Top 4 loosers in share market check list before invest prdm


New Delhi. The stock market continues its sell-off round since last week, while Monday showed the biggest drop this year. Both BSE and NSE break more than 3 per cent. Shares of several large companies made big losses to their investors. This includes stocks from various sectors including banking, telecom. We are explaining which were the top 24 losing stocks on the market on January 4.

Reliance Industries
The heavyweight stock saw the worst day of the New Year and the stocks fell 4 per cent. Despite the company’s record profits in the third quarter, stock quotes fell to 2,379.90. However, the brokerage has made it possible for the price to go up to 2,850.

Vodafone Idea
The shares of this telecom company also fell short. It fell 7 per cent to a price of Rs 10.95. The company suffered a large loss of 7,230.9 crore in the third quarter, which is also reflected in its stock performance.


The stock’s performance remained weak despite net profits rising 25 per cent in the third quarter. The price of the shares fell nearly 2 per cent to Rs 792. However, foreign brokerage firm JP Morgan has estimated the price to go up to Rs 930.


The lecherous performance of the online food delivery firm jomato continues continuously. On January 24, its shares fell by 20 per cent and the value of the stock rose to Rs 90.95. These stocks have come down by a quarter in the last five trading sessions.

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