fear – If he has gone, where has he gone? Has he taken a new body? Will he be happy? By the time a soul leaves the body, its new costume is ready. And wherever it will go, that family is very happy right now to welcome it Why do we question? Instead we should be saying Be happy wherever you are. Connect to God and send powerful vibrations to that soul everyday. Since that soul is also in pain because of leaving everyone from this family. So that soul is also in pain because of leaving people behind. Specifically meditate for that soul. Specifically send vibrations and message that You take care of your journey forward. We are fine here. It’s like someone going to another country. Or another city. We tell them – We are fine here.

You focus on your studies. We are fine here. So it’s the same. We will manage everything here. You take care. Look at this line – We will manage everything. But when we don’t have awareness, we ask – What will happen to us now? So much difference between the two. This (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died) opposite energy can be a very big deal for that soul there. When we send pure energy, that soul is healed. Its new body will also be perfect. The soul’s stay in the womb will be very peaceful. Every mother knows this experience. Sometimes they go through so much pain and discomfort. That is because the soul inside is in a lot of pain. Most of the things are not physical. They are because of what the soul is going through in that physical costume.


So much pain, disturbance and restlessness The soul inside is restless. How can the mother be comfortable? In this situation we need to continuously send soothing vibrations. Wherever the soul has gone next on its journey It has entered the womb of the mother. That soul has carried Sanskars from here. This CD has gone forward with all the Sanskars recorded. The soul is in a detached stage in the womb. So it is catching vibrations of its past family. Additionally, it is catching

vibrations from the present family. Very important to remember that soul is detached. It has the highest catching power. Everything we are thinking, speaking, and doing The soul is catching everything. Present family where the soul has now arrived They need to pay so much attention When we say a child’s Sanskars are similar to parents Sanskars When we say the child has got habits from parents When did the child get? We say it was in the gene. Soul has caught it from another soul. Soul has caught vibrations. Child has caught from parents. The other day you mentioned that your grandchildren copy what you do. The way I remove my shoes, they also remove in the exact same style. They are doing the same thing.

The souls are in a 2 year old body. But ever since they were in the womb, they have been catching vibrations since then. That is how the word ‘Garbh Sanskar’ came about. Sanskars that are created when in the womb. Science has conducted an extensive study on this subject. It is called birthing psychology. It is also called fetal psychology. On what basis is the psychology of a foetus created? A scientist has beautifully said As is the mind of the mother Same is the mind of the child. He did not say the mind of the mother will influence the mind of the child. As is the mind of the mother So is the mind of the child. Which means there is a direct influence. We say one soul’s vibration reaches the other A soul’s catching power is highest when in the womb. So in these conditions How much care should the parents take? Thinking, eating, drinking, behaving… Everything. What you are eating and drinking are external aspects. What movie you watch, what you read And the places you go to.

Don’t go to any such place where vibration is not pure. Because inside you there is a soul whose catching power is at the highest. What vibration would you like (Thoughts Reach The One Who Died) to take that soul into? What energy do you want to feed that soul? To avoid going to Cinema theatres Be careful where you eat and drink. It’s not just reading and watching, but even thinking. Thinking. Once I was sitting outside a ward at hospital. There was a lady beside me who was 4 months pregnant. And because we are doing this as a project About the effect of mother’s vibrations on a baby I was casually talking to her And I told her to just take care in the next five or six months I said don’t get angry during this phase. She looked at me and asked – For how long? I said at least 5 or 6 months. She smiled as though I don’t know what I am saying She said – if you mentioned as 5 minutes or 5 hours, it was still okay. How can I not get angry for 5 months? I said – If you get angry, the baby inside will absorb vibrations of anger. And the baby will have Sanskar of anger. So it is possible not to get angry, I then closed the topic because she was not receptive to it. After 30 minutes She brought her 4 year old child to me She said – Please tell him something. He gets very angry. I just smiled at her that she still has not understood where that child got anger from. We are so unaware We want the child’s Sanskar to be changed. When child was in the womb, it was a perfect time to give that Sanskar to a child. They have the power to plant whichever Sanskar they want in their child. Some women who eat and drink certain things, they don’t consume any of those for 9 months. Some women are advised bed rest. We do all these things because we care for the child. When we are doing so much, can’t we work on anger for 5 or 6 months? We need to work at the level of thoughts. If parents or the family environment Has any sort of anxiety, fear or stress If there is a conflict between husband and wife In such situations let us remember That soul is catching all the vibrations And these vibrations will become a part of that soul’s personality.


And even gender preferences Soul is in the body. And if the body is of a boy If parents are conversing that they want a girl this time, as they already have a son. If it’s a girl, we will name her so and so. We will decorate her room like this. Sweet conversations, but just think The soul inside is listening. He feels unwanted. They want a daughter. But I am a boy. Parents feel it’s a very normal and casual conversation. Someone came to our house and requested that for a certain occasion They wanted my son Vivek Oberoi to be a chief guest. I told them that my son was out of India and so he cannot make it. Immediately he told me – Then you please come instead of him. I feel so hurt and scolded him You came for him. Am I his substitute? How can you say that I should come instead of him? In such a small matter I felt so hurt. It was between father and son, most importantly.

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