Ways To Finish NEGATIVE THOUGHTS By BK Shivani

Last time we had ended at the topic When we create negative thoughts for other people Yes, it causes depletion. I wanted to askIf I think wrong about somebody What is his fault, why does his energy get depleted?It is not his fault.He is receiving your energy.How will we receive? Suppose he is in America, watching a movie.And I send a thought from here but his focus is elsewhere. How will he receive it?Energy is anyway travelling to him because it is created for him.Like a WhatsApp message or an SMS.That energy is created for him.So he gets depleted?Okay, let us take the opposite.We seek blessings from people.We say pray for me.You are in a different city from him, he is in a different country.Children call up parents to say – our exams begin tomorrow, pray for us.The children are in a different country and parents are in India.

How will prayers work?It works, is it not?Which means wherever we areIf we are praying for someoneWe are sending them good wishesThat soul receives it.God teaches us – you can sit in one placeAnd meditate for the entire world.You can meditate for any soul who is in any part of the world.Which means if we create a focused, positive energy for themThat soul will receive it.We discussed about telepathy from France to Mumbai.But both are expecting it.Both were not expecting. When was sending and other was receiving.But both were asked to check what they receive.Whether you know or you do not knowEnergy is reaching you.So to make it simple it is like an SMS which definitely reaches.But we cannot specifically catch the thought and say this person has sent it.But energy is reaching the person.


Sometimes I wonder why I feel sad.Sometimes I feel why am I thinking negative about somebody.Maybe because that could be some negative energy coming from that side.But I can’t make out if I am thinking or it is coming from the other side.Why am I thinking about it? So I cut the thought but it still comes back.That is why we need to pay attention to our Karma.Let us not do any KarmaBecause of which somebody who is sitting at a distance, also feels disturbed.If you just scold somebody on your way backYou forgot about it.But the one you scolded has not forgotten.If he is not thinking good for usLike you mentioned that you suddenly feel low.Sometimes I don’t get nice thoughts about somebody. It is not hatred but the quality of thoughts is not good.So that time I feel there could be a heavy energy coming from that side.Yes it is possible. But still we have the power to change it.Yes I wanted to know about it.That if you can just like that deplete my energy.What is the solution to protect myself?When we are creating negative thoughts for somebodyThe vibration goes to them and depletes their energyUnless they are taking care of themselves.Majority are not taking care of themselves.How do we take care?They are living in an automatic way of living where thoughts come and go.We feel that particular way of thinking is natural.If you are awareEven if wrong thoughts are getting created for somebodyThere is an option that it is coming from the other side.Either ways, whether we are creating itOr whether it is coming from themWe have the power to change it.So what we saw last timeI did not understand about the power to change.How do I change when I am getting that energy?How do you change your thought?Do I send back good energy?There is no sending, it is about creating.It is – creating.Suppose right now you are creating wrong thoughts for me.


Thoughts are going on – she is wrong,  she is bad.She always does like this – suppose such thoughts are coming to you.There are two options – either you are creating that thoughtOr I am creating some such thought and sending to youBut either way, what is the result?That negative thoughts are getting created in you.If negative thoughts are going on in your mindYou will start thinking negative about me.You have the power to change your thoughts, is it not?But can you give me an example of how to change?Suppose I am creating a thought from here – this person is wrongHe is bad, he does not listen to meHe disrespects me.A similar energy gets created within you.But her ego is too high.She always wants us to obey her.Something like that.Can you not change your thoughts now?I can only take my thoughts elsewhere.By taking them elsewhere how will the thoughts change?Suppose these thoughts are going on in your mindShe has a lot of ego and controlling nature.She is very manipulative.These thoughts are getting created in you.Now if you start thinking – this tree is beautiful, the garden is beautiful.It is not connected but even if you go elsewhere for 2 minutes in your thoughtsYou moved from that thoughtBut I can actually change it by saying the oppositeIf I create thoughts – she is fine, everything will be fine.Maybe I have misunderstood something.I was also like that but I changed.She will also change.I can send blessings.So it is done.What is the technique?We know what the wrong thoughts are.We also know the right thoughts.The mind is experiencing wrong thoughts.It could be our creation are coming from the other person.Either ways what is going on, on the screen of our mind right now?It is negative. So what should we replace it with?We need to type something else here.Now you started creating a different series of thoughts.As soon as you started creating such thoughtsIt is fine, it is her perspectiveMaybe I did not understand.As soon as you started creating such thoughtsYour screen of the mind got cleaned first.And I started receiving positive thoughts.




