Try Ayurvedic tips if you are suffering from red rashes in the skin

Try Ayurvedic tips if you are suffering from red rashes in the skin

Effective tips to treat the skin rash: Hives or articaria (urticaria) is a common skin disease also known as red rash. They cause reddish-red rash or rashes on the skin. They also have itching and sometimes irritation. Red rashes usually come out on the skin due to allergic reactions. When the body begins to release histamine (histamine) protein, sometimes fluid starts coming out of thin blood vessels leading to cells. This fluid begins to accumulate in the outer cells of the skin. This causes red rashes or rash to appear in the skin. In ht news, Ayurvedic expert Dr. Diksha Bhavsar points out that this condition in Ayurveda is called cold pitta. It is the articaria with medical science.

Diksha said, cold bile means that the effect of cold and heat together in the body. Usually red rashes occur when they come under the influence of too much cold. In these cold becomes effective on bile. In this situation, red rashes begin to appear in some part or entire part of the person’s body. Dr. Diksha explains that red rashes cause a lot of itching in the skin and sometimes it sometimes causes blood loss.

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Symptoms of red rashes
Red fibre marks on the skin come out of the stingstuffs of scorpions. This situation feels like pricking or sensation. Nausea, vomiting and fever can also occur. Red rashes are very thirsty when they come out. There is also a dissipation problem and there is a desire to eat salty, spicy.


What is the cure in Ayurveda
Guruchi (Guduchi), turmeric, amla, neem etc. are beneficial in allergic reactions.
Heat the water a little. Add neem leaves to it. Then take a bath with this water.
Apply coconut, mustard or neem oil all over the body.
Even after these home remedies are not going to red rashes, it means it is chronic. It needs to be done to treat punch karma.
If the problem of red fibre has become complicated, contact ayurvedic doctor, says Dr. Bhavsar.


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