And when they reach me, my thoughts from here start changing.Suppose it does not change from my side.Suppose there is so much negativity within meIf my Sanskar of negativity is so strongI see everything wrong in youAt least I will not absorb them.I am not absorbing because I am sending blessings.Right, and what are you creating?This is the equation and we have to be very clear with the equation.We cannot say people are thinking negative for us.Whether people are thinking negative for me or I am creating it myselfI have the choice to change.At any pointJust stop, check your thought, and change.Again look at the thought, what quality was it? Change.At any point we have the power.At least now I am realisingThat if I am getting wrong thoughts about anyone I should stop it.Earlier even after half an hourAfter everything I would remember about what I thought about somebody.That is exactly the point. That is why we discussed earlierThat if we send negative energy to somebodyAnd they are unaware, it depletes them.Now what is happening? You are aware.So you change your thinkingSo depletion does not happen.Earlier if I was watching news and breaking news segment would flash at the bottom of the screenI could not focus on one thing.By evening I would feel I did not do anything today but why am I tired?This is depletion.We should know what is depletion of the soul.


And what is empowerment of the soul.What is discharging and what is charging.Who is a powerful soul and who is a weak soul.What did a weak soul do?Thinks negatively for the whole day, feels heavy and tired by end of the day.What did a strong soul do?Was aware when a negative thought was created, could see that thought.Checked and changed it.Conserved energy.Apart from feeling tired towards evening despite doing nothing throughout the dayI would also wake up tired in the morning.Instead of feeling fresh.It is a way of living.Sadness, angerIt becomes a way of living.Dullness, not feeling happy, don’t feel like going anywhere.Don’t even feel like smiling even when others are having a good time.We had a teacher at school. When we wish good morning, he would ask – what so good about the morning?That becomes a way of living.It will happen even early morning. Where has the thought changed?The whole day it was going on.Energy. It was going on the whole day.Slept at night with the same thoughts.Which means we wake up also with the same thoughts.That is why they say at least before going to bed at night, change your thoughts.When people write a diary for make notes, what is the meaning of that?Meaning is that whatever was created during the dayAt least before going to sleepIt has to be cleansed.Writing it means finish it.Of what we did the whole day?If something is disturbing the mindWrite it which means finish it.Pray, meditate, connect to God, talk to Him and finish that matter.It means it will not get carried forward to the next today.But why should we wait until night?The whole day goes on with so much depletion.


The moment we get success thoughts – everybody can do this as a homework today.We need to begin a practice.We are in an environment where negative thinking isCommon, normal and natural.That vibration is around us.People with whom we live and workFor many of them, negative thinking could be natural.Their negative vibrations are coming to us.Besides, we might also be creating negative thoughts.Either ways, now we have to know that we have the power to change the thoughts.So with awareness we should start a practiceWhen that thought comesWe experience that thought.We may even be surprised how we could think that way.Let us not just stop there.Let us pause at that moment and change the thought.If the negative thoughts come againOnce again pause and again change.When we start doing this repeatedlyThe mind will learnA different way of thinking.It becomes a practice. We can do it.If somebody talks rudely, we will respond with love.Date of rudely again but we again respond with love.After a while we say that is his habit and this is my habit.We did not change our way of speaking by getting influenced by their way of speaking.If we can do it at the level of wordsWe can do it at the level of thoughts.Let me read something connected to this.Peace doesn’t require two people.Peace doesn’t require two people.It requires only one.It has to be – You.The problem begins and ends there.That has to be underlined.Where does the problem begin and end?With me.Which means no matter what the other person is doingProblem begins and ends here.You had mentioned in 1 episode that energy exchange goes on like a ping-pongEven if one person stops playing, the game gets over.Earlier we thought the problem begins and ends there.

He made a mistake so he is the problem.That fellow takes out the worst in me.So earlier the equation wasThe problem begins and ends there.The other person created the problem so he has to resolve it.So we kept on giving them advice to change.That everything will be fine once you change.So we thought the problem begins and ends there.Now it says the problem begins and ends here.Peace is possible with only one person.So many people ask meWhere is Brahma Kumaris centre, and I respond.Can I ask them why, they say they want to send their wife there.Because she has to change.And the women tell my wife that their husbands have to go to the centre.They say – He needs to change.This is a very deep belief system.Because we are right from our perspective.Again we are coming back to the same thing that we are right from our perspective.But the other person’s perspective is different from ours.When two people’s perspectives are differentIssues and conflicts crop up.We feel – who is the cause of the conflict?They. So who has to change? They.Because if the change, I will be at peace.From what I have seen, even if thousands of situations changeUnless I change, everything will seem the same.I had shared in one of the episodesWhen will lived in a single bedroom house my wife would ask me why I get so irritated. We just had one room and so many of us lived there and even eat in the same place.And then we moved on to bigger houses including a bungalowEven if I am alone I still get irritated.Which means it is here. This is deep realisation.Deep realisationThat peace begins with only one person.Even if everybody is opinion is differentIf we correct our recording hereWe will be at peaceAnd we will radiate peace.Every time we only have to take one decision – it’s me.I can resolve this issue.I can finish this problem.I can harmonize this relationship.It’s I. Earlier you said – they.And when things got a little better we said – together,


we.Both of us will together set things right.Now it says – only I.Earlier I would not believeI would say we work so hard in the shop and later I joined movies.We have worked 24 hours a day.Whereas Yogis reside in the mountainsThey don’t have to manage families so their life is easy.They have no problems.They only sit there and meditate.But now I can understandThey contribute so much to the world peace.You mentioned that we can meditate for the whole world.When yogi sitting there can generate so much of peace.If he can do it for the entire Universe we can also do it even at home. Today a majority of us in the world are creating negative vibrations.A lot.But how is the universe still sustained?Because there are a few such soulsWho are radiating very powerful, focused, peaceful energy.Just like how they can do itWe can also do it.And we can do it while living at homeEven while discharging all our responsibilitiesWe can still create peace.We are actually doing it and seeing the difference in ourselves.If we just check ourselves todayHow much negativity would we create earlierAnd how much we create today.If I just evaluate myselfEven if I got a negative WhatsApp messageI would forward it to 100 people.Later I would share it with 50 people.Now I delete it even before reading.It is it is a message but still you are able to check yourself.Now I don’t like those things.I try to send very positive messages.Now check at the level of thinking.That was checking that the information level.About how much negativity we will spread earlier.Whatever message we received, we would share it with everyone.And later we completely stopped it.First we stopped sharing and now we have stopped even reading them.That is one checking.


Now you are sending positive messages.Not check at the level of thinking. As a personI checking for me, myself – how much shiftEveryone can check today how much shift the experience.Earlier how many negative thoughts would I have created?And today how far have we reached.Not only thoughts. Even when we just scold somebody.Words and behaviour.We would not even remember what we did.Now we remember the whole day that we scolded someone.Earlier it used to be normal.Earlier it used to get justified also.We will justify our anger so why would we check?We thought it was normal and natural.We even justified that the other person was wrong.This is justification.Earlier we thought, if we speak lovingly, people don’t listen to us.So my anger was justified.What is the belief system now? No matter what the other person doesHow should I speak to him?I have to speak to him with love.So even if the other person is wrongAnd if we create anger, we realise it now.And say this was not the way.Realisation happened at the level of words.No matter what energy comes from people, my words should be right.Same at the level of thoughts now.Would our thinking also have changed by now?How much negative thinking would go on earlier and how is it now?A lot of difference as behaviour has changed because of itBecause thinking has changed.No some people can do it in behaviour alone.Yes some people doing it artificially is a different matter.Then check for yourself.We need to check for ourselves.How much negative would we think earlier and now how much do we think?It is going hand in hand in my case.There is a lot of difference in my behaviour and in my thoughts.Even if I get a negative thought I cut it.You didn’t have to leave your house to do all this.Didn’t leave the house or take Sanyas.You are doing all your work even today.Your family is with you and it is extended even more.A big family so even responsibilities have increased.


You mentioned the list of responsibilities.Everything is going on even now.So realisation.Yes you will not feel tired because you are creating good thoughts.Even your actions are good, so you are getting blessings from the other side.You feel light and energetic.Why will you feel tired?But conclude for yourselfThe way we think and behaveIt has nothing to do with situations and people outside.This is a wonderful line.Whatever we thinkWhatever we speakHowever we behaveIt has nothing to do with people and situations.But only on me.That was the quotation.Peace is only about me.The problem begins and ends here.Earlier we would say somebody is a Sanyasi who lives in an Ashram or in mountains.It is not a big thing for them to be peaceful. Let them be peaceful remaining here.Now you did it and saw the result.You yourself did and saw the result.That is right but it is not easy. That is a different lifestyle of a tapasvi.The purpose of their lifeIs different.Their purpose is different.Not just for themselves, but for the whole world they meditate.Even our purpose matches with theirs because we are also changing our environment.If we change the environment at home, staff will be happy. Their wives will be happy.If my son is happy then his children will be happy.Everything is interconnected.


But when you do it only at your homeEven those vibrations radiate to the universe.It is radiated to the whole universe and not just to your house.How?Vibrations are radiating all around us.That is it, so your radiating your vibration.So each one, when we create a changeWe are contributing to world change.Every time each one brings a change in themselvesThey are contributing to world change.Bring a change in ourselves means?When you changed you are thinking, you radiated peace to the world.Earlier when you would get angry or wrong thoughtsYou were radiating aggression to the world.So let us all change, and change the world.Of course.

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